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  • on reading:
  • ヤク   エキ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • duty, war, campaign, drafted labor, office, service, role
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パイプ パイプやく mediator
あくやく villain; baddie; the villain's part
いちやく an office; an important office
ひとやく a part to play
ひきたてやく a foil
よごれやく socially undesirable characters
したやく underling; subordinate official
かりやく temporary post
かやく temporary extra work
ひつけやく instigator; troublemaker
にえき handling cargo; loading and unloading
にやく handling cargo; loading and unloading
かえき distribution of assignments
かんさやく auditor; inspector
かおやく influential man; boss
きょうえき (math) conjugation
くえき hard toil
ぐんえき military service
ぐんやく military service
かねやく carrying on a second line of work
けんさやく inspector
げんえき active duty; active service
こうえき public service
さいふくえき re-enlistment; second imprisonment
ざいえき in prison; in the military
ざつえき chore; odd job
さんやく three highest ranks (wrestling, unions, etc)
使 しえき employing; using; setting to work; enslavement
こやく dramatic role for child; child actor
しなんやく instructor
じこきょうやく self adjoint (math)
しゅじんやく host; toastmaster
しゅやく leading part; leading actor (actress)
とりしまりやく company director; board member
もりやく a nurse or nanny; guardian
てやく hand of cards which scores as it is
しゅうえき prison labor
しゅうにゅうやく government treasurer
しゅうえき placed in commission; entering servitude
おもやく heavy responsibilities; director
じゅうやく director; high executive
はつやく first role
かきやく scribe; copyist
じょやく assistant official
にょうぼうやく assistant; right-hand man
うわやく superior; senior
じょうむとりしまりやく managing director
しんぱんやく umpire; referee
せわやく mediator; manager
西 せいなんのえき the Satsuma Rebellion
せんやく former post; former occupant of the post
せんむとりしまりやく (senior) managing director
せんえき war
あいてやく opposing role; partner
そうだんやく counselor; adviser
あいやく colleague
まれ にくまれやく thankless role; ungracious part
そばやく personal attendant
退 たいえき retiring from military service
かわりやく substitute actor; stand-in; double
だいひょうとりしまりやく representative director
だいやく important mission; heavy role; substitute actor; stand-in; double
たいやく important task or role or duty
はやく minor role
おとこやく male part or role
ちょうえき penal servitude; imprisonment with hard labor
かたきやく role of the villain; the bad guy
てきやく role of the villain; the bad guy
てきやく suitable post or role
纏め まとめやく mediator; peacemaker; troubleshooter; manager
たり あたりやく successful role
どうやく colleague
どくみやく taster for poison
どくみやく a taster (for poison)
なんやく difficult role
りゃんふぁんやく winning hand which redoubles the score
ふたやく double role
としよりやく senior's role
はいやく cast (of a play)
ぶえき slave labour; compulsory service; forced labor; exacted service
ぶやく slave labour; compulsory service; forced labor; exacted service
ふえき slave labour; compulsory service; forced labor; exacted service
ぶやく slave labour; compulsory service; forced labor; exacted service
ふくえき penal servitude; military service
ききやく listener's role
へいえき military service; conscription
かべやく catchers who warm up pitchers in the bullpen (baseball)
ほさやく minister (of religion)
わきやく supporting role (actor); minor role
むきちょうえき life imprisonment
めんえき release from office; military service, or prison
儲け もうけやく lucrative position
もうけやく lucrative position
えき war; campaign; battle
やく use; service; role; position
やくにつく to be appointed to a post; to assume office
ける やくにつける to place someone in a position
たない やくにたたない be of no avail; be useless
やくにたつ to be helpful; to be useful
やくをわりふる to assign a role to an actor
される やくをほされる to be deprived of one's role
める やくをつとめる to act (as); to hold an office; to play the part (of)
やくいん officer; official; executive; staff
やくいんかい board or officer's meeting
やくいんほうしゅう officer's compensation or remuneration
やくまわり role; part; (unpleasant) duty
やくわり part; role; duties
やくわり part; assigning (allotment of) parts; duty; role
やくぎ role; duty; responsibility
えきぎゅう work cow; work cattle
やくむき nature of one's position
やくしゃ actor; actress
やくしょ government office; public office
やくば town hall
やくしょく post; managerial position; official position
やくしょくてあて executive allowance
やくにん government official
やくにんこんじょう bureaucratism
やくにんかぜ (putting on the) airs of an official
やくそう priest in charge of a temple's clerical duties
やくがえ change of post
やくたく government housing for officials
えきちく beasts of burden
やくとく emoluments; perquisite
やくぶそく dissatisfaction with one's position
やくつき holding a position of responsibility
やくづき holding a position of responsibility
えきふ laborer
やくがら role
えきむ labor; service
えきむばいしょう reparation in the form of service
やくめい official title
やくめ duty; business
やくめがら by virtue of one's office; in the nature of one's duties
たず やくだたず useless
やくだつ to be useful; to be helpful; to serve the purpose
てる やくだてる to put to use; to make use of; to turn to account
やくりきし (member of one of) the top four ranks of sumo wrestlers
よびえき service in the first reserve
ようえき service
たちやく leading male role in kabuki
とめやく abitrator
りきえき physical labor
ろうえき work; labor; toil
ふけやく (theatrical) role of old person
わきやく supporting role (actor); minor role
嵌まり はまりやく well-suited role