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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • やす   する   くすし
  • meaning(s):
  • doctor, medicine
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medicine; the healing art; doctor; cure; healing; quenching (thirst)
いいん medical staff; doctor
いいん doctor's office (surgery); clinic; dispensary
いいんちょう head doctor
いかがく medical chemistry
いか doctor
いか medical science; medical department
いかがく medical college
いかしか medical and dental college
いかだいがく medical school
いかい medical society
いかい medical world
いがく medical science; medicine
いがくのそ founder of medical science
いがくかい medical world
いがくぎじゅつし medical technician
いがくざっし medical journal
いがくし history of medicine
いがくし Bachelor of Medicine; M.B.
いがくしゃ medical scientist
いがくせい medical student
いがくせいぶつがく medical biology
いがくはかせ M.D.; Doctor of Medicine
いがくはくし M.D.; Doctor of Medicine
いがくぶ medical faculty
いがくようご medical term
いかん medical officer
いぎょう medical practice
いきょく medical office; dispensary
いげんびょう iatrogenic disease
いし doctor; physician
いしかい medical association
いしこっかしけん National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination
いしほう medical practitioner's law
いじ medical practice
いじでんどう medical missionary work
いしゃ doctor (medical)
ける いしゃにかける to entrust to a doctor (for treatment)
いしゃのさしず doctor's mandate
いしゃをよぶ to call the doctor
いじゅつ medicine; healing art
いしょ medical book
いせき register of physicians
いだい medical university; medical school
いちょう medical director; chief physician
いどう the art of medicine
いはく doctor
いはく doctor of medicine
いむ medical affairs
いむしつ medical office
いやく medicine
いやくひん medical supplies
いやくぶんぎょう separation of medical and dispensary practice
いよう medical use
いりょう medical care; medical treatment
サービス いりょうサービス medical service
チーム いりょうチーム medical team
いりょうかご medical malpractice
いりょうきかい medical appliances; surgical instruments
いりょうきかん medical institution
いりょうきき medical equipment
いりょうぎじゅつ medical technology
いりょうざいりょう medical supplies
いりょうしせつ medical facilities
いりょうしゃ clinic car; traveling clinic
いりょうせいど health care system
いりょうでんどう medical missionary work
いりょうひ medical expenses; doctor's bill
いりょうひん medical supplies
いりょうほけん medical-care insurance
いりょうほうしゅう medical fee
いりょうほうじん medical corporation
いりょうゆそうき medical transport (plane)
いりょうよう medical use
かいぎょうい medical practitioner
げかい surgeon
がっこうい school physician
かんぽうい doctor of Chinese (herb) medicine
かんさつい medical coroner; medical examiner
がんかい ophthalmologist; eye specialist
ぐんい military physician or surgeon
けんこうほけんい health insurance doctor
けんがんい optometrist
こうい school doctor
さんかい obstetrician
さんふじんかい obstetrics and gynaecology
しかい dentist
しかりょうほうせんもんい endodontist; root-canal specialist
じい court physician
咽喉 じびいんこうせんもんい ear, nose and throat specialist
しゅじい attending physician; physician in charge; (one's) family doctor
じゅうい veterinarian
じょい woman doctor
しょうにかい paediatrician
しんけいかい neurologist
せっこつい osteopath; bonesetter
せんもんい medical specialist
せんい ship's doctor
だたいい abortionist
ちゅうい Chinese medicine
ないかい physician; internist
ひふかい dermatologist
ふじんかい gynecologist
ほけんい public-health doctor
ほけんい insurance doctor
ほうしゃせんかい radiologist
めいい noted doctor; excellent physician
りょうい good doctor
りんしょうい clinician
はりい acupuncturist