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  • on reading:
  • レイ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • orders, ancient laws, command, decree
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あくれい bad decree
いれい authority
いれい violation of law
たとい example; even if; if; though; although
たとえ example; even if; if; though; although
かれい steward; butler
かいげんれい martial law
がいこうじれい diplomatic language
きんれい prohibition; ban; embargo
くんれい directive; instructions
ぐんれい military command
けんれい prefectural ordinance
ぎょうせいめいれい administrative or executive order
こうどうめいれい operation order
ごうれい order; command
さくせんめいれい operation order
しれい command; control; commander
しれい orders; instructions; directive
しじょうめいれい categorical imperative; overriding necessity
じれい notice of personnel change (appointment, dismissal, etc)
しゃこうじれい a polite or diplomatic way of putting things
しゅうれい week-old
しゅっとうめいれい (issuing) order requiring somebody to report personally (to a police station); subpoena
しゅつどうめいれい marching orders; sailing orders
じゅんびめいれい warning order
しょうしゅうれい mustering-out order; callup
しょうれい ministerial ordinance
しょうれい imperial edict
からの うえからのめいれい order from above
じょうれい regulation; ordinance
せいれい regulations
せいれい government ordinance; cabinet order
ちょうはつれい requisition order
ちょくれい (imperial) edict
でんれい messenger; orderly; runner
どういんれい mobilization order
ねんれい age; years
はつれい official announcement; proclamation
ふれい official announcement; proclamation
ふくしれい deputy commander
ほうれい laws and ordinances
みつれい secret orders
めいれい order; command; decree; directive; (software) instruction
よれい preparatory command
りつりょう a statute; a law; legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras based on Chinese models
りつれい a statute; a law; legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras based on Chinese models
りゃくしきめいれい summary order
れい command; order; dictation
しむ old causative verbal ending
れいけい your elder brother
れいし your (his) heir
れいし your elder sister
りょうじ prince's message; command of a prince
れいし prince's message; command of a prince
れいしつ your wife
れいじょう (your) daughter; young woman
れいじょう warrant; summons; written order
れいしょく servile looks
れいそく your son
れいそん your grandchild
れいてい your younger brother
れいどう home; mother
れいふじん Mrs.; Lady; Madam; your wife
れいぶん good reputation; fame
れいぼう good reputation
れいまい your younger sister
婿 れいせい your son-in-law
れいじょう your daughter; young lady
れいめい good reputation; fame
れいてつ your niece
れいけい your wife; his wife; Mrs.
かんこうれい gag law