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  • on reading:
  • リョク   リキ   リイ
  • kun reading:
  • ちから
  • meaning(s):
  • power, strong, strain, bear up, exert
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ごきょうりょく cooperation; collaboration
キー キーにゅうりょく key (input)
あくりょく grip (of hand)
あつみつこうふくおうりょく consolidation yield stress
あつりょく stress; pressure
いりょく power; might; authority; influence
いりょく power; might; authority; influence
いりょく will; will power
いんりょく gravity
うんどうりょく impetus
えいきょうりょく clout
えんしんりょく centrifugal force
おうようりょく application
おうりょく stress
おんりょく strength of the voice
かかくあつりょく price pressure
かていないぼうりょく household violence
かしょうりょく one's skill as a singer
かりょく heating power; steam power
かいぞうりょく resolving power (of a lens)
かいふくりょく resilience
かいりき superhuman strength
がいりょく external force
かくぼうえいりょく nuclear defenses
かくよくしりょく nuclear deterrent force
かくりょく nuclear force
すもう sumo wrestling
がくしゅうのうりょく learning ability
がくりょく scholarship; knowledge; literary ability
かつどうりょく energy; vitality
かつりょく vitality; energy
かんとみんのきょうりょく cooperation between the private and public sectors
かんさつりょく powers of observation
がんりき insight; power of observation
がんりき the power of prayer (in Buddhism)
きどうりょく mobility
きりょく willpower; energy; vitality
きおくりょく memory
きじりょく magnetomotive force
きでんりょく electromotive force
ぎじゅつきょうりょく technical cooperation
ぎじゅつりょく technological strength
きゃくりき walking ability
きゃくりょく walking ability
きゅうしゅうりょく absorbing power
きゅうしんりょく centripetal force
きょうそうりょく competitive power
きょうりょく cooperation; collaboration
きょうりょく cooperation; collaboration
きょうせいりょく compelling force; legal force
きょうりょく powerful; strong
ごうりき herculean strength; mountain carrier-guide
きょうせいしりょく corrected eyesight
ぎょうしゅうりょく cohesive power
ぎょうちゃくりょく adhesion
きょくりょく to the utmost; to the best of one's ability
きんりょく physical strength
こんごうりき superhuman (Herculean) strength
きんりょく monetary power
くうりい coolie
くどうりょく driving power
くうぐんりょく air power
くうそうりょく (power of) imagination
ぐうりょく couple (of forces)
ぐんじきょうりょく military cooperation
ぐんじりょく military force; military strength
けいざいきょうりょく economic cooperation
けいざいりょく economic strength
けいさつりょく police force
けつだんりょく decisive
けんりょく power; authority; influence
けんいんりょく pulling power
げんしりょく atomic energy
げんどうりょく motive power
げんゆうせいりょく effective strength; current strength
げんごのうりょく competence
ごきょうりょく cooperation; collaboration
ごがくのちから one's linguistic ability
ごがくりょく language ability
ごいりょく (the extent of) one's vocabulary
こうりょく the intensity or illuminating power of light
こうしょうばりき nominal horsepower
くりき merits (influence) of one's pious acts or religious practice
こうりき spiritual power resulting from Buddhist discipline
こうりょく effect; efficacy; validity; potency
くちづもう war of words
こうしんりょく centripetal force
こうそくりょく binding force
こうげきりょく offensive ability
くいしゅうめんまさつりょく pile shaft frictiion
こうぞくりょく cruising capacity
こうばいりょく buying power
ごうりき herculean strength; mountain carrier-guide
ごうせいりょく resultant force
ごうりき alms; assistance; contribution; Buddhist almsgiving
ごうりょく resultant force; co-operation; Herculean strength
こっかけんりょく power of the state
こくりょく national power
さいりょく ability; talent
ざいせいりょく economic power; economic strength
ざいりょく assets
さっきんりょく sterilizing or germicidal properties
しこうりょく ability to think
しどうりょく one's leadership (over the group); (lack) leadership qualities
しじりょく bearing capacity
しはいりょく controlling power
しりょく desperate effort
しりょく eyesight
しほんりょく capital strength (of an enterprise)
しりょく means; resources; wealth
じきゅうりょく stamina; tenacity
じぞくりょく durability
じりょく magnetism; magnetic force
しぜんりょく force(s) of nature
じりき by oneself; self-made
しきべつりょく discrimination; discernment
じくさおうりょく deviator stress
らなかった みのらなかったどりょく fruitless (resultless) efforts
じっこうりょく ability to get things done
じつりょく merit; efficiency; arms; force
ななめおうりょく oblique stress
しゃりき cartman
しゅおうりょく principal stress
しゅりょく main force; chief object
しゅうかんりょく cell capacity
しゅうようのうりょく capacity; accommodation
しゅうようりょく capacity; accommodation
しゅうちゅうりょく (powers of) concentration; ability to concentrate
じゅうにんりき the strength of ten
じゅうりょく gravity
しゅつりょく output (e.g. of dynamo)
じゅんのうりょく adaptability; capacity for adaptation
じょりょく assistance; support
しょうでんりょく conservation of electric power
しょうりょく labor saving
じんずうりき supernatural power
じんつうりき supernatural power
しんわりょく (chemical) affinity
じんりき human power; human strength; human effort; human agency
じんりょく human power; human strength; human effort; human agency
におうりき Herculean strength
じんりょく efforts; assistance
すいしんりょく propulsive power; driving force
すいりょく thrust; driving force; propulsion
すいへいおうりょく lateral stress
すいりょく hydraulic power
せいきゅうりょく (pitcher's) control
せいりょく influence; power; might; strength; potency; force; energy
せいじりょく political strength
せいかつりょく vitality; ability to earn a living
せいさんりょく productivity
せいめいりょく one's life force
せいしんりょく emotional strength; force of will
せいりょく energy; vigor; vitality
せきりょく repulsion; repulsive force
せきさいのうりょく carrying (loading) capacity (power)
せっちゃくりょく bond strength
せっとくりょく persuasive power
ぜったいけんりょく absolute authority or power (over someone or something)
せんたんしじりょく end bearing capacity
せんにんりき strength of a thousand men
せんとうりょく fighting strength
せんりょく war potential
んでいる ひそんでいるちから potentiality; latent power
せんざいのうりょく potential; latent faculties; potential capacities
せんせいりょく latent energy; potential
ぜんしんりょく driving power
ぜんせいりょく full force
ぜんそくりょく full speed
ぜんのうりょく full capacity; all one's ability
ぜんりょく all one's power; whole energy
そしきりょく organizational capability
そうさくりょく creative power; genius; creative originality
そうぞうりょく creative power
そうぞうりょく (power of) imagination
そうりょく total energy; all efforts
そくせんりょく ready fire power
そくりょく speed
たりき outside help; salvation by faith
だりょく inertia; momentum; force of habit
だりょく inertia
だりょく batting power
たいりょく physical strength
たいあつりょく capacity to resist pressure
たいかりょく fire resistant
たいきゅうりょく stamina
だいりき immense physical strength
だいさんせいりょく a third force
だつりょく exhaustion; draining of strength
たんりょく courage; nerve; grit
だんりょく elasticity; flexibility
ちてきのうりょく one's intellectual powers; one's mental faculties
ちりょく wisdom; intellectual power; mental capacity; brains
じりき one's own potential; real ability; ones own strength
ちりょく fertility
ちりょく intelligence; mental powers
ちくりょく animal power
ちゅうきょりかくせんりょく intermediate-range nuclear forces
ちゅういりょく attentiveness
ちょうりょく tension; tensile strength
ちょうりょく hearing ability
ちょうのうりょく ESP; psi; psychic ability
つうじょうせんりょく conventional (military) forces
つうりき mysterious power
そこぢから latent energy; reserve strength; potentiality
ていこうりょく (power of) resistance
でんりょく electric power
どりょく great effort; exertion; endeavour; effort
とうしゅりょく pitching strength (of a team)
とうじしゃのうりょく admissibility of a party (to a suit)
とうそつりょく leadership; generalship
とうりつりょく leadership; generalship
とうしりょく clairvoyant powers
どうりょく power; motive power; dynamic force
どうさつりょく insight; discernment
どくそうりょく creative powers
どくりょく one's own effort
どっかいりょく ability to read and understand
どくしょりょく reading ability
ないりょく internal stress
にゅうしゅつりょく input and output
にゅうりょく input
にんたいりょく fortitude
ねんりき will power; faith
ねんちゃくりょく adhesive power; viscosity
のうりょく ability; faculty
はかいりょく destructive power or energy or force
鹿 ばかぢから great physical power; animal strength
ばりき horse-power; h.p.
はいきんりょく strength of one's back
はくりょく force; intensity; appeal; strength
ばくはつりょく explosive power
はつげんりょく forcefulness of speech; influential voice
はんだんりょく judgment; discernment
はんせいふせいりょく antigovernment force(s)
はんぱつりょく repellent force; resiliency; elasticity
はんしょくりょく reproductive (procreative) power; fertility
ばんりょく brute force
ひはんりょく critical power (ability)
ひりき powerless
びりょく poor ability
ひつりょく strength of the brush stroke; power of the pen; ability to write
ひゃくにんりき tremendous strength
ひょうじゅんしゅつりょく stdout (computer)
ひょうじゅんにゅうりょく stdin (computer)
ひょうげんりょく power of expression; expressiveness; expressive power
ひょうめんちょうりょく surface tension
びょうしゃりょく power of description
ふかこうりょく act of God; irresistible force; inevitability
ふちゃくりょく adhesion
ふりょく wealth; resources
ふりょく buoyancy; floating power
ふちゃくりょく adhesion
ぶりょく armed might; military power; the sword; force
ふうりょく wind power
ふくげんりょく righting moment
ふくげんりょく stability
ぶつりき the power of Buddha
ぶんしかんりょく intermolecular forces
ぶんりょく component of force
へいりょく military force; force of arms; strength of an army
へいわきょうりょく peace collaboration
べいぐんへいりょく American military (force)
ほうようりょく tolerance
ほうりき power of Buddhism
ぼうりょく violence
まりょく magical power; charm
ばんゆういんりょく universal gravitation
まんりき vise; jack; capstan
みりょく charm; fascination; glamour
みんりょく national manpower
むきりょく lethargic; lassitude
むしりょく lacking funds
むじゅうりょく weightlessness; zero gravity
むのうりょく incompetence; inability; disability
むりょく powerlessness; helplessness; incompetent
くすりのちから efficacy of a drug
ゆそうりょく carrying power; transportation (carrying) capacity
ゆうりょく courage
ゆうりょく 1. influence; prominence; 2. potent
よりょく spare energy, time or money; remaining strength; reserve power; money to spare
よりき feudal era police rank
ようりょく dynamic lift; lifting power
ようかいりょく solubility; solvent power
りかいりょく (power of) understanding; comprehensive faculty
ちから force; strength; energy; might; power; agency; authority; influence; vigor; stress; emphasis; exertions; endeavors; efficacy; help; support; good offices; ability; faculty; capability; attainment; means; resources
りき strength
りょく strength; power
ない ちからない feeble
じる ちからにちからでおうじる to meet force with force
ちからのば field of force
りきむ to strain; to bear up; to exert one's strength; to swagger; to bluff; to boast
ちからをためす to try one's strength
くす ちからをつくす to exert oneself; to make efforts
ちからをいたす to render assistance; to make an effort
ちからをそそぐ to concentrate one's effort (on something)
れる ちからをいれる to put forth effort
んでせる りきんでみせる to show a bold front
ちからいっぱい with might and main
ちからいっぱいに with all one's strength
りきえい powerful swimming
りきえん enthusiastic performance
ちからがわ leather stirrup
りきがく mechanics; dynamics
りきがくてき mechanical
ちからかんけい power relationship
ばず ちからおよばず unable to accomplish
ちからくらべ contest of strength; trial of strength
ちからづよい reassuring; emboldened
ちからわざ heavy work
りっこう strenuous efforts; exertion
りょっこう strenuous efforts; exertion
わせ ちからあわせ test of strength
りきさく literary masterpiece
ちからしごと physical work
りきし Japanese (sumo) wrestler; strong man
ちからだめし trial of strength; quiz
ちからもち muscleman; strong man
ちからじまん boasting of one's strength
ちからよわい weak
りきしょっき power loom
ちからずく 1. by force; forcibly; with all one's might; 2. to recover one's strength; to recover one's spirit; to revive; to be refreshed; to be invigorated; to be encouraged
ちからづく 1. by force; forcibly; with all one's might; 2. to recover one's strength; to recover one's spirit; to revive; to be refreshed; to be invigorated; to be encouraged
くで ちからづくで by sheer strength
ける ちからづける to encourage (someone); to cheer (someone) up
ちからづくで by sheer strength
ちからみず water offered to sumo wrestlers just prior to a bout
ちからいし lifting stone
りきせつ insistence; (major) emphasis; stress
りきせん hard fighting
りきそう rowing hard
りきそう hard running
ちからあし strong legs
ちからおび abdominal-support belt
ちからぞえ help; assistance; service
りきてん leverage; emphasis; importance
りきとう powerful pitching
りきとう hard fight
りきどうてき dynamic
ちからまかせ with all one's strength
せに ちからまかせに with all one's might
ちからぬけ discouragement; disappointment
ちからくらべ contest of strength; trial of strength
ちからぶそく strong weakness; great insufficiency
ちからずく 1. by force; forcibly; with all one's might; 2. to recover one's strength; to recover one's spirit; to revive; to be refreshed; to be invigorated; to be encouraged
ちからづく 1. by force; forcibly; with all one's might; 2. to recover one's strength; to recover one's spirit; to revive; to be refreshed; to be invigorated; to be encouraged
ける ちからづける to encourage (someone); to cheer (someone) up
ちからまけ misdirection of one's strength
ちからまけ losing by being overmatched; losing by misusing one's powers
ちからない feeble
ちからなげ feebly; dejectedly
りきえき physical labor
ちからだのみ dependence
ちからおとし discouragement; disappointment; loss of energy; fatigue
とし ちからおとし discouragement; disappointment; loss of energy; fatigue
りきりょう ability; physical strength; capacity; tact
りきりょう talent; skill
ちからこぶ large biceps
瘤をれる ちからこぶをいれる to work earnestly
ろうどうりょく labor; manpower; working force
ろうりょく labour; effort; toil; trouble
ろうじんりょく grey (gray) power
わいりょく stress
わんりょく physical strength; brute strength; arm strength
せんしんりょく potential power