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うき rainy season
かき summer season
かき flowering season
かんき dry season
かんそうき dry season; dry spell; dry period
きかん quarterly (e.g. magazine)
きかんざっし a quarterly (magazine)
きかんし a quarterly (magazine)
きご seasonal word (in haiku)
きこう season; climate
きし last child
きしゅん late spring
きせつ season
きせつはずれ end of season
きせつかん a sense of the seasons
きせつてき seasonal
きせつふう seasonal winds
きせつへんい seasonal variation
きせつろうどう seasonal labor
きせつろうどうしゃ seasonal laborer
きだい (in haiku) word or theme which indicates a season
きまつ end of the season or term
こんき this season
しき four seasons
じき seasons
しゅうき fall; autumn
しゅんき spring
せっき end of year or season; year end
とうき (season of) winter
ねんき term of service; apprenticeship
はんき half a quarter; half period
まっき closing years (period, days); last stage
むき (haiku) lacking seasonal references
らいき next semester; next session; next season; next year
りょうき hunting season