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  • congratulations, joy
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がい congratulatory feeling
がえん banquet
がし congratulations; greetings
がしこうかん New Year greetings (parties)
がじょう new year's card
がしょう A Happy New Year!
がひょう congratulatory card or letter sent to the Emperor; congratulatory address
きょうが respectful congratulations
けいが congratulation
さんが congratulatory palace visit
寿 じゅが long-life celebrations, particularly the 61st, 77th and 88th birthdays
しゅくが celebration; congratulations
ちょうが New Year's greetings or well-wishes offered by retainers to the Emperor
ねんが New Year's greetings; New Year's card
はいが congratulations
ほうが respectful congratulations
らいが your coming; coming with happy news; your presence