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  • on reading:
  • イ   エ
  • kun reading:
  • ころも   きぬ
  • meaning(s):
  • garment, clothes, dressing
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あくい shabby clothes
ころも clothes
かくし pocket
いか clothes rack
いかん kimono and ancient head-dress
しみ silverfish; clothes moth; bookworm
いこう clothes rack
ころもがえ seasonal change of clothing; changing (one's) dress for the season
いこう perfume on the clothing
きぬずれ rustling of clothes
ころもで sleeve
いしょう clothing; costume; outfit; garment; dress
いしょく food and clothing; livelihood; living
いしょくじゅう necessities of life (food, clothing, etc.)
摺れ きぬずれ rustling of clothes
いしょう clothing; costume; outfit; garment; dress
いたい clothes and obi; full court dress
ころもがえ 1. change of dress; seasonal changing of clothes
いはつ mysteries of one's master's art
いふく clothes
えもん dress; clothes; drapery
えもんかけ rack for hanging kimono
いりょう clothing
いりょうひんてん clothing store
いりょう food and clothing
いるい clothes; clothing; garments
はごろも angel's raiment
なつごろも summer clothes
がいい outer garment
きゅうい worn-out clothes
ぐんい military clothes
ぎょい imperial garments
こうい 1. change of dress; seasonal changing of clothes; 2. lady court attendant; second lunar month
ころもがえ 1. change of dress; seasonal changing of clothes
こくい black clothes
こくえ black clothes
ごくい prison uniform
さとうのころも icing
さぎょうい work clothes
さむえ monk's working (non-spiritual) clothes
しゅじゅつい surgical gown
しゅうい prison uniform
しゅうい wearing one garment over another
じゅうにひとえ lady's ceremonial court dress
うわぎ coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment
じょうい coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment
じょうえ white robe or costume
せいい traveling clothes; military uniform
そうい priest's garb
だつい undressing; taking off one's clothes
たんい unlined kimono
ひとえ unlined kimono
ちい lichen
ちゃくい one's clothes
やくい one's clothes
あまのはごろも angel's feathered robe
てんい heavenly garment
からころも ancient Chinese clothes
とうい sugar coating
どうい jacket; vest
濡れ ぬれぎぬ wet clothes; false accusations
はくい white robe; (doctor's) white gown
びゃくい white robe; (doctor's) white gown
びゃくえ white robe; (doctor's) white gown
かわぎぬ fur coat
かわごろも fur coat
ひのころも scarlet robe
ふくい lined garment
へいい worn out clothes; shabby clothes
便 べんい convenient clothes; ordinary clothes
ほうい vestment; priest's robe
ほうえ vestment; priest's robe
えな placenta
ほうい placenta
ほうしょくだに being well fed and well clad
めの すみぞめのころも priest's black robe
すみぞめごろも priest's black robe
あさごろも linen robe
まい linen robe
ゆかた bathrobe; informal summer kimono; yukata
よくい bathrobe; informal summer kimono; yukata
しんい underwear