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  • on reading:
  • ガ   カク   エ   カイ
  • kun reading:
  • えがく   かくする   かぎる   はかりごと   はか
  • meaning(s):
  • brush-stroke, picture
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


Hな エッチなえいが pornographic film; salacious film
ちゃんばら ちゃんばらえいが samurai movie
エッチな エッチなえいが pornographic film; salacious film
ニュース ニュースえいが newsreel
いこうけいかく transition plan
いっかく a lot
いんが (photographic) print
いんが a negative
うちゅうかいはつけいかく space development project (program)
かげえ silhouette
えいが movie; film
おんがくえいが musical (film)
かぞくけいかく family planning
かりょくしえんけいかく fire support plan
かちょうが painting of flowers and birds; bird-and flower genre in Chinese and Japanese painting
かく stroke
えがく to draw; to paint; to sketch; to depict; to describe
する かくする to draw; to demarcate; to mark; to divide; to map out
がい meaning of a picture
かくいつ uniformity; standardization
かくいつか standardization
かくいつしゅぎ standardization
かくいつてき uniform; standard
がいん art motif
かくびき arranged by strokes
かくびき arranged by strokes
がか painter; artist
がか easel
がかざ (the constellation) Pictor
がかい artists' patrons' association
ががく drawing
ががくし drawing paper
かっき epoch-making
かっきてき epoch-making
がきょう feeling or atmosphere or mood of a painting; the mood to paint
えだくみ painter; artist
がこう painter; artist
稿 がこう sketch
がさい artistic talent
がざい matter for painting
かくさく plan; scheme; program formulation; maneuver
がさん legend over a picture; inscription (legend, writing) on a painting
がさん legend over a picture; inscription (legend, writing) on a painting
えし painter; artist; painter supported by patron
がし painter; artist; painter supported by patron
がし drawing paper
がしつ art studio
がしつ image quality (film, video, etc.)
がしゅ painter; artist
がしゅう book of paintings in print
がしょう painter; artist
がしょう picture dealer
がしょう pictured paper doors
がしん artistic instinct
がじん painter; artist
かくすう stroke count
かくせいてき epoch-making
がせい master painter
がせんし drawing paper
かくぜん distinct; clear-cut
たる かくぜんたる distinct; clear-cut
かくぜんと sharply
がそ image pixel
がぞう image; picture; portrait
がぞうしょり image processing
がぞうしょりそうち image processing equip.
がだい motif; theme; subject (of picture)
がだん artists' world; painting circles
がだん discussions on art and painting
がじょう picture album
がちょう picture album
調 がちょう tone of an image
かくてい demarcation
がどう art of painting
がはく master painter; artist
がばん drawing board; drafting board
がひつ artist's brush
がびょう drawing pin; thumb tack
がふ (oil painting) canvas
がふ picture book or album
がふう style of painting
がふく picture scroll
がほう illustrated news magazine; pictorial
がほう art of drawing and painting
がほん picture copybook
がめん terminal screen; scene; picture; the field (in TV); photo
がへい failure; fiasco; rice-cake painting; collapse; something of little value
がべい failure; fiasco; rice-cake painting; collapse; something of little value
がようし drawing paper
がりょうてんせい finishing touch; completing (something) by executing the final, critical step
がりょうてんせい finishing touch; completing (something) by executing the final, critical step
がりょうてんせい finishing touch; completing (something) by executing the final, critical step
がろう (picture) gallery
がろう picture gallery; high decorated building
がさん legend over a picture; inscription (legend, writing) on a painting
かいきえいが horror picture
かいじゅうえいが monster film
かいが picture
かいはつけいかく development project (program, plan)
かつじんが tableau vivant
きかく planning; project
きげきえいが comic film
きどうけいかく scheme of maneuver
きろくえいが documentary film
ぎが caricature; cartoon; comics
きょうふえいが horror film
くかく division; section; compartment; boundary; area; block
けいかく plan; project; schedule; scheme; program
げきえいが film drama
げきが comic strip with dramatic story
げんが original picture
こが ancient painting
ぎょうせいくかく administrative district
こうどうけいかく plan of action
こくどけいかく national land planning
さいが colored picture; painting
さいしきが colour picture or painting
さいしょくが colour picture or painting
さいみつが miniature
ざいせいきんこうけいかく balanced budget plan
さくが drawing pictures; taking photographs
さくせんけいかく campaign plan
さんかく taking part in planning
さんすいが landscape picture
しじょうけいかく paper plan
にがおえ portrait; likeness
じどうが pictures drawn by a child
じかく number of strokes in character
じが picture painted by oneself; self-portrait
じざいが a freehand drawing
じっしゃえいが live action film
しゃせいが picture drawn from life
しゅうきょうが religious painting or picture
しゅんが obscene picture; porno
しょが paintings and writings (of calligraphy)
しょうぞうが portrait
しょうへきが pictures on (room) partitions
じんぶつが portrait painting
ずが drawing
すいさいが water color painting
すいぼくが India-ink painting
せいじんえいが adult movie
西 せいようが western painting; oil painting; western film
せいしが still image
せいぶつが still-life picture
せきが impromptu drawing composed at a gathering
せきばんが lithograph
せんでんえいが propaganda film
せんそうえいが war movie
せんとうしえんけいかく combat support plan
せんが line drawing
ぜんが Zen painting
そうが (book) illustration
そうかく the stroke-count of a kanji
ぞくが popular picture
西 たいせいめいが Western painting
だいが poem or writings added to a picture or painting
たんしょくが monochrome picture
たんさいが wash drawing
たんぺんえいが short film
ちゅうおうけいかく centralized planning
ちゅうしょうが abstract painting
ちょうきけいかく long range plan
てんかく the strokes of a character
てんが stippling
としけいかく town planning
どうが moving image
どうせんけいかく flow planning
どうが pictures drawn by child; pictures for children
どうろけいかく road plan
どうはんが copperplate engraving; etching
なんが Southern School (of Chinese painting)
にほんが Japanese paintings
ねんかんけいかく year's plan
はいが briefly drawn picture; haiku picture
はんが woodcut print
はんが art print
ひじょうじたいたいしょけいかく contingency plan
びょうが drawing; painting
ふうけいが landscape painting
ふうしが caricature
ふうぞくが painting depicting customs
ぶつが Buddhist picture
ぶんかえいが cultural film
ぶんじんが style of Southern Chinese painting
へきが fresco; mural; wall painting
ほうが Japanese film
ぼくが India-ink drawing
ぼんが tray landscape
まんが comic; cartoon
みつが detailed drawing or picture
むけいかく lacking a plan; haphazard
むせいえいが silent movie
めいが famous picture; masterpiece
めんが surface-drawing
もくたんが charcoal drawing
もくはんが woodblock print
ようが Western paintings
ようきが mechanical drawing
ようが positive (photographic) image
らたいが nude (picture)
らふが a nude (painting)
りったいえいが three-dimensional movie
りゃくが rough sketch
りょくちかけいかく forestation plan
れきしが historical picture
ろくが videotape