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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • ため   る   す   る   たり   つくる   なり
  • meaning(s):
  • do, change, make, benefit, welfare, be of use, reach to, try, practice, cost, serve as, good, advantage, as a result of
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その そのため hence; for that reason
スパイ スパイこうい espionage
ため good; advantage; benefit; welfare; sake; to; in order to; because of; as a result of
さる なさる to do
える なしおえる to accomplish; to finish
わる なしおわる to finish
げる なしとげる to finish; to fulfill; to accomplish
なす to accomplish; to do
なすすべもなく to at one's wits end
してやる to do for (someone); to deceive; to hoodwink
ために for; for the sake of; to one's advantage; in favor of; on behalf of
なりて candidate; suitable person
する to do; to try; to play; to practice; to cost; to serve as; to pass; to elapse
なる to change; to be of use; to reach to
せんすべ proper methods
しにくい hard to do
せる しおおせる to accomplish
ぎる しすぎる to overdo; to do too much
ためぎん exchange bank
しあう to do together
しのこす to leave unfinished
かす しでかす to perpetrate; to do; to finish up; to be guilty of
しでかす to perpetrate; to do; to finish up; to be guilty of
しそめ outset; beginning
める しそめる to begin to do
ひととなり temperament
くす しつくす to do everything possible
げる しとげる to accomplish; to finish; to fulfill
いせい governing; administering
いせいか politician
いせいしゃ statesman
ける しつづける to continue to do; to persist in doing
じる しそんじる to blunder; to fail; to make a mistake
なう しそこなう to blunder; to fail; to make a mistake; to miss
ていたらく state of affairs; predicament
かわせ money order; exchange
レート かわせレート exchange rate
かわせかんり exchange control
かわせぎんこう exchange bank
かわせさえき profit on currency exchange
かわせさいてい exchange arbitration
かわせてがた draft
かわせじり balance of exchange
かわせそうば exchange rates
かわせとうき currency speculation
しきせ livery; servant's clothes provided by employers
しおさめ finishing up
しほうだい having one's own way
しきたり customs
しおとし omission; oversight
しおち omission; oversight
とす しおとす to fail to do; to make light of; to neglect
いはんこうい violation; offense
いほうこうい illegal act
うに sayings and doings; words and deeds
えっけんこうい act of arrogation
がいため foreign exchange
かんい daring
きふこうい act of endowment or donation
こうい act; deed; conduct
ごうどうこうい (formal act of) agreement
さくい artificiality; act; commission (of a crime)
じつりょくこうい using force
しょい act; deed; one's doing
せい cause; reason; fault
しょうこうい commercial transaction
しょうそうゆうい energetic
しょうどうこうい shock action
しんりゃくこうい act of aggression
じんい human work; human agency; art; artificiality
せいこうい sex act; intercourse
そうぎこうい direct action; strike
だっぽうこうい evasion of the law
たんどくこうい individual action; unilateral act
てきほうこうい legal (lawful) act
てんい providential; natural
とうい needing to be done; requiring a response
呑み のみこうい bookmaking; (stock market) bucketing
ねんのため just to be sure
はんざいこうい criminal act
ふため disadvantageous; harmful; unprofitable
ふさくい forbearance
ふせいこうい unfair practices; wrongdoing; malpractice; cheating; foul play
ふとうろうどうこうい unfair labor practices
ふほうこうい tort
ほうふくこうい act of retaliation
ほうりつこうい legal action
ぼうがいこうい interference; obstruction
むい idleness; inactivity
むさくい at random; unintentional
むしょうこうい gratuitous act; volunteering
うい (Buddhism) perpetual change caused by karma; vicissitudes of life; that which is made
ゆうい capable; able; talented; promising
りゃくだつこうい looting