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  • カク   コウ   キャク   ゴウ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • status, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar)
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メーカー メーカーきぼうかかく manuf. recommended price
おろしうりかかく wholesale price
かかく price; value; cost
かかく family status
かかく poetry style; poetry rules
かく status; character; case
がる かくがあがる to be promoted to a higher rank
かくをまもる to observe the rules
げる かくをあげる to raise the standard
かくやす cheap; reasonable
かくさげ demotion; downgrading
かくがい nonstandard; extraordinary; special
かくげん aphorism
かっこう shape; form; posture; suitability; moderateness (in price); appearance; manner
いい かっこいい attractive; good-looking; stylish; "cool"
いい かっこういい attractive; good-looking; stylish; "cool"
のいい かっこうのいい attractive; good-looking; stylish; "cool"
かっこうのわるい unattractive; ugly; unstylish; "uncool"
かっこうわるい unattractive; ugly; unstylish; "uncool"
かくさ qualitative difference; disparity
こうし lattice
こうしど lattice door
こうしじま check(ed) pattern; plaid
こうしまど latticed window
こうしづくり latticework
こうしてん lattice point
こうしめん lattice plane
かくしき social status
かくしきばる to adhere to formalities
かくあげ status elevation
かくだん special; exceptional; remarkable
かくだんのそうい marked difference
調 かくちょう noble; dignified
ごうてんじょう coffered ceiling
かくとう hand-to-hand fighting; grappling
かくとうぎ sports or disciplines which involve fighting without weapons
かくとうせんぶたい shock troops
かくのう storage; housing for equipment and machines; putting into computer memory
かくのうこ (aircraft) hangar
かくずけ rating; classification; allocation; grading
かくづけ rating; classification; allocation; grading
かくぶつちち gaining a perfect knowledge of natural laws
かくべつ exceptional
かくへんか change of case
かくりろん case theory
わりびきかかく reduced price
きぼうかかく asking price
きかく standard; norm
きょうそうかかく competitive price
きんこうかかく equilibrium price
けっかく rejection; disqualification
げんかく severe; rigid; strictness; rigor; austerity
こかく convention; usage; old customs; old etiquette
ごかく usage; rules of grammar
こうじかかく declared value
こうていかかく ceiling or fixed price
こうぎょうきかく industrial standard; engineering standard
こうにんきゃく Ordinance of the Konin Era
こうかく demotion
ごうかく success; passing (e.g. exam); eligibility
こくさいきかく international standard
こっかく physique; build; frame
さていかかく assessed value (price)
さいはんかかく resale price
さいこうかかく highest price; price ceiling
しじょうかかく market price or value
しかく qualifications; requirements; capabilities
じかく status of a Buddhist temple
わる しぜんにそなわるじんかく one's natural dignity
しっかく disqualification; elimination; incapacity (legal)
じっせいかかく market price
しゅかく nominative case
じゅけんしかく qualifications of candidacy for an examination
しょゆうかく possessive case
しょうかく raising of status
しょうひしゃかかく consumer's price
しんかく divinity
じんかく personality; character; individuality
せいかく character; personality
せいかく correct rules
せいさんしゃかかく producer price
ぜいべつかかく price without tax included
ぜんじんかく one's whole personality
ぞっかく genitive case
たじゅうじんかく multiple character
たいかく physique; constitution
たいかく accusative case
だいひょうかく representative
だっかく ablative
ちょうていかかく ultra low cost
ちんたいかかく rental value
ていかかく low price
ていしかかく pegged price
ていかく rated value (engineering)
まった しまったたいかく firm build; well-knit frame
てきかく eligible; qualified; competent
てっかく eligible; qualified; competent
てきせいかかく fair or reasonable price
どうかく the same rank; equality; apposition
とどけでかかく reported price
にじゅうじんかく double personality
にほんこうぎょうきかく Japan Industrial Standards (JIS)
にほんのうりんきかく Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS)
にゅうさつかかく bidding price; price tendered
はかく extraordinary; special
はんかく en quad
はんばいかかく selling price
ひせんきょしかく electoral eligibility
ひっすかく indispensable case
ひょうじゅんかかく standard price
ひんかく dignity
ひんかく objective case
ふごうかく (examination) failure; rejection; disqualification
ふてきかく disqualification; unfitness
ふてっかく disqualification; unfitness
ふうかく personality; style; appearance
べっかく special; extraordinary
へんかく irregularity; irregular conjugation
ほんかく propriety; fundamental rules
まったんかかく retail or street price
むしかく unqualified; unlicensed; uncertified
めいしのかく case of a noun
もくてきかく objective case