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  • on reading:
  • メイ   ミョウ
  • kun reading:
  • いのち
  • meaning(s):
  • fate, command, decree, destiny, life, appoint
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あんしんりつめい spiritual peace; enlightenment
あんじんりょうめい spiritual peace; enlightenment
いめい will; dying instructions
いっしょけんめい very hard; with utmost effort; with all one's might; desperately; frantically; for dear life; all out effort
いっしょうけんめい very hard; with utmost effort; with all one's might
いちめい a life; a command
うんめい fate
えんめい 1. long life; longevity; 2. macrobiotics
おんめい gracious command or words
かめい order; command
かりのいのち this transient life
かじんはくめい beauty and luck seldom go together
かくめい revolution
かんめい official orders
たっといいのち precious life
きゅうめい lifesaving
くんめい the orders of one's ruler
けんめい eagerness; earnestness; risking one's life
げんめい strict order; peremptory command
こんめい kind words
さんぎょうかくめい the Industrial Revolution
使 しめい mission; errand; message
しみんかくめい people's or popular revolution
しめい fate; life or death
しつめい losing one's life; dying
しゃめい company orders
しゅめい ruler's orders; master's orders
寿 じゅみょう life span
じゅうがつかくめい the October Revolution
宿 しゅくめい fate; destiny; predestination
じょめい sparing a life; clemency; reconsidering a dismissal
しょうめい call; divine call
しょうひかくめい consumer or consumption revolution
しんめい one's life
じんこうせいめい artificial life
じんめい life
せいじぼうめい political exile
せいきょうとかくめい Puritan Revolution
せいめい life; existence
ぜったいぜつめい a desperate situation; be driven into a corner
ぜったいぜつめい desperate situation
ぜつめい end of life; death
ぞんめい being alive
そんめい your order
たいめい waiting for orders
たいめい imperial or royal command
たんめい short life
ちめい age 50
ちめい fatal
ちょうめい long life
ちょくめい imperial command
ていめい imperial order
てんめい God's will; karma; destiny; Heaven's decree; one's life
でんめい telegraphed instructions
とくめい mission
ないめい private or secret orders
にんめい appointment; nomination; ordination; commission; designation
はいめい receiving an official appointment
はくめい misfortune; short life; evil fate
はんかくめい counterrevolution
はんどうかくめい counterrevolution
ひめい unnatural or untimely death
ふくめい reporting; returning (ones finding to a person)
ぶんかだいかくめい (China's) Cultural Revolution (1966-76)
寿 へいきんじゅみょう life expectancy
へいきんよめい life expectancy
べつめい another or separate order
ぼうめい emigration; exile; flight from one's country; defection
ぼうりょくかくめい violent revolution
ほんめい wearing oneself out with work
ほんめい favorite; sure thing; likely winner; certainty
いのち (mortal) life
みこと lord; prince; words of a ruler
みょう command; decree; life; destiny
めい command; decree; life; destiny
じる めいじる to order; to command; to appoint
わる めいじおわる to finish giving orders
ずる めいずる to command; to appoint
めいにより under the orders of; by order (command)
いのちのつな the thread of life
より いのちよりなをたっとぶ to value honor above life
を賭ける いのちをかける to risk one's life
いのちをたもつ to preserve life
じる めいをほうじる to obey orders
めいうん fate; doom
けで いのちがけで at the risk of life
いのちがけ life and death; risking one's life; risky; desperate
けで いのちがけで at the risk of life
いのちごい begging for one's life; pleading for one's life
乞い いのちごい begging for one's life; pleading for one's life
いのちづな lifeline
めいこん life
いのちとり fatal
いのちびろい narrow escape from death
いのちからがら for dear life; barely escaping alive
いのちがらがら for dear life; barely escaping alive
いのちからがら for dear life; barely escaping alive
いのちがらがら for dear life; barely escaping alive
めいすう span of life; destiny
めいだい proposition; thesis
めいだいかんすう propositional (sentential) function
めいたんせきにせまる to be on the brink of death
らず いのちしらず recklessness; daredevil; long-lasting
めいちゅう a hit
めいちゅうすう number of hits
めいちゅうだん (direct) hit; straight shot
めいちゅうりつ accuracy rate
めいにち death anniversary
めいみゃく life; thread of life
いのちみょうが providential protection
めいめい naming; christening
めいめいしき christening (ceremony)
めいめいほう nomenclature
めいれい order; command; decree; directive; (software) instruction
える めいれいをつたえる to pass the word
めいれいいっか immediately; as soon as the order is given
めいれいけい imperative mood
めいれいしょ decree; directive
めいれいぶん imperative sentence
めいれいほう imperative mood
よめい remainder of one's life; one's remaining years
ようめい command; order; request
らくめい death
りつめい peace of mind
りゅうつうかくめい distribution revolution
つゆのいのち life as evanescent as the dew
ろめい transient life; ephemeral existence
ろくめい one's lot