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  • on reading:
  • ミ   ビ
  • kun reading:
  • いまだ   だ   ひつじ
  • meaning(s):
  • un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac, sign of the ram
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


かげんみ present and future; three temporal states of existence
ひつじ eighth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Ram, 1pm-3pm, south-southwest, June)
not yet
いまだ as yet; hitherto; not yet (neg)
まだ yet; still; more; besides
だし いまだし something to be desired
だに いまだに still; even now; until this very day
まだまだ still some way to go before goal; still more to come; much more; not yet
みかいけつ unsettled; pending; unresolved
みかいけつもんだい unresolved problem
みかいしんしゃ unconverted person
みかい savage land; backward region; uncivilized
みかいこん uncultivated
みかいこんち virgin soil; uncultivated land
みかいしゃかい a primitive society
みかいじん barbarian; savage; savage (primitive) people (race)
みかいたく undeveloped; wild (areas)
みかいたくち undeveloped area
みかいち savage (barbaric) land; backward region; undeveloped area
みかいはつ undeveloped (countries); backward; unentered
みかくてい unsettled; pending
みかくにんじょうほう unconfirmed information
みかくにんひこうぶったい unidentified flying object (UFO)
みかん unpublished
みかんこう unpublished
みかん incomplete; unfinished
みかんせい incompletion; incomplete; unfinished
みきかんしゃ unrepatriated person
みきにゅう blank (book)
みきょういく untrained
みけいか unexpired
みけいけん inexperience
みけいけんしゃ inexperienced person
みけつ pending; undecided
みけつかん detention prison
みけつこうりゅう detention pending trial
みけっさい outstanding (account)
みけっさん outstanding (account)
みけつしゅう unconvicted prisoner; prisoner under trial
みけってい undecided
みけん unacquainted; unknown
みこうひょう not yet officially announced
みこうち uncultivated land
みこん uncultivated; wild
みこんち uncultivated land
みこん unmarried
みこんしゃ unmarried person
みさい executory; unpaid
使 みしよう unused
みしゅう accrued; outstanding
みしゅうさい unlisted
みしゅうにゅうきん accounts receivable
みしゅうがくじどう preschool child
みじゅく inexperience; unripeness; raw; unskilled; immature; inexperienced
みじゅくじ premature baby
みじゅくもの green hand; novice
みしょち untreated
みしょぶん unsettled; unfinished; undivided (profits)
みしょうか unfulfilled (orders)
みしょう unknown; unidentified
みしんじゃ unbeliever; inquirer
みしん nonpayment of tribute
みすい attempt (at crime)
みすいざい attempted crime
みせい uncompleted; unfinished; crude
みせいねん minority; not of age
みせいねんしゃ minor; person not grown up
みせいひん unfinished goods
みせいり pending; incomplete
みせいひん unfinished article
みせいねん minority; not of age
みせつ uninstalled; projected
みぜん before it happens; previously
みぜんに before anything happens; previously
みぜんにふせぐ to prevent; to take precautions
みぜんけい imperfective form
みそう unprecedented; unheard of
みぞう unprecedented; unheard of
みそしき unorganized
みち not yet known
みちすう unknown number
みちゃく nonarrival
みちゃくしゅ (work) not yet started
みていねん minority; under age
おぼこ virgin
みてい not yet fixed; undecided; pending
みていぎ undefined; unspecified
稿 みていこう unfinished manuscript
みとうき unregistered
みとう untrodden; unexplored
みとう untrodden; unexplored
みとうさ unexplored
みとうほう unclimbed mountain
みどく not yet read
みとどけ failing to report
ける みとどける to make sure of; to assure oneself of; to see with one's own eyes; to ascertain
ひつじどし year of the sheep
みのう payment default
みのうしゃ person in arrears; (tax) defaulter
みはいとう undivided (profits)
みはつ before an event takes place
みはつに before anything happens; previously
みはっけん undiscovered; unexplored
みはっこう unissued
みはったつ undeveloped
みはっぴょう unpublished; not yet announced
みふくいん undemobilized
みはらい unpaid
みはらいこみ not paid up (capital)
みはらいひよう accrued expenses
みもん having not yet heard
みぼうじん widow
みまん less than; insufficient
みめい early dawn; grey of morning
みらい future (life, tense)
みらいえいごう eternity
みらいがく futurology
みらいかんりょう future perfect
みらいがた futuristic
みらいけい the future tense
みらいしこう future oriented
みらいぞう vision of the future
みらいは futurism
みりょう unfinished; unfilled (order); unexecuted
みれん lingering affection; attachment; regret(s); reluctance
きび 20th of the sexagenary cycle