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  • キ   ゴ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • period, time, date, term
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あんぜんき safe period
あんこくき eclipse period
いちご 1. one's life time; a lifetime; 2. a term; a half-year; a quarter
いっき 1. one's life time; a lifetime; 2. a term; a half-year; a quarter
いちじき a period (of time)
いっしゅうき a period (in astronomy)
うき rainy season
えんき postponement; adjournment
ちゅうせきき alluvial period
しもき second half of the fiscal year
しもしはんき last quarter (of the year)
かはんき the last half-year
しもはんき the last half-year
かき summer season
かき flowering season
かとき transition period
かっき epoch-making
かいき session (of a legislature)
かいふくき convalescence
かっき epoch
がっき term (school)
かっすいき dry season
かんき dry season
かんそうき dry season; dry spell; dry period
えない あえないさいご tragic death
period; time
きす to expect; to look forward to
きかん period; term
きげん term; period
ばす きげんをのばす to extend the term
きげんぎれ expiration of a term
きげんつき with a fixed time; with a deadline
きしゅ beginning of a term
きせい realization of an objective
きせいどうめい association formed to carry out an objective
きたい expectation; anticipation; hope
きたいかん feeling of expectation
きたいち the expectation value (statistics)
りに きたいどおりに as expected
きたいうすだ not to be depended on; be of little hope
きない during a period; while
きじつ fixed date; settlement date
める きじつをはやめる to advance the date (of)
きまつ end of term
きまつしけん final exam
きゅうみんき dormant season
ぎょき fishing season
りょうき fishing season
きんりょうき closed season for fishing or hunting
きんりょうき closed season for fishing or hunting
けいき prison term
けいせいき formative period (e.g. of nation); formative year
けっさんき accounting period
けっこんてきれいき marriageable age
けっぴょうき freezing or frost season
げっけいしゅうき menstrual cycle
けんたいき the stage of fatigue
げんとうき coldest period
こうき latter period; final
こうはんき second half (e.g. of a year)
こうびき mating season
こうてんしゅうき solar revolution
こうしんき the oral phase (of development)
こうき ideal time
こうせいき change of life; menopause
こうねんき menopause; change of life
こくてんしゅうき sunspot cycle
こんき the present term
こんき marriageable age; chance of marriage
さいご one's last moment; one's time of death
さいせいき golden age; best time for
さんらんき breeding or spawning season
さんじょくき (post-partum) confinement
しはんき quarter (of a year)
しき beginning period; initial term
ししゅんき puberty
しき time of death
じき time; season; period
じき next term; next period
じてんしゅうき rotation period
しゅりょうき hunting season
じゅにゅうき lactation period
しゅうかくき harvest time
しゅうき cycle; period
しゅうき autumn
しゅうき ending; closing
しゅうき cycle; period
しゅつぎょき fishing season
しゅっすいき sprouting season (of ears of grain)
できるかぎりそうき as soon as possible; ASAP
しゅんきはつどうき puberty
しょき early (days); initial stage; (computer) initial
しょき expected; anticipated; hoped-for; expectation
かみき first half of the year
かみはんき first half of a year
しんがっき new school term
せいじゅくき period of maturity; adolescence; puberty
せいちょうき growth period; growing season
せいき prosperous period
せいしゅんき puberty; pubertal; pubescent
せいねんき adolescence
せんがっき last semester
せんねんき millennium
せんぷくき incubation period
ぜんき first term; first half year; preceding period; early period
ぜんぱんき first half period
ぜんせいき heyday; golden age
そうせいき time of creation
そうき early stage
そうそうき (the) beginning; outset
たんき short term
はざかいき between-crops season; off-crops season
ちゅうき middle period
ちゅうちょうき mid-range; mid-term
ちょうき long time period
つうきんていき commutation ticket; season ticket
ていき fixed term
てきれいき marriageable age
てんかんき turning point; transition phase
とうき winter; wintertime; winter term
とうき current term (period)
どうき contemporary; corresponding period; synchronous; same period; same class
にき two periods or terms
にちないしゅうき diurnal cycle
にんき term of office
ねんき term of service; apprenticeship
のうき appointed day of delivery; time for payment
のうかんき slack season for farmers; leisure season for farmers
のうき farming season
のうはんき busy farming season
ばいうき rainy season
はついくき growth period
はつじょうき the mating season
はんき half-term; half-time; half period
はんげんき half life (in physical chemistry)
はんこうき rebellious age
はんしょくき breeding season
ばんき the last stage
ひどうき asynchronous
ひょうがき glacial period
ひょうき ice age
ふき unexpected; accidental
ふていき irregular; indeterminate; tramp (steamer)
ぶんべんき time of delivery (of a child)
へいあんこうき late Heian period
へいけいき menopause; menopausal
へんせいき puberty in boys; change in voice
ほうすいき rainy season
まっき closing years (period, days); last stage
まつご deathbed; hour of death
まんき expiration (of a term); maturity (e.g. investment)
むき indefinite
むきえんき indefinite postponement
ゆうき definite period or term
よき expectation; assume will happen; forecast
ようじき infancy
ようねんき childhood
ようらんき infancy; in cradle
らいがっき next semester
らいき next term
りにゅうき weaning period
りょうき hunting season
ほにゅうき lactation period
らんじゅくき one's full maturity
れいめいき dawning