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  • on reading:
  • カイ   ケイ
  • kun reading:
  • ける   け   かる   かり   かかり
  • meaning(s):
  • hang, suspend, depend, arrive at, tax, pour
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


かり かかり expense
かり かかりあい involvement
かり かかりあう to have dealings with; to be involved in
かり かかりゆ fresh bathwater to pour over oneself
かりけの かかりつけのいしゃ family physician (doctor)
かる かかる to take (e.g. time, money, etc); to hang
かけ credit
けうどん かけうどん noodles in broth
ける かける 1. to wear; to put on; to hang; to begin to; to cover; to multiply; to turn on (a switch); to play (a record); to pour (water); 2. to sit down; 3. to make a phone call
かけちがう to cross paths; to conflict
かけひき bargaining
け蒲 かけぶとん quilt; comforter
かけかんばん hanging sign
かけはし 1. suspension bridge; viaduct; temporary bridge; 2. mediation; go-between
け蕎 かけそば buckwheat noodles in hot broth
かけえり protective collar on kimono or bed clothes
かけがね latch
かけきん installment; premium; bill
かけあい negotiations
かけあいまんざい rapid-fire comic dialogue
かけあう to negotiate with; to talk over with
わす かけあわす to multiply; to cross breed
わせる かけあわせる to negotiate; to multiply; to cross breed
かけふだ sign; placard
かけざん multiplication
かけざんき multiplier (spoken)
かけがみ wrapping paper
かけことば pun
かけじ hanging scroll
かけもち holding two or more positions concurrently
かけどけい wall clock
かけじく hanging scroll
かけずて failing to honor an installment payment
かけとり bill collection or collector
かけじる gravy; dressing
かけごや temporary theater; lean-to
かけごこち feel of a chair
かけず wall map or chart
かけごえ yell; shout
かけはぎ invisible mending (of clothes)
かけがえ replacement
えのない かけがえのない thing with no substitute; money can't buy
える かけかえる to replace; to substitute
かけね inflated price; exaggeration
かけわたす to build (a bridge) over a river
かけだおれ loss on a credit sale
かけがい credit purchase
かけうり selling on credit
かけうりだいきん credit account
かけぶとん bed cover; coverlet
かけもの hanging scroll; quilt
かけめ weight
かけや mallet
れる かけはなれる to be very far apart from; to be remote; to be quite different from
け饂飩 かけうどん noodles in broth
かかりのひと official in charge; person in charge
かけきん installment; premium; bill
かけざん multiplication
かけじく hanging scroll
かけごえ yell; shout
かかりちょう chief clerk
かけぶとん bed cover; coverlet
れる かけはなれる to be very far apart from; to be remote; to be quite different from
けいりゅう music suspension
こしかけ seat; bench
しかけ device; trick; mechanism; gadget; (small) scale; half finished; commencement; set up; challenge
でがけ about to start out
しゅっさつがかり ticket agent
きっかけ chance; start; cue; excuse; motive; impetus; occasion
いれかく called off
はっかけ inside cloth used around cuff and hem
ひじかけ armrest; elbow rest