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  • righteousness, justice, morality, honor, loyalty, meaning
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イスラム イスラムげんりしゅぎ Islamic fundamentalism
マルクス マルクスしゅぎ Marxism
ロマン ロマンしゅぎ romanticism
あいこくしゅぎ patriotism
あいたしゅぎ altruism
あくましゅぎ satanism; devil worship
いぎ meaning; significance
いぎ different meaning
いちぎ a reason; a principle; a meaning; the first meaning; the first principle; the first consideration
いっこくいっとうしゅぎ one-party system
いんしょうしゅぎ impressionism
えいりしゅぎ commercialism
えいゆうしゅぎ heroism
えんせいしゅぎ pessimism
えんぎ expansion; amplification; commentary; adaptation
えんかくこうぎ distance learning
おうぎ secrets; mysteries; hidden purpose
おくぎ secrets; mysteries; hidden purpose
おうかしゅぎ Europeanism
おんぎ obligation; favour; debt of gratitude
おんじょうしゅぎ paternalism
かくいつしゅぎ standardization
かいらくしゅぎ hedonism
かいぎしゅぎ skepticism
かいりょうしゅぎ reformism
かくしんしゅぎ progressivism
らっかんしゅぎ optimism
らくてんしゅぎ optimism
かんぜんしゅぎ perfectionism
かんのうしゅぎ sensualism
かんりょうしゅぎ bureaucracy
かんしょうしゅぎ sentimentalism
かんきょうほごしゅぎ environmentalism
かんねんしゅぎ German Idealism
きのうしゅぎ functionalism
ぎしきしゅぎ ritualism; ceremonialism
ぎこしゅぎ archaism; pseudoclassicism
ぎぎ doubt
んじる ぎをおもんじる to value honor
ぎをやぶる to break faith with
ぎえん donation; assistance; contribution
ぎえんきん donation money; contribution
ぎがん artificial eye
ぎき flag of righteousness
ぎき chivalry; heroism
ぎきょ noble undertaking; heroic deed
ぎきょう chivalry; generosity
ぎきょうしん chivalrous spirit
ぎきん contribution
ぎくん reading of a kanji by meaning
ぎぐん righteous army
ぎけい brother-in-law
ぎきょうだい brother-in-law; stepbrother; sworn brother
ぎし loyal retainer
ぎし sister-in-law
ぎし adopted child
ぎし artificial limb
ぎし artificial tooth
ぎしゅ artificial arm (hand)
ぎじゅく private school
ぎしん chivalrous spirit
ぎしん loyal retainer
ぎじん selfless (pious, righteous) man
ぎぜつ disownment
ぎせん a crusade; holy war
ぎそく artificial leg
ぎぞく chivalrous thief
ぎだゆう gidayu (form of ballad drama)
ぎだゆうかたり gidayu reciter
ぎだゆうぶし music in gidayuu ballad drama
ぎてい younger brother-in-law
ぎふ father-in-law; foster father; stepfather
ぎふん righteous indignation
ぎへい soldier or army dedicated to a righteous cause
ぎぼ mother-in-law; foster mother; step mother
ぎまい sister in law
ぎみん public-spirited or self-sacrificing individual
ぎむ duty; obligation; responsibility
づける ぎむづける to obligate
ぎむかん sense of duty (obligation)
ぎむきょういく compulsory education
ぎむてき compulsory; obligatory
ぎむづけ obligation
ける ぎむづける to obligate
ぎゆう heroism; loyalty and courage
ぎゆうぐん volunteer army
ぎゆうへい volunteer soldier
ぎり duty; sense of duty; honor; decency; courtesy; debt of gratitude; social obligation
ぎりをかく to fail in one's social duties
てる ぎりをたてる to be faithful; to do one's duty
チョコ ぎりチョコ obligatory-gift chocolate
ぎりがたい possessed of a strong sense of duty
ぎりあい social relationship; friendship
ぎりだて doing one's duty
ぎれつ heroism
ぎわだん (in Chinese history) the Boxers
ぎえん contribution; donation
ぎえんきん donation money; contribution
ぎかいしゅぎ parliamentarism
つめこみしゅぎ (belief in the desirability of) education by rote learning
きゃっかんしゅぎ objectivism
きゅうしんしゅぎ radicalism
きょむしゅぎ nihilism
きょうらくしゅぎ epicureanism; hedonism
きょうさんしゅぎ communism; collectivism
きょうわしゅぎ republicanism
調 きょうちょうしゅぎ collaboration
きょうぎ creed; doctrine
きょうじょうしゅぎ dogmatism
きょうぎ narrow-sense
きんよくしゅぎ stoicism; asceticism
きんだいしゅぎ modernism
くぎ meaning of a phrase
くんぎ reading and meaning of a kanji
ぐんこくしゅぎ militarism
けいしきしゅぎ formalism
けいけんしゅぎ empiricism
げいじゅつしじょうしゅぎ art for art's sake
けんいしゅぎ authoritarianism
けんりょくしゅぎ authoritarianism
げんぎ original meaning
げんりしゅぎ fundamentalism
げんじつしゅぎ realism
こじんしゅぎ individualism
こぎ old meaning; old interpretation
こてんしゅぎ classicism
こりつしゅぎ isolationism
ごつごうしゅぎ opportunism
ごぎ meaning of a word
こうぎ justice; equity
こうしきしゅぎ formalism
こうりしゅぎ utilitarianism
こうぎ wide sense; broader application
こうせいしゅぎ constructivism
こうぞうしゅぎ structuralism
こうどうしゅぎ behaviorism
こうぎ lecture
ごうりしゅぎ rationalism
こっかしゅぎ nationalism
こくさいしゅぎ internationalism
こくすいしゅぎ nationalism; extreme patriotism
こんぽんしゅぎ fundamentalism
さこくしゅぎ (national) isolationism; isolation policy
さいていぎ redefinition (math)
さいしょくしゅぎ vegetarianism
さんみんしゅぎ (Sun Yat-sen's) Three Principles of the People
しほんしゅぎ capitalism
なかれ ことなかれしゅぎ principle of peace-at-any-price
じだいしゅぎ worship of the powerful
勿れ ことなかれしゅぎ principle of peace-at-any-price
じぎ the meaning or sense of a word
じこしゅぎ egoism
しぜんしゅぎ naturalism
じゆうしゅぎ liberalism
じっしょうしゅぎ positivism
じつぞんしゅぎ existentialism
じつようしゅぎ pragmatism
じつりしゅぎ utilitarianism
しゃじつしゅぎ realism; literalism
しゃかいしゅぎ socialism
しゃかいみんしゅしゅぎ social democracy
しゃくぎ exegesis
しゅいしゅぎ voluntarism
しゅがしゅぎ egoism; love of self
しゅかんしゅぎ subjectivism
しゅぎ doctrine; rule; principle
しゅじょうしゅぎ emotionalism
しゅちしゅぎ intellectualism
じゅきょうしゅぎ Confucianism
しゅうせいしほんしゅぎ modified capitalism
しゅうせいしゅぎ revisionism
しゅうさんしゅぎ collectivism
しゅうちゅうこうぎ closely-packed series of lectures; intensive course
じゅうしょうしゅぎ mercantilism
じゅうてんしゅぎ priority system
じゅうのうしゅぎ emphasizing agriculture
じゅくししゅぎ laying low, awaiting one's chance
しょうぎょうしゅぎ commercialism
しょうちょうしゅぎ symbolism
じょうぎ justice and humanity
しんぎ faith; fidelity; loyalty
しんびしゅぎ aestheticism
しんりしゅぎ psychologism
しんいぎ true meaning
しんぎ true meaning
しんぴしゅぎ mysticism
しんぽしゅぎ progressivism
じんかくしゅぎ personalism
じんどうしゅぎ humanism; humanitarianism
じんぶんしゅぎ humanism
じんぽんしゅぎ humanism; humanitarianism
じんみんしゅぎ populism
じんぎ humanity and justice; duty; (gang's) moral code
せかいしゅぎ cosmopolitanism
せぞくしゅぎ secularism
ぜぜひひしゅぎ principle of being fair and just; fair and unbiased policy
せいぎ justice; right; righteousness; correct meaning
せいぎ detailed exposition
せいしんしゅぎ spiritualism; idealism
きりうりしゅぎ prostitution
せっそくしゅぎ slap-dash methods
せっちゅうしゅぎ eclecticism
せつぎ fidelity to principle
ぜったいしゅぎ absolutism
ぜんしんしゅぎ gradualism; slow-and-steady policy
ぜんたいしゅぎ totalitarianism
くみあいしゅぎ trade unionism
そうごしゅぎ principle of reciprocity
そうたいしゅぎ relativism
くさのねみんしゅしゅぎ grass-roots democracy
ぞくじんしゅぎ the principle of nationality (according to which an offender should be tried in accordance with the law of his or her own country)
ぞくちしゅぎ the principle of territorial jurisdiction
そんざいいぎ reason for existence; raison d'etre
たぎ various meanings
たいぎ great cause; moral law; justice
たいこくしゅぎ policy favoring major powers
だいいちぎ first principle; original or greatest import
だいにぎ secondary meaning; of secondary import
たんびしゅぎ aestheticism
だんぎ lecture
ちゅうりつしゅぎ neutralism
ちゅうぎ loyalty; devotion
ちょうげんじつしゅぎ surrealism
ちょうこっかしゅぎ ultranationalism
ながだんぎ long-winded speech
ていぎ definition
ていこくしゅぎ imperialism
てきほんしゅぎ diversionary tactics; concealing one's true motives until the last moment
てんぎ figurative meaning
でんとうしゅぎ traditionalism
とうようしゅぎ the Orient for the Orientals
どういぎ the same meaning
どうおんいぎ having the same pronunciation but bearing different meanings
どうぎ the same meaning
どうぎ morality; moral principles
とくぎ morals; morality; sincerity
どくぜんしゅぎ self-righteousness
にだいせいとうしゅぎ two-party system
ひよりみしゅぎ opportunism
のうほんしゅぎ principles underpinning an agriculturally based economy
はかいしゅぎ destructionism
はいきんしゅぎ mammonism
はいたしゅぎ exclusion principle
はいぼくしゅぎ defeatism
はくあいしゅぎ altruism
はんしょくみんしゅぎ anticolonialism
はんせんしゅぎ pacifism
はんていこくしゅぎ anti-imperialism
はんどうしゅぎ reactionism
汎アメリカ はんアメリカしゅぎ Pan-Americanism
ひょうげんしゅぎ Expressionism; representationalism
ふぎ immorality; injustice; misconduct; adultery; impropriety; perfidy
ふしんぎ faithlessness; insincerity
ふとくぎ immorality
ぶだんしゅぎ militarism
ほうけんしゅぎ feudalism
ふっこしゅぎ reactionism
ぶっしつしゅぎ materialism
ぶんぱしゅぎ sectarianism; sectionalism
ぶんじしゅぎ governing by law and reason rather than by military force
ぶんちしゅぎ governing by law and reason rather than by military force
びょうどうしゅぎ principle of equality
へいみんしゅぎ democracy
へいわしゅぎ pacifism
便 べんぎしゅぎ opportunism; expediency
ほしゅしゅぎ conservatism
ほうにんしゅぎ principle of laissez-faire
ほんぎ true meaning; underlying principle
みていぎ undefined; unspecified
みんけんしゅぎ democracy (as propounded by Sun Yat-sen)
みんしゅしゅぎ democracy
みんぞくしゅぎ nationalism
みんぽんしゅぎ democracy
むいぎ meaningless; insignificance
むきょうかいしゅぎ Nondenominationalism (a Japanese Christian group)
むせいふしゅぎ (doctrine of) anarchism
むていこうしゅぎ (the principle of) nonresistance
めいぎ name
儲け もうけしゅぎ moneymaking orientation
ゆいびしゅぎ estheticism
ゆいぶつしゅぎ materialism
ゆうぎ friendship's responsibilities
ゆういぎ significance; usefulness
ようぎ essence
らたいしゅぎ nudism
りこしゅぎ egoism; selfishness
りたしゅぎ altruism
りそうしゅぎ idealism
りちぎ honesty; integrity
りっけんしゅぎ constitutionalism
りょうぎ double meaning; two meanings
りんしょうこうぎ clinic; clinical lecture
れきししゅぎ historicism
れんあいしじょうしゅぎ love for love's sake
ろうまんしゅぎ romanticism
ろまんしゅぎ romanticism
せつなしゅぎ impulsiveness