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  • on reading:
  • ギャク   ゲキ
  • kun reading:
  • さか   さかさ   さからう
  • meaning(s):
  • inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked
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Stroke Order Diagram


あくぎゃく treason; treachery; atrocity
かぎゃく reversible
しゃっくり hiccough; hiccup
ぎゃく reverse; opposite
さかさ reverse; inversion; upside down
さま さかさま inversion; upside down
さかさことば word said backwards; word of opposite meaning
さ睫 さかさまつげ turned-in eyelashes; ingrown eyelashes; trichiasis
ぎゃくに conversely
になる さかになる to turn upside down
らう さからう to go against; to oppose; to disobey; to defy
ポーランド ぎゃくポーランドしき reverse Polish notation; RPN
ぎゃくうん a twist of fate
ぎゃくえん (Buddhism) bad deed which ultimately results in the creation of a good Buddhist; older person conducting a funeral service for a younger relative, in particular, a parent for a child
さかまく surging water or waves
ぎゃくかんすう (mathematics) the inverse function
ぎゃっきょう adversity
ぎゃっこう backlighting
ぎゃっこうせん backlight
ぎゃくこうか backfire; counterproductive; opposite effect
ぎゃっこうか backfire; counterproductive; opposite effect
ぎゃっこう adverse; go backward; retrograde
ぎゃくぎょうれつ inverse matrix (math)
さかうらみ unjustified resentment through misunderstanding
ぎゃくさよう reaction; adverse effect
ぎゃくさんかくけい inverted triangle
ぎゃくさんかっけい inverted triangle
ぎゃくざん baby born feet (or buttocks) first; breech birth
ぎゃくさん count; calculate back
さかご breech (foot) presentation; agrippa
さかご baby born feet (or buttocks) first; breech birth
ぎゃくて unexpected twist
さかて an underhand or backhand grip
ぎゃくしゅ (Buddhism) holding a memorial service for oneself; an older person conducting a memorial service for a deceased, younger person
ぎゃくしゅう counterattack
ぎゃくじゅん reverse order; following a contrary path
ぎゃくざや (discount rate) negative spread
ぎゃくじょう frenzy; distraction
がり さかあがり (gymnastics) pulling oneself upward with a forward, circling movement
せる のぼせる to feel dizzy; to have blood rush to one's head; to become conceited
さかのぼる to go back; to go upstream; to make retroactive
ぎゃくしん treachery
ぎゃくしん treacherous retainer
ぎゃくすう reciprocal number
ぎゃくせいせっけん positive or antiseptic soap
ぎゃくせつ contradictory conjunction (but, however, etc.)
ぎゃくせつ paradox
ぎゃくせつてき paradoxical
ぎゃくせんでん counterpropaganda
ぎゃくぞく rebel; traitor; insurgent
ぎゃくたんち phone trace; detecting the source of a telephone call
ぎゃくちょう weather tide; adverse current
さかしお weather tide; adverse current
剃り さかぞり shaving against the grain
ぎゃくていあん counter-proposal
ぎゃくてん (sudden) change; reversal; turn-around; coming from behind (baseball)
ぎゃくてんがち winning after defeat seems certain; coming from behind to win
ぎゃくてんそう inversion layer
ぎゃくてんぶんぷけいすう population inversion factor
ぎゃくと rebel; traitor
さかなみ choppy seas
剥け さかむけ a hangnail
ぎゃくひ inverse ratio
ぎゃくひれい (being in) inverse proportion to
撫で さかなで rubbing someone up the wrong way
ぎゃくふう head wind; adverse wind
ぎゃくふんしゃ reverse thrust; crazy
さかゆめ a dream which is contradicted by reality
ぎゃくめいだい a counterproposition
さかもぎ abatis
さかげ hair which is combed back or puffed up or teased
ぎゃくもどり retrogression; reversal; relapse
ぎゃくゆしゅつ reexportation
ぎゃくゆにゅう reimportation
さかさま inversion; upside down
ぎゃくよう abuse; misuse; taking advantage of
さかおとし plunging or dropping an object headfirst (down a precipice)
さかだち handstand; headstand
さかだつ to stand up; to oppose
てる さかだてる to ruffle (up)
ぎゃくりゅう counter-current; adverse tide; regurgitation (of blood)
げきりょ inn
げきりん imperial wrath
ぎゃくろう choppy seas
さかなみ choppy seas
捩じ さかねじ turning an object in the wrong direction
さかさまつげ turned-in eyelashes; ingrown eyelashes; trichiasis
さかまつげ turned-in eyelashes; ingrown eyelashes; trichiasis
じゅんぎゃく right and wrong; loyalty and treason; obedience and disobedience
まさか by no means
たいぎゃく high treason
だいぎゃく high treason
ばくぎゃく cordial relations
ばくげき cordial relations
はんぎゃく treason; treachery; mutiny; rebellion; insurrection
はんぎゃく treason; treachery; mutiny; rebellion; insurrection
ふかぎゃく irreversible