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  • on reading:
  • レイ   ライ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration
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おれい thanking; expression of gratitude
あんしゅれい (Protestant) laying on of hands; ordination
いちれい a bow (salute, greeting)
えいよれい salute of guards of honor
かいれい going from door to door greeting relatives and friends
かつれい circumcision
ぎれい etiquette; courtesy
きょれい empty (useless) formalities
ぐんれい military honors
けいれい salute
けつれい failure to pay one's compliments; omission of courtesy
けんしんれい (the Christian sacrament of) confirmation
おれい thanking; expression of gratitude
こうれい heartfelt thanks
こんれい marriage ceremony; wedding
ざれい bowing while sitting
さいしんれい rebaptism by immersion
さいせんれい baptism by sprinkling
さいけいれい a respectful bow
さいれい (religious) festival
さんこのれい special confidence (in someone)
しつれい discourtesy; impoliteness; Excuse me; Goodbye
しゃれい reward; honorarium
じゅんれい pilgrimage
じゅんれい pilgrimage
しんれい baptism by immersion
せいちじゅんれい pilgrimage
せんれい baptism
そうれい funeral
たいれい imperial or state ceremony
ちゅうれい afternoon assembly (at a company, etc.)
ちょうれい morning assembly (company); pep talk
つうかぎれい rite of passage
てんれい ceremony; etiquette; courtesy; (Catholic) liturgy
とうげんれい ceremonial assembling of a ship's crew on deck
とうれい sword salute
とうれい return call or visit; return salute
ねんれい New Year's greetings
はいれい worship
はんぶんじょくれい red-tapism
ひれい impoliteness
へんれい returning a favor; revenge
ぶれい impolite; rude
もくれい silent bow
もくれい nodding; greeting (with eyes)
やくれい medical fee
りったいしれい ceremonial of instituting the Crown Prince
れい expression of gratitude
れいをいう to thank
れいまわり making the rounds to express thanks
れいがく etiquette and music
れいぎ manners; courtesy; etiquette
れいぎさほう etiquette; courtesy
しい れいぎただしい polite (person)
れいきん finder's fee; reward; honorarium; "key money"
れいぐう courteous reception; honorable treatment
れいまいり thanksgiving visit to a shrine
らいさん praise; worship; adoration; glorification
らいさん praise; worship; adoration; glorification
れいしき etiquette; manners
れいじょう acknowledgment; letter of thanks
れいせつ decorum; propriety; politeness
れいそう formal dress
れいてん etiquette; ritual
らいはい adoration; worship; divine service
れいはい adoration; worship; divine service
れいはいどう place of worship
れいふく ceremonial dress
れいもつ gift
れいほう etiquette; courtesy; manners
れいほう salute (gun)
れいぼう ceremonial hat
ごうがんぶれい arrogance
ごうまんぶれい (arrogance and) insolence
慇懃 いんぎんぶれい hypocritical courtesy; superficially polite but rude in intent
じょくれい bothersome formalities