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  • on reading:
  • ガク   ラク   ゴウ
  • kun reading:
  • たのしい   たのしむ   この
  • meaning(s):
  • music, comfort, ease
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あいらく grief and pleasure
あいぎょう loving
あんらく ease; comfort; carefree; cosy
いつらく pleasure
いんしょうしゅぎおんがく musical impressionism
うほうこまがく old Japanese court music from the Nara period
えいがおんがく film music
えつらく enjoyment; pleasure
えてんらく Etenraku (Japanese court music composition)
おんがく music; musical movement
ががく old Japanese court music
かいらく pleasure
けらく pleasure
はいかぐら raising a cloud of ashes
ばいごま shell top
らく comfort; ease
しい たのしい enjoyable; fun
しい たのしいおもいで happy (sweet) memory
しげ たのしげ happy; cheerful; pleasant
しみ たのしみ enjoyment; pleasure
しみにする たのしみにする to look forward to something
しむ たのしむ to enjoy oneself
しめる たのしめる to be able to enjoy
らす らくにくらす to live in comfort
がくいん bandsman
らくいんきょ comfortable retirement
らくえん pleasure garden; paradise
がくや dressing room; green room; backstage
がくやおち shoptalk; matters incomprehensible to outsiders
がくやばなし inside story; confidential talk
がくおん musical note
がっかい musical world
らくらく comfortably; easily
らっかん optimism
らっかんしゅぎ optimism
らっかんてき optimistic; hopeful
らっかんろん optimism
がっき musical instrument
がっきえんそうしゃ (musical) instrumentalist
がっきてん store selling musical instruments
がっきょく musical composition; tune
がくげき musical play; opera
がくさい talent for music
がくし musician; bandsman
がくし master musician
らくがき graffiti
らくしょう easy victory
がくしょう celebrated musician
らくやき hand-moulded pottery; raku pottery
がくしょう (musical) movement
らくね comfortable rest or sleep
がくじん musician (esp. Gagaku)
がくせい celebrated musician
がくせつ musical passage or section
がくそう melodic subject; theme
がくたい band; orchestra
がくだん orchestra; band
がくだん musical world
調 がくちょう musical tone
がくちょう bandmaster; conductor
がくてん compositional rules; musical grammar
らくてん optimism
らくてんか optimist; easy going person
らくてんしゅぎ optimism
らくてんしゅぎしゃ optimist
らくてんてき optimistic
らくど paradise
がくふ score (music)
がくふをよむ to read music
がくふだい music stand
がくりつ metre or rhythm in Chinese and Japanese tradional music
かんらく pleasure; merriment
かんげんがく orchestral music
かんげんがく orchestral music
ぎがく ancient music
きどあいらく human emotions (joy, anger, pathos, and humor)
きがく instrumental music
きらく at ease; comfortable
きゅうていおんがく court music
きょうらく enjoyment; pleasure
きょうかいおんがく church music
きょくごま top; spinning tricks
ごくらく paradise
きんだいおんがく modern music; contemporary music
くらく pleasure and pain; joys and sorrows
ぐんがく military music
けいおんがく light music
げんがく music for strings
げんがく string music
こがく ancient (early) music
こてんおんがく classical music
ごらく pleasure; amusement
こうきょうがく symphony (orchestra)
こうらく outing; picnic; excursion; pleasure trip
こまがく old Japanese court music from the Nara period
しつないがく chamber music
偲ぶ しのぶおんがく memorial concert
おんなどうらく women's indulgences
しょうらく Cakrasamvara; Samvara; Supreme Bliss (tantric Buddhist deity)
くいどうらく gourmand; epicure
しょくどうらく gourmand; epicure
かぐら ancient Shinto music and dancing
すいそうがく wind (instrument) music
せいがく vocal music
せんしゅうらく concluding festivities; final day of a sumo tournament; concluding program
そうがく musical performance
ぞくがく worldly music
たいへいらく happy-go-lucky
きどうらく having a weakness for fine clothes
でんがく 1. ritual music and dancing in shrines and temples; 2. bean curd baked and coated with miso
でんしおんがく electronic music
どうらく hobby; pastime; dissipation; dissipated
こま a top
のうがく Noh play
はくらく cattle or horse trader; good judge of horses or cattle
ばくろう cattle or horse trader; good judge of horses or cattle
くだらがく music in the Korean court
ひょうだいおんがく program music
ぶがく court dance and music
ぶんらく Japanese puppet theatre; Bunraku
ほうらく pleasures of a pious life
ほうがく (traditional) Japanese music
まんがく manzai accompanied by music
みんぞくおんがく folk music
みんぞくおんがく ethnic music
ゆらく pleasure
ゆうらく amusement
ようがく western (non-Japanese) music
さとかぐら kagura performance held somewhere other than a palace
れいがく etiquette and music
わがく Japanese music
わらく peace and harmony
いつらく pleasure
かいらく enjoying oneself with others

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