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  • on reading:
  • ボウ
  • kun reading:
  • かたわら   わき   おか-   はた   そば
  • meaning(s):
  • bystander, side, besides, while, nearby, 3rd person
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


きんぼう neighborhood
そば near; close; beside; vicinity; proximity; besides; while
はた side; edge; third person
わき side; besides; while
わきにおく to lay aside
はたのものたち onlookers; bystanders
かたわら beside(s); while; nearby
らに かたわらに beside; nearby
らに かたわらによる to step aside
ぼうかん looking on; remaining a spectator
ぼうかんしゃ onlooker; bystander
ぼうかんてきに as a spectator
ぼうくん marginal notes
ぼうけい collateral family; subsidiary line; affiliate
ぼうけいけつぞく collateral relation by blood
おかみ looking on by an outsider
惚れ おかぼれ unrequited love; secret affections
ぼうし looking from the side; looking aside
わきみ looking from the side; looking aside
かたみみ things overheard
ぼうじゃくぶじん arrogance; audacity; (behaving) outrageously as though there were no one around; insolence; defiance; overbearing
ぼうじゅ interception; monitoring; tapping
ぼうしょう supporting evidence; corroboration
そばづえ blow received by a bystander
ぼうじん bystander
ぼうせん underline; side line (equivalent to underlining in vertically written text)
ぼうだい subtitle
ぼうちゅう side notes; gloss
ぼうちゅう marginal notes
ぼうちょう hearing; listening; attendance; auditing
ぼうちょうけん admission ticket
ぼうちょうにん hearer; auditor; audience
ぼうちょうずいい admission free
ぼうちょうせき visitor's gallery; seats for the public
ぼうちょうむりょう admission free
ぼうちょうりょう admission fee
ぼうてん 1. marks or dots used to emphasize text passage; 2. marks to facilitate reading of kanbun
ほうばい companion; colleague; fellow student or apprentice
ぼうはく (theatrical) aside
はためいわく inconvenience to others
おかめ looking on by an outsider
はため looking on by an outsider
おかめはちもく onlookers' superior (advantaged) grasp of the situation
わきやく supporting role (actor); minor role
ぼうりゅう branch; tributary
ろぼう roadside