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  • on reading:
  • ボウ   モウ
  • kun reading:
  • のぞむ   もち
  • meaning(s):
  • ambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect
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いちぼう one sweep (of the eye); an unbroken view
えんぼう vista; distant view
かつぼう craving; longing; thirsting
かんぼう observation; watching
がんぼう desire; wish; aspiration
がんもう desire; wish; aspiration
きぼう looking forward to; hoping for
きぼう hope; wish; aspiration
きぼう (by the lunar calendar) 16th night of the month
ぎょうぼう look to (for help); look up to; reverence
ぎょうぼう looking intently
こうぼう promising future
こんぼう entreaty; solicitation; earnest request
こんもう entreaty; solicitation; earnest request
しぼう wish; desire; ambition
しつぼう disappointment; despair
しゅうぼう public confidence; popular support
宿 しゅくぼう long-cherished desire
しょもう desire; request; wish
しょうらいてんぼう future outlook; outlook for the future
しょくぼう (having great) expectation; pinning one's hopes on
しんぼう confidence; popularity
じんぼう popularity
せいぼう power and popularity
せいぼう fame; popularity; reputation
せつぼう longing for; earnest desire
ぜつぼう despair; hopelessness
せんぼう envy
ぜんとゆうぼう promising future
そうぼう longing; yearning
しょくぼう (having great) expectation; pinning one's hopes on
たぼう promising
たいこうぼう (avid) angler
たいぼう expectant waiting
たいぼう aspiration; ambition
たいもう aspiration; ambition
ちょうぼう prospect; view; outlook
てんぼう view; outlook; prospect
とくぼう moral influence
ねつぼう longing for; burning desire
ひぼう inordinate ambition
ましい のぞましい desirable; hoped for
のぞみ wish; desire
みが のぞみがかなう to have one's wish realized
のぞみしだい just as one wishes
のぞみどおり just as one wishes
のぞみうす faint hopes; dim prospects
のぞむ to desire; to wish for; to see; to command (a view of)
ぼうえん seeing at a distance
ぼうえんきょう telescope
ぼうがい unexpected; unanticipated
ぼうきょう homesickness; nostalgia
ぼうきょうのねん sense of nostalgia
もちづき full moon
ぼうけん watching from afar
ぼうろう watchtower; observation tower; lookout
ぼうろう watchtower; observation tower; lookout
ぼうしょく insatiability
ほんもう long cherished ambition; satisfaction
みんぼう hopes of the people
めいぼう reputation; renown
やぼう ambition; aspiration; designs; treachery
ゆうぼう good prospects; full of hope; promising
よぼう honor
輿 よぼう popularity; esteem; reputation; confidence
ようぼう demand for; request
よくぼう desire; appetite
れいぼう good reputation