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  • on reading:
  • カイ   ゲ
  • kun reading:
  • く   かす   ける   ほどく   ほどける   わかる   さと
  • meaning(s):
  • unravel, notes, key, explanation, understanding, untie, undo, solve, answer, cancel, absolve, explain, minute
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いっちはんかい superficial knowledge; half knowledge
いんすうぶんかい factorization
かすいぶんかい hydrolysis
かどのべんかい profuse apology
かす とかす to comb out
ときもの clothes to be unsewn
ときはなす to liberate; to set free
ときかた manner of solving
かす ときあかす to explain; to dispel doubts
とく to solve; to answer; to untie
ほどく to unfasten
ぐす ほぐす to unfasten
けない とけないもんだい insoluble problem
ける とける to loosen
ける ほどける to come untied; to come apart
ごす ほごす to unfasten
せない げせない inscrutable; incomprehensible
わかり understanding
わかりにくい hard to understand; incomprehensible; unintelligible
わかりにくい hard to understand; incomprehensible; unintelligible
れる ほぐれる to come untied; to come apart
かいをしめす to show the solution
かいきん lifting a ban
かいけつ settlement; solution; resolution
かいけつさく replacement scheme
かいけつほう solution; way out
かいこ discharge; dismissal
かいこしゃ person who has been laid off
かいご comprehension (of a word)
かいさん breakup; dissolution
かいさんけん right to dissolve (e.g. the Diet)
かいさんせつ rumor of dissolution
かいじ explanation of a kanji
かいしき (mathematical) solution
かいしゃく explanation; interpretation
かいしゅうごう set of solutions; open set
かいじょ cancellation; rescinding; release; calling off
かいしょう cancellation; liquidation
かいしょく discharge; dismissal
かいせき analysis
かいせききかがく analytical geometry
かいせきせい analyticity (physics)
かいせつ explanation; commentary
かいせつしゃ commentator
かいせつしょ (an instruction) manual; handbook (of roadsigns)
かいそ breaking up an organization
かいぞうど resolution (e.g. display, dpi); granularity (e.g. timer)
かいぞうりょく resolving power (of a lens)
かいたい dismantling
かいだい synopsis; review of subject
げだつ Buddhist deliverance (of one's soul); salvation
かいだん disbandment
かいとう dissolution (of a political party)
かいとう thaw
かいとう answer; solution
かいとうようし answer sheet
かいとうらん answer column (section)
げどく counteraction
げどくざい antidote
げどくやく antidote
かいどく deciphering; decoding
かいにん dismissal
げねつ alleviation of fever
げねつざい fever medicine; antipyretic; antifebrile
げねつやく antipyretic; antifebrile
かいはん (in printing) distribution of type
かいひょう a thaw
かいほう release; liberation; emancipation
かいほうかん sense or feeling of freedom or liberation
かいほうく liberated area or zone
かいほう (key to) solution
かいぼう dissection; autopsy
かいぼうがく anatomy
かいめい elucidation; explication
かいやく cancellation of contract
かいり dissociation
かいらん weighing anchor; unmooring; sailing off
がかい fatal flaw
かんかい relief (remission) (of pain)
きょっかい misconstruction; distortion
くうちゅうぶんかい mid-air breakage or disintegration
くんかい interpretation; explanation
けんかい opinion; point of view
ごかい misunderstanding
じかい kanji meaning interpretation
しょうかい detailed explanation
だしい はなはだしいごかい serious misunderstanding
ずかい schematic; schema
せいかい correct; right; correct interpretation (answer, solution)
ぞっかい explanation in common language
ちゅうかい gloss; (explanatory) notes
ちゅうかい annotation; explanatory notes
ちょうかい deliquescence
ちょうかい listening comprehension
つうかい explanation; commentary
でんかい electrolysis; electrolytic
でんきぶんかい electrolysis
とういつけんかい collective view (opinion)
とくいちぶんかい singular value analysis
どっかい reading comprehension
なんかい difficult
はんかい only half understood
ひょうかい melting; thawing
ひょうかい illustration by tables
ふかかい mystery; baffling; inexplicable; incomprehensible
ふうかい efflorescence
ぶんかい analysis; disassembly
べんかい explanation; justification; defence; excuse
むりかい lack of understanding or sympathy
めいかい clear understanding
やっかい translating and explaining
ゆうかい fusion
ようかい solution
ようかい melting; fusing
りかい understanding; comprehension
りゃっかい brief explanation
りょうかい comprehension; consent; understanding; roger (on the radio)
りょうかい comprehension; understanding; consent
りょうかい understanding; consent; agreement
れいかい illustration; example
わかい accommodation; compromise; mediation; reconciliation; settlement
ようかい melting; fusing