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  • on reading:
  • ヘン
  • kun reading:
  • あたり   ほと
  • meaning(s):
  • environs, boundary, border, vicinity
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


この このへん this area; around here
どの どのへん whereabouts
いそべ seashore; beach
いっぺん a side (of a triangle)
うへん right side
うらべ seacoast
えんぺん edge; relative; relations; border
おかべ vicinity of a hill
うみべ beach
かんぺん government or official circles; official quarters
きしべ bank (of a river)
よるべ place to go; person to turn to or depend on; one's resort
きへん near a desk
おかべ vicinity of a hill
きんぺん neighbourhood; vicinity
こうへん public ceremonies; public affairs
こうへん around one's lips
こうだいむへん boundless; infinite; vast
此の このへん this area; around here
さへん left side (of an equation)
やまべ mountain; vicinity of a mountain
しへん 4-sided
しゃへん oblique line; hypotenuse
しゅうへん circumference; outskirts; environs; (computer) peripheral
うわべ seeming; exterior; surface; outside; outward appearance
じょうへん the upper side
しんぺん one's person
すいへん waterside
みずべ waterside
かわべ riverside; edge of a river
まどべ by the window
そくへん corner
たかっけいのへん side of a polygon
たいへん (geometrical) opposite side
さわべ edge of a swamp
しるべ acquaintance; friend
ちょうへん long boundary
ていへん base (geometry, society)
てっぺん top; summit; apex; scalp
とうへん equal sides
みちべ roadside
なへん where
なへん where
はまべ beach; foreshore
ふとうへん unequal sides
ふへん universality; ubiquity; omnipresence
ぶへん military affairs; military people
かたほろり corner; remote country place
へん area; vicinity
あたり (in the) neighbourhood; vicinity; nearby
ほとり (in the) neighbourhood; vicinity; nearby
へんきょう remote region; frontier (district); border(land)
へんち remote place
へんど remote region
へんぷく edge; surface appearance; outer appearance
へんきょう remote region; frontier (district); border(land)
へんぴ hard to reach place; remote place
へんすう remote region
ほくへん northern extremity
まくらべ bedside
むへん infinite; boundless
のべ field
ろへん fireside