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  • on reading:
  • ユウ
  • kun reading:
  • いさ
  • meaning(s):
  • courage, cheer up, be in high spirits, bravery, heroism
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ぎゆう heroism; loyalty and courage
きょうゆう gallantry; chivalry
ごうゆう bravery; prowess
ごうゆう bravery; prowess
しょうゆう brute courage
しんゆう true courage; true heroism
たいゆう real courage
ちゆう wisdom and courage
ちゆう wisdom and courage
ちゅうゆう loyalty and bravery
ちんゆう composed courage
ばんゆう foolhardiness; recklessness; savage valour; brute courage
ひっぷのゆう rash courage
ぶゆう bravery; military prowess; valour
もうゆう valiant courage
ゆう bravery; courage; heroism
ましい いさましい brave; valiant; gallant; courageous
いさみあし overeagerness; rashness
いさみはだ gallantry
いさみたつ to cheer up; to be encouraged (by); to be in high spirits
いさむ to be in high spirits; to be encouraged; to be lively; to cheer up
ゆうをこす to screw up one's courage; to take heart
ゆうおう spirited advance; energetically going forward
ゆうおうまいしん dash and go; pushing forward
ゆうかん bravery; heroism; gallantry
ゆうき courage; bravery; valour; nerve; boldness
こす ゆうきをふるいおこす to muster up one's courage
ゆうきづけ have a burst of courage
ける ゆうきづける to encourage; to cheer
ゆうけつ decisiveness
ゆうけん sound health
ゆうし brave warrior; hero; brave man
姿 ゆうし gallant figure
ゆうしゃ hero; the brave; man of valour
ゆうしょう brave general; great soldier
ゆうしん dashing forward bravely
ゆうと ambitious undertaking
ゆうせん brave fight; desperate fight
ゆうそう heroic; heroism; bravery; majestic; soul-stirring
退 ゆうたい bowing out; retiring voluntarily
ゆうだん resolute decision
ゆうひ flying jump; great achievement
ゆうふ valiant man
ゆうふ heroine; brave woman
ゆうぶ bravery; valor; military prowess
ゆうめい fame; great renown
ゆうもう daring; bravery; valor
ゆうもうしん intrepid spirit
ゆうやく taking heart; being in high spirits
ゆうりょく courage
ゆうれつ bravery; valor; courage
ゆうまい heroic; courageous