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  • on reading:
  • ボウ   バク
  • kun reading:
  • あばく   あばれる
  • meaning(s):
  • outburst, rave, fret, force, violence, cruelty, outrage
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


おうぼう violence; oppression; high-handedness; tyranny; despotism
きょうぼう brutal; atrocious; ferocious
きょうぼう brutal; atrocious; ferocious
きょうぼう brutality
きょうぼう rage; frenzy
じぼう despair; desperation; abandonment
そぼう wild; rude; violent; hard
あばきだす to dig up and expose a criminal matter
あばく to disclose; to divulge; to expose
れる あばれる to act violently; to rage; to struggle; to be riotous
れん あばれんぼう hooligan; rowdy; roughneck; a rough
あばれまわる to rampage; to run riot
あばれくるう to rage; to run amuck; to tear around
あばれこむ to enter someone's territory by force
あばれもの roughneck
あばれだす to grow restive; to begin to act violently
あばれうま restive horse; runaway
ぼうあく violence
ぼうあつ violent suppression
ぼうい tyranny
ぼういん heavy drinking
ぼういんぼうしょく drinking and eating too much
ぼうかん hoodlum; ruffian
ぼうぎゃく tyranny; outrage; atrocity; cruel
める ぼうぎゃくをきわめる to act with extreme violence
ぼうきょ violence; reckless action
ぼうくん tyrant; despot
ぼうげん reckless remark; rash remark; abusive language; thoughtless words
ぼうこひょうが foolhardy courage
ぼうこう assault; outrage; act of violence
ぼうじょう an atrocity or outrage
ぼうしょく surfeit
ぼうせい tyranny
ぼうそう running wildly
ぼうそううんてん reckless driving
ぼうそうぞく club of rabble-rousing reckless-driving delinquents
ぼうと insurgent
ぼうとう sudden rise; sharp rise; boom; skyrocketing
ぼうどう insurrection; rebellion; revolt; riot; uprising
める ぼうどうをおさめる to quell a disturbance
ぼうはつ spontaneous discharge; accidental gun discharge
ぼうふう storm; windstorm; gale
ぼうふういき storm area
ぼうふうう storm
ぼうふうけん storm zone
ぼうまん ill-mannered; overbearing
ぼうみん a mob
ぼうれい tyranny; atrocity
ぼうらく slump
ぼうり excessive profits; usury
ぼうりょく violence
える ぼうりょくにうったえる to resort to violence
ぼうりょくかくめい violent revolution
ぼうりょくだん gangster organization; band of thugs; gangster
ぼうりょくだんいん gangster; mobster
ぼうりょくだんがり roundup of gangsters
ばくろ disclosure; exposure; revelation
ぼうろん irrational (line of) argument
らんぼう rude; violent; rough; lawless; unreasonable; reckless