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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • わざ
  • meaning(s):
  • skill, art, craft, ability, feat, performance, vocation, arts
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えんぎ acting; performance
おくないきょうぎ indoor games
かいてんきょうぎ slalom
かくとうぎ sports or disciplines which involve fighting without weapons
かっこうきょうぎ downhill racing
かんせつわざ locking technique in judo
わざ art; technique
わざをみがく to improve one's skill
ぎかん technical official; technical officer
ぎかん engineer-in-chief; chief engineer; chief scientist
ぎげい arts; crafts; handicrafts
ぎけん technical research institute
ぎこう craft; craftsman
ぎこう technique; finesse
ぎこうてき polished
ぎし engineer; technician
ぎしゅ assistant engineer; (telegraph) operator
ぎじゅつ art; technique; technology; skill
ぎじゅついてん technology transfer
ぎじゅつえんじょ technological assistance
ぎじゅつかくしん innovation
ぎじゅつきょうりょく technical cooperation
ぎじゅつし consulting engineer
ぎじゅつしゃ engineer
ぎじゅつすいじゅん state-of-the-art
ぎじゅつていけい technical cooperation
ぎじゅつてき technical; practical
ぎじゅつどうし technical works
ぎじゅつばたけのひと career technician; man in the technical line
ぎじゅつめん technical side
ぎじゅつりょう technical fee
ぎじゅつりょく technological strength
ぎとう (boxing) technical knockout (TKO)
ぎのう technical skill; ability; capacity
ぎのうしゃ technician
ぎのうしょう (sports or sumo) technique prize
ぎほう technique
ぎりょう ability; competency
ぎりょう ability; talent; skill; capacity
きゅうぎ any ball game
きょうぎ game; match; contest
きょくぎ acrobatic feats
きんだいごしゅきょうぎ the modern pentathlon
れた かれたえんぎ well-seasoned acting
ごしゅきょうぎ pentathlon
うしろわざ Aikido rear defence
こうぎ skill; fine workmanship
あらわざ rough method or job
わせ あわせわざ judo combined trick
こくぎ national sport
こんせいきょうぎ combined competitions
すわりわざ Aikido seated defence
じつぎ practical skill
しゅぎ craft
じっしゅきょうぎ decathlon
ねわざ 1. (in wrestling or judo) pinning technique; 2. underhanded dealings
しんぎ spirit and technique
しんぎ divine or supernatural skill
すいじょうきょうぎ water sports
せつぎ poor skill
はやわざ feat; quick work
あしわざ (judo) foot technique; footwork
たいぎ boxing and jujitsu
たいそうきょうぎ gymnastics competition
おおわざ bold move; great task or feat
だんたいきょうぎ team sports
なげわざ throw or throwing technique (sumo, judo)
なげわざ throw or throwing technique (sumo, judo)
とうてききょうぎ a throwing event
とうぎ competition; contest
とくぎ special skill
にゅうしんのぎ skill of superhuman level
ひぎ secret technique
びぎ excellent performance; fine play
ぶぎ martial arts
まつぎ poor workmanship
みょうぎ exquisite skill; wonderful performance
ゆうぎ games; pastimes
よぎ avocation; hobby
うらわざ underhanded trick
はなれわざ stunt; feat
りくじょうきょうぎ track-and-field events
たちわざ standing throw in judo