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  • on reading:
  • ラン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • perusal, see
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ごらん look; inspection; try
いちらん at a glance; a look; a glance; a summary; (school) catalog
えいらん the emperor's personal inspection
えつらん inspection; reading
かいらん circulation
かいらん circulation; sending round
かんらん viewing
きらん your (visual) observation (respectful)
きょうらん display; show
ごらん look; inspection; try
こうらん (your) perusal
しゃくらん borrowing and reading
しゅうらん grasping; winning over
しゅうらん looking all around
じゅうらん inspection
じゅくらん careful inspection; scrutiny
じゅんらん a tour
しょうらん seeing clearly
しょうらん your inspection (humble)
じょうらん imperial inspection
そうらん superintendence; control
そうらん comprehensive bibliography; general survey
たいらん inspection by the empress or the crown prince
じきらん respectfully looking at (something)
つうらん looking over; glancing through
てんらん imperial inspection
てんらん exhibition; show
ないらん private audience
はくらん extensive reading; wide knowledge
便 びんらん handbook; manual; compendium
便 べんらん handbook; manual; compendium
ゆうらん sightseeing
ようらん outline; summary; survey; handbook
れきらん looking around