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  • on reading:
  • ユ   ユウ   ユイ
  • kun reading:
  • よし   
  • meaning(s):
  • wherefore, a reason
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いんゆ cause
けいゆ go by the way; via
けっしゃのじゆう freedom to assemble
げんゆう reason; cause
そうろうよし I hear that...
こうそりゆう grounds for an appeal
のような ひだりのようなりゆう the reason(s) is (are) as follows
じゆう reason; cause
じゆう freedom; liberty; as it pleases you
しゅっぱんのじゆう freedom of the press
おんなにふじゆう a guy who never gets the women; nerd
しんきょうのじゆう religious liberty
せいのじゆう sexual freedom
ぜんきんてきじゆう asymptotic freedom (physics)
そんざいりゆう reason for being; raison d'etre
きの おもてむきのりゆう ostensible (surface) reason
ふじゆう discomfort; disability; inconvenience; destitution
よし reason; significance; cause
々しい ゆゆしい grave; serious; alarming
ゆえん acquaintance; relation; affinity; reason
ゆいしょ history; pedigree; lineage
よしなき meaningless; senseless; absurd
よしなしごと trivial thing; nonsense
よしある of rank; of noble birth
しい ゆゆしい grave; serious; alarming
ゆらい origin; source; history; derivation; reason; destiny
ねる ゆらいをたずねる to inquire into the origin
ゆらいしょ history; memoirs
らいゆ origin; cause
りゆう reason; pretext; motive