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  • idea, mind, heart, taste, thought, desire, care, liking
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ごちゅうい be careful
あくい ill will; malice; spite; evil intention; bad faith
を汲む いをくむ to enter into a person's feelings
える いをむかえる to cater to another's wish
ない いをえない fail to make sense (of)
いがい unexpected; surprising
いがいと surprisingly; unexpectedly
いき spirit; heart; disposition
がっている いきがあがっている to be in high spirits
いきけんこう in high spirits; elated
いきけんこう in high spirits; elated
いきごみ ardor; enthusiasm
いきごむ to be enthusiastic about
いきしょうちん depressed in spirits; dispirited; disheartened; rejection
いきしょうてん in high spirits
んだ いきさかんだ be in high spirits
いきそそう depression; rejection
いきじ self-respect; self-confidence; guts; backbone
いくじ self-respect; self-confidence; guts; backbone
なし いくじなし coward; timid creature
のない いくじのない spineless; backboneless; timid; cowardly; weak-kneed
いきとうごう hit it off with (a person); find a kindred spirit in (a person); sympathy; mutual understanding
いきようよう triumphant; exultant; in high spirits
いきようよう triumphant; exultant; in high spirits
いきしょうちん depressed in spirits; dispirited; disheartened; rejection
いぎ meaning; significance
いぎぶかい significant; important
いけん opinion; view
いけんをいう to state one's opinion
いけんをもつ to hold an opinion
いけんをはく to give one's opinion
いけんこうかん exchange of ideas; exchange of opinions
いけんこうこく protest advertising (on an issue by a pressure group)
いけんしょ opinion in writing; written opinion; argument
いこじ perversity
いこう intention; idea; inclination
いし will; volition
いしのつよいひと strong-minded man
の疏 いしのそつう mutual understanding
いしのそつう agreement of wills
いしけってい decision-making
いしけっていきかん decision making body
いしてき strong-willed
いしはくじゃく weak will; lacking a purpose
いし intention; purpose
いしけってい decision making
いしひょうじ declaration of intention
いしき consciousness; senses
いしきか (n,a-no) subconscious
いしきたい discarnate entity
いしきてき consciously; deliberately
いしきふめい unconscious; senseless
いしゅ grudge; malice; spite
いしゅがえし revenge
いしょう design
いしょうけん design right; right(s) to a design
いしょうとうろく registration of a design
いと intention; aim; design
いとてき intentional; on purpose
いそうがい unexpected; unsuspected
いじ disposition; spirit; willpower; obstinacy; backbone; appetite
いじっぱり obstinacy; obstinate person
いじをはる to not give in; to be obstinate; to be stubborn; to be perverse
いじわる malicious; ill-tempered; unkind
ない いじきたない gluttonous; greedy
いじずく obstinate; stubborn
いちゅう one's mind; one's heart; one's intention
いちゅうのおんな sweetheart; girlfriend
いちゅうのひと sweetheart; person in one's thoughts (heart)
いば uncontrolled
いばしんえん uncontrollable passions
いひょう surprise; something unexpected
いみ meaning; significance
らない いみがとおらない be incomprehensible; not make sense
いみのかんけいりろん relational theory of meaning
いみをとる to follow the sense; to understand the meaning of
を捉える いみをとらえる to grasp the meaning
いみげんり semantics principle
いみあい implication; nuance
いみじょうのしゅご sense subject
いみじょうのもくてきご sense object
いみしんちょう profound (often hidden) meaning; pregnant with significance
いみないよう semantic content (of a term); meaning (of a sentence)
ける いみづける to give meaning to
いみぶもん semantic component
いみやくわり semantic role
いみろん semantics; the study of meaning
いやく free translation; liberal translation
いよく will; desire; ambition
いよく will; desire; ambition
いりょく will; will power
いこう intention; idea; inclination
いちい unique; earnestness
えいい eagerly; earnestly
おくい true intention
かい the feelings of the people
がい self-will; obstinacy
がい meaning of a picture
がい congratulatory feeling
かいい worrying about; caring about
かいい kanji made up of meaningful parts (e.g. "east" is tree plus sun)
がいい malice
かくい reserved; with reservations
われものちゅうい Fragile; Handle With Care
がんい implication
がんい object of an application
きほんごうい basic agreement
きい your will; your wishes; your request
きゅうい peace; tranquility
きょうい emphasis
ごくい essential point; main point
くい meaning of phrase
ぐい one's humble opinion
ぐうい hidden meaning; symbolism; moral
けいい respect; honour
けつい decision; determination
げんい original meaning
こい ancient ways; the feelings of the ancients
こい intention; purpose; bad faith
ぎょい your will; your pleasure
ごちゅうい be careful
ごい meaning of a word
こうい kindness; favor
こうい good will; favor; courtesy
ごうい agreement; consent; mutual understanding
こんい kindness; intimacy; friendship
さくい idea; design; motif; conception; intention
さつい intent to kill; intent to murder
さんい approval; assent
しい personal opinion; selfishness
じぜんのどうい prior consent
じい intention to resign
しつい disappointment; despair; adversity
じつい sincerity; real intentions
しゃい gratitude; thanks
しゅい main meaning; opinion; idea; aim; motive; gist; meaning
とりあつかいちゅうい handling warning
とりあつかいちゅうい handling warning
しゅい main meaning; opinion; idea; aim; motive; gist; meaning
しゅうい public opinion
宿 しゅくい longstanding opinion; old grudge
しゅくい congratulations
じょうい will or decree (esp. of shogun); emperor's wishes
じょうとくい good customer
じょうとくい regular customer; patron
じょうい feeling; emotion; will
しんい mind
しんい deep or profound meaning
しんい real intention; true motive; true meaning
しんい divine will
ずいい voluntary; optional
せいい true heart; correct meaning
せいい sincerity; good faith
せいしんせいい in all sincerity; with one's whole heart; whole-hearted devotion
せんい fighting spirit
ぜんぽうふちゅうい you're not watching where you're going!
ぜんい good faith; good will; good intentions; favorable sense
そうい original idea; originality
そうい consensus of opinion
そんい your idea
たい ill will; malice; another intention; secret purpose; ulterior motive; fickleness; double-mindedness
たいい schema
だいい meaning of a question
たつい lucidity; intelligibility; perspicuity
ちじょうい emotion and volition; intellect
ちゃくい caution; conception; idea
ちゅうい caution; being careful; attention (heed); warning; advice
ちょうい condolence; sympathy; mourning
ちょくい meaning or gist of a decree
そこい one's underlying motives or true intentions
てきい hostility; animosity
てんい divine will; providence
どうい agreement; consent; same meaning; same opinion; approval
とくい pride; triumph; prosperity; one's strong point; one's forte; one's specialty; customer; client
ないい intention; personal opinion
にょい as one wishes; a priest's staff
尿 にょうい the urge to urinate
にんい any; arbitrary; optional; pleasure; discretion; free will
ねつい zeal; enthusiasm
はつい idea; suggestion; plan
はんい spirit of rebellion
はんい malice
ひかいじごうい non-disclosure agreement
びい small token (of gratitude); my (humble) feelings
ひつい brushwork; writing
ひょうい gesture
ふい sudden; abrupt; unexpected; unforeseen
ふずいい involuntary
ふせいい insincerity; dishonesty; untruthfulness; bad faith
ふちゅうい carelessness; inattention; thoughtlessness
ふどうい disagreement; objection
ふとくい one's weak point
ふにょい contrary to one's wishes; short of money
ふほんい reluctance; unwilling
ふようい unpreparedness; carelessness
ぶんい meaning of a sentence
べつい different opinion; intention to part
便 べんい call of nature; bowel-movement
ぼうちょうずいい admission free
ほんい one's real intent; motive; hopes
ほんい change one's mind
みんい popular will
むい unintentional
ゆうい significance
あらかじめようい advance preparation
よい implied meaning
ようい preparation
ようちゅうい attention (care) required; needs special attention
らいい purpose of a visit
りゅうい heed
しい selfishness; arbitrariness

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