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  • on reading:
  • リョウ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • jurisdiction, dominion, territory, fief, reign
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うんどうりょう motor area
えいりょう British territory (possession)
おうりょう usurpation; embezzlement; misappropriation
がくしゅうしどうようりょう government course (curriculum) guidelines
かんりょう (person in) control
きゅうりょう old fief
こうきんおうりょう misappropriation of public funds
こうりょう duchy; dukedom; principality
こうりょう general plan; main points; summary
こうりょう collar; neck
さいりょう supervision; superintendence; management; supervisor
しどうようりょう government-approved curriculums; (educational) guidelines
じちりょう self-governing dominion
しゅりょう head; chief; boss; leader
しゅりょう head; chief; boss; leader
じゅりょう receipt (of letter); acknowledge
しょりょう territory
しんぶんりんりこうりょう Japan's press code (developed in 1946)
せいたいはいりょう the Eucharist; Holy Communion
せんりょう occupation; capture; possession; have a room to oneself
ぜんだいとうりょう former president
そうかんりょう (hist.) governor-general
そうりょう government; administration (fief)
そうりょう eldest child
ぞくりょう possession; dependency; territory; dominion
たりょう another fief
だいとうりょう president; chief executive
てんりょう imperial fief; shogunate control
とうりょう chief; leader
とうりょう head; chief; boss
にほんりょう Japanese territory
はいりょう receiving (from a superior); bestowed
ふとくようりょう vague; ambiguous; noncommittal
ふくだいとうりょう vice president (of a country)
ふつりょう French possession; French territory
ほごりょう protectorate
ほしょうせんりょう protective occupation (of a country)
ほんりょう characteristic; speciality; duty; proper function; original fief
ようりょう point; gist; essentials; outline
りょういき area; domain; territory; field; region; regime
りょうかい understanding; consent; agreement
りょうかい understanding; consent; agreement
りょうかい territorial waters
りょうかいせん territorial limits
りょうくう territorial airspace
りょうごく territory; fiefdom; feudal domain
りょうじ consul
りょうじかん consulate
りょうしゅ feudal lord
りょうしゅう receipt; voucher
りょうしゅうしょ receipt
りょうしゅうしょのひかえ counterfoil of a receipt
りょうしゅうしょう receipt
りょうしょう acknowledgement; understanding; noting
りょうすい territorial waters
りょうしゅう leader; chief; boss
りょうち territory; dominion
りょうど dominion; territory; possession
りょうどをさく to cede a territory
りょうどほぜん maintenance of territorial integrity
りょうない (within a) territory; domains
りょうふ area distribution
りょうぶん territory; domain; dominion; possession; sphere of action
りょうみん population of a fief
りょうゆう possession