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  • on reading:
  • モ   ボ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • imitation, copy, mock
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


きぼ scale; scope; plan; structure
こくさいきぼ international scale
しじょうきぼ market scale
しょうきぼ small scale
だいきぼ large-scale
ちきゅうきぼ global scale
ちゅうきぼ mid-range; mid-scale; mid-size
もぎ imitation
もぎしけん trial examination; sham examination
もぎせん sham battle
もぎてん refreshment booth
もけい model; dummy; maquette
もけいちず relief map
もけいひこうき model plane
もこ dimness; vagueness
もさく imitation (work)
もさく groping (for)
もし sham examination
もしきひょうほん type specimen
もしゃ copy (of the real thing); copying; reproduction; tracing
もぞう imitation; mimic
もぞうし imitation Japanese vellum
もぞうしゃ imitator
もぞうひん fake goods; imitations
もはん exemplar; exemplification; exemplum; model; example
もはんじあい exhibition match
もはんしゅう well-behaved (model) prisoner; trusty (trustee)
もはんせい model or exemplary student
もはんてき exemplary
もほう imitation; copying
もほうしゃ imitator
もほん copy of an original manuscript
もよう pattern; figure; design
もようがえ rearranging; remodeling