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  • on reading:
  • ヨ   シャ
  • kun reading:
  • あらかじ
  • meaning(s):
  • beforehand, previous, myself, I
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きそゆうよ suspension of indictment; leaving charge on the file
しっこうゆうよ stay of execution; suspended sentence
ふよ indisposition; emperor's illness; unhappiness
ゆうよ postponement; deferment
かねがね often; lately; already
かねて previously; already; lately
あらかじめ beforehand; in advance; previously
てる あらかじめけいかくをたてる to plan ahead
あらかじめようい advance preparation
よか probable (predetermined) price; expected price
よか preparatory course; preparatory department
よかせい preparatory-department student
よかく hunch; foreboding; premonition
よかん presentiment; premonition
よき expectation; assume will happen; forecast
よけん foresight; foreknowledge; divination
かねごと prediction; promise; prognostication
よげん prediction; promise; prognostication
よげんしゃ prophet; predictor; prognosticator
よご prognosis; aftereffects; recuperation; convalescence
稿 よこう preliminary draft
よこう rehearsal
よこうえんしゅう dry run; rehearsal
よこく advance notice; previous note; preliminary announcement
よこくへん preview
よこくへん (film, movie) preview
よさつ (rare) guessing beforehand; conjecture in advance
よさん estimate; budget
よさんをけずる to curtail a budget
よさんあん draft budget
よさんがい outside the budget
よさんじょう budgetary
よさんそち budgetary provision
よさんふそく budget deficit
よじ showing signs of; foreshadow
よしゅう preparation for a lesson
よしん preliminary examination; pretrial hearing
よしんてい court of first instance
よしん preliminary tremor
よせん nomination; primary; preliminary contest
よせんかい primary caucus
よせんつうかしゃ qualifier
よそう expectation; anticipation; prediction; forecast
よそうや crystal gazer; dopester
よそうがい unexpected; unforeseen; strange
よそうだか estimate
よそうしゅうかくだか crop estimate
よそうどおり as expected
よそうりえき estimated profits
よそく prediction; estimation
よだん guessing; prediction; conclusion
よち foresight; foreknowledge; intimation; premonition; prediction
よちむ foresight dream
よてい plans; arrangement; schedule; program; expectation; estimate
から よていからはずす to exclude from the schedule
える よていをかえる to change the schedule
よていあん program; prospectus
よていきげん target date
よていきじつ prearranged date
よていせつ predestination
調 よていちょうわ preestablished harmony
よていどおり as planned
よていび scheduled date; expected date
よていのうぜい prepayment of income taxes
よていひょう schedule; program; itinerary
よのう advance payment
よび preparation; preliminaries; reserve; spare
よびいん reserve men
よびうんどう limbering up
よびか preparatory course
よびかいぎ preliminary conference
よびかいだん preliminary discussion
よびかんたい reserve fleet
よびきょうやく preliminary agreement
よびきん reserve fund; emergency fund
よびぐん reserve army; reserve troops
よびこうしょう preliminary negotiations
よびこうさく spade work; preliminaries
よびこう prep school (ronin year)
よびざせき rumble seat
よびしかんがっこう reserve officers' cadet school
よびしけん preliminary examination
よびしつ spare room
よびしょうこう reserve officers
よびせんきょ preliminary election; a primary (election)
よびせんしゅ reserve player
よびそうち reserve equipment; backup unit; spare
よびたい reserve corps
よびちしき background knowledge; prerequisite knowledge
調 よびちょうさ preliminary investigation
よびてき preliminary; preparatory
よびば spare horse
よびはんじ supernumerary judge
よびひ reserve funds; emergency funds
よびいかり spare anchor
よびひん spares; reserve supply
よびぶひん spare parts
よびへい reservist
よびえき service in the first reserve
よひょう prefiguring; foreshadowing
よほう forecast; prediction
よほうおん telephone time-warning sound
よぼう premeditation; aforethought
よぼう prevention; precaution; protection against
よぼういがく preventive medicine; prophylactic
よぼうさく precautionary measures
よぼうせっしゅ immunization; vaccination
よぼうせんそう preventive war
よぼうせん guard (against attack)
よぼうちゅうしゃ immunization; shots; inoculation; preventive injection
よぼうほう precautionary measures
よぼうやく prophylactic medicine
よやく reservation; contract; subscription; booking; pledge; advance order
よやくきん a deposit
よやくがかり reservation desk (of an airline)
よやくご reserved word
よやくずみ reserved; engaged
よやくしゃ subscriber
よやくしゅっぱん publication after securing subscriptions
よやくせい on) a subscription basis
よやくせき reserved seat
簿 よやくめいぼ subscription list
かねがね often; lately; already
よれい preparatory command
よれい first bell
よさんほんせん Yosan Main Line (Ehime-Kagawa Railway)
よせんかい farewell party for graduates (held prior to graduation)
よせんかい farewell meeting; send-off