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  • on reading:
  • キャク   キャ   カク
  • kun reading:
  • あし
  • meaning(s):
  • skids, leg, undercarriage
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いんきゃく metrical foot (poet.)
あまあし passing shower; streaks of pouring rain
あめあし passing shower; streaks of pouring rain
うんきゃく cloud movements; overhanging clouds
くもあし cloud movements; overhanging clouds
かきゃく legs; lower limbs
ひあし spreading of a fire
かいきゃく with the legs spread
あし leg
きゃくいん rhyme; end rhyme
きゃっか at one's feet
かっけ beriberi
きゃっこう footlight; limelight
きゃくしょく dramatization (e.g. film)
きゃくしょくしゃ movie adapter; dramatizer
きゃくせんび beauty of leg lines
きゃくちゅう footnote
きゃくちゅう footnotes
きゃはん leggings
あしつき 1. something (equipped) with legs; 2. sole of foot; 3. one's manner of walking
きゃくぶ leg
きゃくほん scenario
きゃくほんか scriptwriter; playwright; scenario writer
きゃたつ footstool; stepladder
きゃくりき walking ability
きゃくりょく walking ability
きゃはん gaiters
きょうきゃく bridge pier; pontoon bridge
けんきゃく good walker
あとあし hind (rear) legs
あんぎゃ pilgrimage; walking tour; tour
さんきゃく tripod; three legs
しっきゃく losing one's standing; being overthrown; falling
ひとあし bottom legs radical; hitoashi
ぜんきゃく forelegs
まえあし forelegs
そうきゃく both feet
ないはんきゃく bowleg(ged)
ににんさんきゃく a three-legged race
ひあし daytime; position of the sun
ねこあし carved table leg
ばきゃく give oneself away; reveal one's true colors
ひきゃく express messenger; postman (arch.)); courier
かざあし wind speed
へんぼうかんきゃく the radicals
けあし length of hair
りっきゃく being based on
りょうきゃく both legs