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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • かえる   かえす   おくる   とつ
  • meaning(s):
  • homecoming, arrive at, lead to, result in
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かいき revolution; recurrence; recursion
かえす to send back
って かえってくる to return; to come back
かえり return; coming back
かえりがけ on the way back
かえりじたく preparations for returning (home)
かえりみち the way back or home; return trip
かえりみち the way back or home; return trip
かえる to go back; to go home; to come home; to return
かえれ Go home; Get out
れる かえれる Get out; Go home
きえ devotion; (religious) conversion
きいつ united into one
きえい returning to military duty
きか naturalization
きかしょくぶつ naturalized plant
きかじん naturalized citizen
きかん returning to one's (war)ship
きかん repatriation; return; feedback
きかんしゃ returnee
きかんふのうげんかいてん the point of no return
きかんへい returned soldier
ききゅう (military) leave; furlough
ききょう returning to Tokyo
ききょう homecoming; return to one's home
きけつ conclusion
きこう returning to school
きこう returning to port
きこう homeward voyage or flight
きこく return to country
きこくのとにつく to leave for home
セール きこくセール sale of one's belongings before returning to one's country; sayonara sale
きこくしじょ child who has returned to his or her country
きこくしじょわく special consideration for students who have lived abroad
きさん returning to the service of one's master
きしゃ return to office
きしゅ direction
きじゅん submission; return to allegiance
きせい homecoming; returning home
きしん homesickness
きすう tendency; trend; drift
きそうせい homing instinct
きそうほんのう homing instinct
きぞく belonging to
きぞくいしき (a feeling of) identification (with); sense of belonging
きそん returning to one's village
きたく returning home
きちゃく return; conclusion
きちょう returning from abroad; coming back to ones country (Japan)
きと on the way back; returning
きとう return to base of soldiers, military aircraft or ships
きにん return to one's post
きのう inductive
きのうてき inductive; recursive
きのうほう induction; inductive method
きのう take up farming again
きはん returning sailboat; setting sail for home port
きふく submission; surrender
きふく submission; surrender
きむかせつ null hypothesis
きらい returning
きろ one's way back
さいき recursive
しゃかいふっき rehabilitation (in society)
そこくふっき returning to one's fatherland
ふき rising no more (as in illness and death); returning no more; dying
ほととぎす cuckoo
ふっき return; comeback; reinstatement; carriage return (CR)