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  • on reading:
  • カン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • Sino-, China
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あらかん Arhat; Buddhist monk who has attained Nirvana
あっかん rascal; villain; scoundrel; ruffian; crook
かいかん pleasant fellow
かいかん suspicious man
プリ かんプリ kanji printer
かんえい Kanji to English (dictionary)
かんえいじてん Kanji to English dictionary
かんえいじてん Kanji to English dictionary
かんえつおん Vietnamese reading (of Chinese characters)
かんおん Han reading of Chinese characters
かんがく Sinology; study of China or of the Chinese classics
かんがくしゃ Sinologist; scholar of the Chinese classics
かんご Chinese word; Sino-Japanese word
かんし Chinese poetry
かんじ Chinese characters; kanji
かんじせいげん restrictions on the number of kanji recognized for usage
かんじせいげんろん the question of limiting the use of Chinese characters
かんじぶんか (the so-called) kanji culture
かんじぶんかけん countries which use Chinese characters
かんじへんかん kanji conversion
かんじだい Han dynasty
かんしょ a Chinese book; a book written in Chinese
かんじん a (Han) Chinese
かんすうじ Chinese characters which express numbers
かんせき Chinese books; Chinese classics
かんぞうご Sino-Tibetan (languages)
かんぞく the Han race
かんちょう Han Dynasty
かんど China
かんぶん Chinese (classical) literature
かんぶんがく Chinese literature; literature in Chinese
かんぶんくんどく reading a Chinese text in Japanese
かんぽう traditional Chinese medicine
かんぽうい doctor of Chinese (herb) medicine
かんぽうやく herbal medicine
かんみんぞく Chinese people; Han race
かんめい Chinese name (often of plants and animals)
かんやく a translation into Chinese
かんわ Chinese Character-Japanese (e.g. dictionary)
かんわじてん Chinese-Japanese character dictionary
きょかん giant
きょうかん villain; outlaw; assassin
きょうかん villain; outlaw; assassin
ぎんかん Milky Way
こうかん fine fellow
こうしょっかん lecher
こうしょくかん lecher
こうこつかん man of principle
こっかん Japanese and Chinese literature
すいかん drunkard; drunken fellow
たいしょくかん great eater; glutton
たんかん single kanji
ちかん masher; molester; pervert
ちんぷんかん babble; gibberish
てんかん Milky Way
とんちんかん absurdity; contradiction
ねっけつかん hot-blood man
ひれつかん mean bastard; sneak; heel; despicable person
ふとくかん crook; swindler
ぼうかん hoodlum; ruffian
ぶらいかん ruffian; villain; scoundrel
ぼくせきかん unfeeling or callous person
もんがいかん outsider; layman; amateur
らかん arhat; Lohan; achiever of Nirvana
れいけつかん cold-blooded person; heartless; coldhearted person
わかん Japanese-Chinese; Japan and China