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  • on reading:
  • キョウ   ケイ
  • kun reading:
  • さかい
  • meaning(s):
  • boundary, border, region
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いきょう foreign country
えっきょう border transgression
かきょう climax (story)
かていかんきょう one's family (home) background (environment)
かきょう mood of a poem; poet's mood when writing
がきょう feeling or atmosphere or mood of a painting; the mood to paint
かんきょう environment; circumstance
ぎゃっきょう adversity
きゅうきょう predicament
さかい border; boundary; mental state
きょういき boundary; border; precinct; grounds
きょうかい boundary
きょうかいせん boundary line
きょうかいちもんだい boundary value problem
調 きょうかいちょうせい alignment
きょうかいひょう landmark
きょうかいりろん bounding theory
きょうがい circumstances; one's situation or lot in life
きょうぐう environment; circumstances
きょうち one's lot; circumstance; situation in life
けいだい compound; grounds
さかいめ border; boundary line; crisis
くきょう trouble; crisis; predicament
けんきょう prefectural border
みさかい distinction; discrimination
くにざかい national or state border
こっきょう national or state border
しじょうかんきょう market environment
しきょう poem's locale
しぜんかんきょう natural (physical) environment
しゅうきょう state boundary; provincial boundary
じゅんきょう favorable circumstances
しょくばかんきょう one's work environment
しんきょう mental state
しんきょう progress; improvement
じんきょう human habitation
せいかつかんきょう one's (living) environment
せいしのさかい between life and death
せんきょう fairyland; enchanted land
じざかい land border; boundary
ぢざかい land border; boundary
しおざかい point of contact between ocean currents
とうげんきょう Arcady; Eden; Shangri-la
とうすいきょう become intoxicated (by liquor or music) or enraptured
ばんきょう land of the barbarians
ひきょう adversity; sad circumstances
ひきょう unexplored region; one of the most secluded regions
へききょう deep rural areas
へんきょう remote region; frontier (district); border(land)
ほっきょう northern boundary
まきょう haunts of wicked men
ばんきょう all places; all circumstances
むがのきょう state of complete self-effacement; trance
むじんのきょう uninhabited land
めいきょう shades of the dead
ゆうきょう solitude; secluded place
ゆうすいきょう secluded place
ろうきょう old age