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  • on reading:
  • ブツ   フツ
  • kun reading:
  • ほとけ
  • meaning(s):
  • Buddha, the dead, France
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かつぶつ grand Lama; living Buddha
かなぶつ metallic Buddah; cold-blooded person
からねんぶつ empty words
そらねんぶつ empty words
おだぶつ dying; ruining oneself
のどぼとけ Adam's apple
さんぞんぶつ image of the three honorable ones
じゅぶつ Confucianism and Buddhism
しんぶつ Shinto and Buddhism
じょうぶつ enter Nirvana; become a Buddha; go to heaven; rest in peace; die (peacefully)
いきぼとけ saintly person; living Buddha
いしぼとけ stone Buddhist image
せきぶつ stone Buddhist image
そくしんじょうぶつ attainment of Buddhahood during life
だいぶつ large statue of Buddha
とふつ going to France
どくふつ Germany and France; German-French
なんふつ Southern France
なむあみだぶつ I sincerely believe in Amitabha; Lord have mercy on me
にちふつ Japan and France
にゅうぶつ enshrining a Buddhist image
ねんぶつ Buddhist prayer; prayer to Amitabha
うまのみみにねんぶつ not heeding what others say; in one ear and out the other
ひぶつ Buddhist image normally withheld from public view
毘廬 びるしゃなぶつ Vairocana-buddha
ふつ French
ぶつ buddha; Buddhism
ほとけ Buddha; merciful person; Buddhist image; the dead
ほとけのかおもさんど to try the patience of a saint
ほとけのざ henbit (plant)
ふついん French Indo-China
ふつえいじてん French-English dictionary
ぶつえん Buddha's providence
ぶつおん grace of Buddha; indebtedness to Buddha
ぶっけ Buddhist priest
ぶっか Buddhahood; Nirvana
ふっか francs
ぶつが Buddhist picture
ぶつえ Buddhist memorial service
ぶっかく Buddhist temple
ぶつがく Buddhist learning
ふつかん French warship
ぶつま Buddhist family chapel
ほとけがお gentle face
ぶっき Buddhist altar fittings
ほとけぎ compassionate heart
ぶっきょう Buddhism
める ぶっきょうをひろめる to propagate Buddhism
ぶっきょうと Buddhists
ぶつぐ Buddhist altar equipment
ぶっきょう Buddhist sutras
ふつご French language
ぶつご Buddhist term
ぶっこう maker of Buddhist images and altar fittings
ふっこく France
ぶつざ Buddhist image seat; temple pulpit
ほとけづくる becoming haggard
ぶっさん visit to a Buddhist temple
ぶっし Buddhist image maker
ぶつじ Buddhist memorial service
ぶつじ Buddhist temple
ぶっしき Buddhist ritual
ぶっしゃり Buddha's ashes
ぶっしゃ Buddhist; Buddhist priest
ほとけくさい otherwordly; sanctimonious
ぶっしょ Buddhist scriptures
ぶっしん the Buddha heart; the Buddha mind
ほとけごころ the Buddha heart; the Buddha mind
ぶっしょう the Buddha nature
ほとけしょう the Buddha nature
ぶっしょうえ Buddha's birthday celebration
ぶっせき place sacred to Buddhism
ぶっせつ Buddha's teaching
ぶつぜん before the Buddha or a mortuary tablet
ぶっそ Founder of Buddhism
ぶっそう Buddhist priest
ぶっそう Buddhist funeral
ぶつぞう Buddhist image (statue)
ぶつぞうにざ two images of Buddha
ぶつぞうにたい two images of Buddha
ぶっだ Buddha
ぶつだ Buddha
ぶつだん Buddhist (household) altar
げる ぶつだんにはなをあげる to offer flowers before the family Buddhist altar
ぶちょうそんしょう Usnisavijaya; Victorious Goddess of the Chignon (Buddhist deity)
ぶっちょうづら sour look
ぶってん Buddhist scriptures; sutras
殿 ぶつでん Buddhist temple
ぶっと Buddhist
ぶっとう pagoda
ぶつどう Buddhist temple
ぶつどう Buddhism; Buddhist teachings
ふつとん metric ton
ふつぶん French; French writing; French literature
ふつぶんか department of French literature
ふつぶんがく French literature
ぶっぽう Buddhism
ぶっぽうそう the Buddha, the doctrine, and the priesthood
ぶつみょう Buddha's name
ぶつめつ Buddha's death; unlucky day
ぶつもん Buddhism; priesthood
ほとけさま a Buddha; deceased person
西 ふらんす France
ふつりょう French possession; French territory
ぶつりき the power of Buddha
ぶっさつ Buddhist temple
ぶっせつ Buddhist temple
べいふつ America and France; American-French
むえんぼとけ deceased person (with no one to tend the grave)
きぶつ wooden Buddha
ろふつ Russia and France