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  • on reading:
  • キョ   コ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • foothold, based on, follow, therefore
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いきょ dependence
がいてきこんきょ external ground
たる かくたるしょうこ certain (definite) evidence
かっきょ holding one's ground; defending local authority
よりどころ grounds; foundation; authority; support; something upon which to rely
よる to be due to; to be caused by
きょきん subscription; contribution
きょしゅ defense
きょしゅつ donation; contribution
よりどころ ground; authority
きょてん (mil) position; base; point
とする きょてんとする to be based in (a place)
きょてんにおく to be based in (a place)
ぐんゆうかっきょ rivalry of local warlords; a number of powerful (talented, influential) persons standing by themselves in a given field
げんきょ grounds; basis
こんきょ basis; foundation
じゅんきょ basis; based on; conformance; authority (of); standard
しょうこ evidence; proof
じょうきょうしょうこ circumstantial evidence
じょうきょうしょうこ circumstantial evidence
じんてきしょうこ testimony of a witness
せんきょ occupation
てんきょ authority
ないてきこんきょ internal ground
ぶってきしょうこ material or physical evidence
ぶつてきしょうこ material or physical evidence
ほきょうしょうこ corroboration; supporting evidence
ほうてきこんきょ legal basis
ほんきょ stronghold; inner citadel; base; headquarters
ろんきょ grounds of an argument
ひょうきょ devil possession; curse