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  • on reading:
  • ヨウ
  • kun reading:
  • れる
  • meaning(s):
  • contain, form, looks
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いよう dignity; majestic appearance
いよう dignity; majestic appearance
いみないよう semantic content (of a term); meaning (of a sentence)
えんよう charming look; fascinating figure
おんよう kindly face
おんよう visage; voice and countenance
かよう comely face
かいよう forgiveness
かんよう forbearance; tolerance; generosity
ぎよう bearing; manners
きょよう permission; pardon
きょうせいしゅうよう enforced relocation
ぐんよう military accouterments; troop formation
けいよう form; figure; qualification; description; modifying; figure of speech
げんよう stern expression
さんよう in the shape or form of a mountain
じゅよう reception
しゅうよう accommodation; reception; seating; housing; custody; admission; entering (in a dictionary)
しょうよう calm; composure
じんよう battle array
せいよう straighten one's posture
ぜんよう full portrait; whole aspect; full story
そんよう your countenance
ないよう subject; contents; matter; substance; detail; import
にんよう acknowledgement
ひきょよう not enabled; not permitted
びよう beauty of figure or form
ふかんよう intolerance
へんよう changed appearance
ほうよう implication; toleration; magnanimity; comprehension
めんよう looks, features
ようをあらたむ to change one's appearance
ようい easy; simple; plain
たやすい easy; simple; light
ようがん features; looks
ようき container; vessel
ようぎ behavior; deportment
ようぎ suspect; charge
ようぎしゃ suspect (person)
ようきょう pro-communist
姿 ようし appearance; figure
姿 ようしたんれい attractive face and figure
ようしゃ pardon; forgiveness; mercy
ようしょく looks; features; beauty
ようせき capacity; volume
ようせきひ volume ratio
ようせきりつ floor space index; ratio of building size to lot
ようたい condition (usually animate)
ようだい condition (usually animate)
ようだいぶる to put on airs
ようたい condition (usually animate)
ようだい condition (usually animate)
ようにん approval
いれもの container
ようぼう looks; personal appearance; features
ようりょう capacity; electrical capacitance
りよう barbering; haircutting; hairdressing
れいよう beautiful shape or form