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  • かり   あかるい   あかるむ   あからむ   あきらか   ける   く   くる   かす
  • meaning(s):
  • bright, light
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いしきふめい unconscious; senseless
いんかんしょうめい certification of official registration of a seal
えいめい intelligent; wise; bright; brilliant; clear-sighted
かいめい elucidation; explication
かいめい civilization; enlightenment
かんめい terse; concise; simple and clear
かんせつしょうめい indirect lighting
きかいぶんめい technical civilization
きゅうめい investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts)
きゅうめい searching examination
きょうどうせいめい joint declaration
かたしきしょうめい (vehicle's) type certification
げつめい moonlight
けんめい wisdom; intelligence; prudence
げんいんふめい cause unknown
げんだいぶんめい modern civilization
げんめい declaration; statement; assertion
こだいぶんめい ancient civilization
こうみょう glory; hope; right future
こうめい fairness; justice
ゆくえふめい missing; unaccounted for
こくめい detailed; elaborate; faithfulness; diligence; conscientiousness
さんしすいめい scenic beauty
じめい obvious; self-evident; axiomatic; self-explanatory
しつめい loss of eyesight
しゃくめい explanation; vindication
しょうめい manifest; exhibiting clearly
たいまつ (pine) torch; flambeau; torchlight
しょうめい illumination
しょうめい proof; verification
しんはつめい new invention (discovery)
しんめい deity; God
すいめい light shimmering on water
ちょうめい clear and bright
せいめい pure and clear
せいめい declaration; statement; proclamation
西 せいおうぶんめい Western civilization
西 せいようぶんめい Western civilization
せつめい explanation; exposition
せんけんのめい foresight; anticipation
せんめい vivid; clear; distinct
そうめい wisdom; sagacity
ちょめい clarity
ちょくせつかんめい simple and plain; staightforward
ちょくせつしょうめい direct lighting
ちょくせつかんめい simple and plain; staightforward
てんちしんめい the gods of heaven and earth
てんめい dawn; daybreak
てんしゅつしょうめい change of address certificate
とうこうしょうめい floodlighting
とうみょう light offered to a god
とうめい transparency; cleanness
ないようしょうめい certification of contents
はいたつしょうめい delivery certificate
はくめい twilight; dusk; faint light
ばくだんせいめい bombshell announcement
はつめい invention
はんめい establishing; proving; identifying; confirming
はんとうめい semi-transparent; translucent
ひょうめい declaration; indication; manifestation; demonstration; expression; announcement
ふざいしょうめい alibi
ふせんめい blur
ふとうめい opacity
ふぶんめい obscure; vague
ふぶんめい indistinct; obscure
ふめい unknown; obscure; indistinct; uncertain; ambiguous; ignorant; lack of wisdom; anonymous; unidentified
ぶたいしょうめい stage lighting
ぶっしつぶんめい material civilization
ふんみょう clearness; clear understanding
ぶんみょう clearness; clear understanding
ぶんめい clearness; clear understanding
ぶんめい civilization; culture
へいめい clear; simple
べんめい explanation; excuse; vindication; apology
ほそくせつめい supplementary explanation
みめい early dawn; grey of morning
むみょう ignorance (of Buddhist teachings); darkness
あかあか brightly lit; lit up
しあさって two days after tomorrow
かす あかす to pass; spend; to reveal; to divulge
かり あかり lamplight; light (in general); brightness
かり あかりとり skylight; dormer; transom
かり あかりしょうじ paper screen door for admitting light
あき room; time to spare; emptiness; vacant
あきめくら illiterate or blind person; person who sees without understanding; amaurosis
あく to be open
くる あくる next; following
くる あくるひ next day; following day
あけ beginning; dawn; end; expiration
けの あけのみょうじょう Venus in the eastern morning sky
けましておめでとうございます あけましておめでとうございます Happy New Year
ける あける to dawn; to become daylight
あけのこる moon and stars remaining in the morning sky
める あけそめる to dawn
あけわたす to vacate; to surrender
あけわたる darkness giving way to the light of the morning
あけすけ honest; open; frank; outspoken
あけばん day off; off duty
あけはらう to open; to vacate
あけくれ morning and evening; all the time
れる あけはなれる darkness giving way to the light of the morning
あけがた dawn
あけむつ the sixth hour of the morning
らか あきらか obvious; evident; clear; plain
らかな あきらかなじじつ obvious fact
らかにする あきらかにする to make clear; to clarify; to disclose; to make public
らかになる あきらかになる to become clear
らむ あからむ to become luminous at dawn (esp. the sky)
あかり lamplight; light (in general); brightness
るい あかるい bright; cheerful
るい あかるいせいじ clean politics
るさ あかるさ brightness; luminance; cheerfulness
るみに あかるみにだす to make public; to bring to light
るむ あかるむ to brighten; to be refreshed
めいをうしなう to lose one's eyesight
めいあん light and darkness; light and shade
めいかい clear understanding
めいかい clarion; clarity
めいかく clear up; clarify; define
めいき clear writing; specification
めいきょう clear mirror
めいきょうしすい clear and serene (as a polished mirror and still water)
めいくん wise ruler
めいげつ bright moon; full moon; harvest moon
めいげん declaration; statement
あさって day after tomorrow
みょうごにち day after tomorrow
さらいねん the year after next
みょうごねん the year after next
めいさい details; obvious
めいさいしょ detailed statement
めいさいひょう itemized account
めいさつ discernment; penetration; insight; intellectual acumen
めいし clarity of vision
めいじ Meiji era
めいじいしん Meiji Restoration
めいじざ the Meijiza Theater
めいじじだい Meiji period (1868-1912)
めいじじんぐう Meiji Shrine
めいじてんのう Emperor Meiji
めいじ specification; explicitly state
めいしてき explicitly
めいじてき explicitly
めいしゅ wise ruler
みょうしゅん next spring
めいしょ first year of Meiji era
めいしょく bright (light) colour
めいちょう lucidity
みょうじょう morning star; Venus; Lucifer; (literary) star
めいせきしょく bright red
めいだい Meiji University
めいたつ wisdom
めいだん clear or definite judgement
めいちょう clarification
みょうちょう tomorrow morning
みんちょう Ming Dynasty; Ming-cho type(face)
みんちょうたい Ming-style typeface
めいてつ wisdom; sagacity; wise man
めいど brightness
めいとう definite answer
めいとく virtue
あした tomorrow
あす tomorrow
みょうにち tomorrow
はどうですか あしたはどうですか how about tomorrow
あしたば angelica
みょうねん next year
みょうねんど next (fiscal) year
あからさま obvious; overt; plainly; frankly
めいはく obvious; overt; plainly; frankly
めいはくなこと obvious fact
みょうばん tomorrow evening
めいび picturesque; beautiful
めいびん intelligence; discernment
めいぶん statement (e.g. law)
めいぶんか stipulate
あかあか brightly lit; lit up
しあさって two days after tomorrow
めいめいはくはく perfectly evident
めいめつ flickering; blinking
めいりょう lucid; clear; plain
めいりょう clarity
めいりょうど articulation
めいろう bright; clear; cheerful
めいび beautiful
めいせき clear
めいせきゆめ lucid dream (dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming)
めいぼう bright or beautiful eyes
めいぼうこうし starry eyes and beautiful white teeth (said of beautiful women)
ゆうめい semidarkness; deep and strange; hades; the present and the other world; dark and light
そうめい wisdom; sagacity
れいめい daybreak; dawn