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  • フ   ブ
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  • meaning(s):
  • negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy
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un; non; negative prefix
ぶあいそう unsociability; brusqueness; sullenness
ふあん anxiety; uneasiness; insecurity; suspense
ふあんのたね reason for concern
ふあんげ uneasy
ふあんしん uneasiness; uncertainty; anxiety; apprehension; restlessness; insecurity; suspense; fear
ふあんてい instability; insecurity; crankiness
ふあんない ignorance; inexperience; unfamiliarity
ふい sudden; abrupt; unexpected; unforeseen
ふいに suddenly; abruptly; unexpectedly
ふいをうつ to take (a person) unawares; to make a surprise attack
ぶいき vulgarity; lack of refinement
ふいしけん surprise examination
ふいうち surprise attack
ふいうち surprise attack
ふえき constancy; immutable
ふため disadvantageous; harmful; unprofitable
ふいつ Very sincerely yours
ふいっち discrepancy; discord; disagreement; dissonance
ふじるし poor results
ふうん unlucky; misfortune; bad luck; fate
ふえいせい unsanitary condition
ふえん divorce; unrealized marriage (prospects)
ふいつ Very Sincerely Yours
ふおん unrest; turbulence; impropriety
ふおんとう impropriety; inappropriateness; unfairness; unreasonableness
ふおんぶんし disturbing elements
ふおんぶんしょ inflammatory pamphlets
ふか wrong; bad; improper; unjustifiable; inadvisable
ふかかい mystery; baffling; inexplicable; incomprehensible
ふかぎゃく irreversible
ふかけつ indispensable; essential
ふかご (papal) infallibility
ふかこうりょく act of God; irresistible force; inevitability
ふかしぎ mystery; wonder; miracle; 10^64
ふかし invisibility
ふかしこうせん invisible ray
ふかしん inviolability; sacredness; nonaggression
ふかしんじょうやく non-aggression pact; non-aggression treaty
ふかち unknowable; mysterious
ふかちてき agnostic
ふかちろん agnosticism
ふかちろんしゃ agnostic
ふかにゅうせい impenetrability
ふかのう impossible
ふかのうせんたく unavailable choice
ふかひ inevitable; inescapable; unavoidable
ふかぶん atomic; indivisibility
ふかいにゅう noninvolvement; nonintervention; neutrality
ふかい unpleasant; displeasure; discomfort
ふかいしすう discomfort index
ふかくだい nonexpansion; localization; nonaggravation
ふかっこう shapeless; misshapen; awkward; clumsy
ぶかっこう shapeless; misshapen; awkward; clumsy
ふたしか unreliable; uncertain; indefinite
ふかくじつ uncertain; unreliable; inauthentic
ふかくてい uncertain; indefinite
ふかくていせいげんり the uncertainty principle
ふかく failure; defeat; mistake; blunder; negligence; indiscretion
ふかくのいっとう pitcher's misjudgment
ふかくのなみだ crying in spite of oneself
ふかくをとる to suffer a defeat
ふかくもの shallow thinker; indecisive person
ふがく unlearned; uneducated
ぶかっこう unshapeliness; clumsiness
ふかつか inactivity
ふかっせい (chemically) inert
ガス ふかっせいガス inert gas
ふかっせいか inactivation
ふかつどう inaction; lethargy
ふかっぱつ dull; slow; sluggish; inactive; quiet; lethargic
ふかっぱつ dull; slow; sluggish; inactive; quiet; lethargic
ふかんせいゆ non-drying oil
ふかん (rare) incompetence
ふかんぜん imperfect; incomplete; faulty; defective
ふかんぜんねんしょう incomplete combustion
ふかんよう intolerance
ふかんしょう abstention; nonintervention; noninterference
ふかんしょう sexual frigidity
ふなれ inexperience; lack of experience
ふかんしへい unconvertible paper money; fiat money
ぶま clumsiness; stupidity; blunder
ふき clumsiness; unskillfulness
ぶきよう awkward; clumsy; unskillfulness; lack of ability
ぶきようしゃ bungler
ぶきようもの bungler
ふきりょう ugliness; homeliness; lack of ability; incompetence
ぶきりょう ugliness; homeliness; lack of ability; incompetence
ふきはつせい non-volatility
ふき unexpected; accidental
ふきげん pout; displeasure; ill humor; sullenness
ふき rising no more (as in illness and death); returning no more; dying
ふきのきゃく deceased person; traveler on one's last journey
ぶきみ weird; ominous; eerie; uncanny; ghastly
ふきそく irregularity; unsteadiness; disorderly
ふきそくどうし irregular verb
ふきりつ irregular; undisciplined; disorganized; slipshod
ふき rising no more (as in illness and death); returning no more; dying
ふきそ nonprosecution or indictment
ふき lawlessness; violation of customs
ふぎ immorality; injustice; misconduct; adultery; impropriety; perfidy
ふぎり dishonesty; injustice; dishonor; ingratitude
ふきつ ominous; sinister; bad luck; ill omen; inauspiciousness
ふきつのちょうあり have an ill omen
ふきゅう in no hurry; nonessential (industry)
ふきゅう everlasting; immortal; eternal; immortality; imperishable
ふきゅうのめいさく immortal work
ふきょふくせい All rights reserved
ふりょう poor catch
ふきょうわおん discord; dissonance
ふきょう recession; depression; slump
ふきょう displeasure; ill-humour
ふきんこう imbalance; disparity; out of balance; inequality
ふきんしつ of uneven quality; heterogenous
ふきんせい asymmetry
ふきんとう out of balance; imbalance; disparity; inequality
ふきんしん indiscretion; imprudence
ふぐたいてん cannot allow (oneself) to live (with someone) under the canopy of heaven; cannot allow (the sworn enemy) to live in this world; irreconcilable (enemy)
かたわ deformity; distortion; disability; cripple
ふぐ deformity; distortion; disability; cripple
ふぐあい inconvenient
ふぐしゃ cripple; disabled person
ふぐ emergency
ふくうじょうじゅ Amoghasiddhi; Infallible Magic (a dhyani-Buddha)
ふぐう misfortune; bad luck; obscurity
ふぐうをかこつ to repine at one's hard lot
ふくつ persistence; fortitude; indomitability
ふけい disrespect; irreverence; impiety; blasphemy; profanity
ふけいざい lese majeste
ふけいけん impiety; irreverence
ふけいき business recession; hard times; depression; gloom; sullenness; cheerlessness
ふけいざい poor economy; waste
ふけつだん irresolution; indecision; vacillation
ふけってい pending; unsettled; undecided
ふけつ unclean; dirty; filthy; impure
ふけつかん filthiness
ふけっか failure; poor results
ふけんこう poor health; ill health; unhealthy
ふけんぜん morbid; unhealthful
ふけんそく nonrestraint
ふけんしき thoughtless; indiscreet; lacking in common sense; rashness; betraying one's lack of judgment; absurd; undignified; compromising; disgraceful
みずてんげいしゃ loose geisha
みじめ sad; pitiful; wretched
ふげん silence
ふげんじっこう action before words; work before talk
ふげんふご silence
ふご silence
ふこうせい injustice; unfairness
ふこうへい unfairness; injustice; partiality
ふこうへいきょうそう unfair competition
ふむき unfit; unsuitable; unmarketable
ぶすき no liking for; no interest in
ふこう undutifulness to one's parents; lack of filial piety
ふこう unhappiness; sorrow; misfortune; disaster; accident; death
なる ふこうがかさなる to have a series of misfortunes
ふしあわせ unhappiness; misfortune; ill luck
える ふこうにたえる to bear up under misfortune
ない ふがいない disappointing; weak-minded; spiritless; cowardly; worthless
ふがいない disappointing; weak-minded; spiritless; cowardly; worthless
ふこうさくち nonfarming land; untilled land
ふゆきとどき negligence; carelessness; incompetence; mismanagement
ふぎょうぎ bad manners; rudeness
ふぎょうじょう misconduct; profligacy; immorality
ふぎょうせき misconduct; profligacy; immorality
ふゆきとどき negligence; carelessness; incompetence; mismanagement
ふごうかく (examination) failure; rejection; disqualification
ふごうかくしゃ unsuccessful candidate; rejected person
ふごうり unreasonable; irrational; absurd; inconsistent
ぶさた silence; neglect to write; neglect to call
ふさい lack of talent; incompetency
ふさいのいたすところ be due to my incompetence
ぶさいく clumsy (work); poor shape; homely; plain
ふさいか veto; rejection
ふざい absence
ふざいしょうめい alibi
ふざいじぬし absentee landlord
ふざいとうひょう absentee voting
ふさく poor crop; crop failure
ふさくい forbearance
ふさくいはん crime of omission
ぶさほう bad manners; discourtesy
ふせいこう stainless steel
ふさん absence; nonattendance; nonappearance
ふさんか abstention; nonparticipation
ふざける to romp; to gambol; to frolic; to joke; to make fun of; to flirt
ふさんせい disapproval; disagreement
わせ ふしあわせ unhappiness; misfortune; ill luck
ふしまつ mismanagement; malpractice; wastefulness; carelessness; misconduct; unthriftiness
使 ふしよう disuse
ふしまつ mismanagement; malpractice; wastefulness; carelessness; misconduct; unthriftiness
ふしぎ wonder; miracle; strange; mystery; marvel; curiosity
ふしぎなえん by happy chance
ふしぎに strangely; oddly; mysteriously
ふし immortality; eternal life
ふじみ invulnerability; immortality; insensibility to pain
ふしちょう phoenix bird
ふにあい unbecoming; improper; unsuitable; ill-matched; unworthy of
ふじ emergency; unexpectedness
ふじちゃく emergency landing
ふじちゃくりく emergency landing
ふじ irregularity
ふじ incurability
ふち incurability
ふじのやまい incurable illness
ふしぜん unnatural; artificial; affected; strained
ふじゆう discomfort; disability; inconvenience; destitution
ふしつ Very Sincerely Yours
ふじつ perfidiousness; faithlessness; inconstancy; insincerity; falsehood
ふてまわし poor preparation; poor arrangements
ふてぎわ clumsiness; awkwardness; ineptitude
ふしゅび failure; fizzle; disgrace; disfavour
ふじゅうぶん insufficient; inadequate; imperfect; shortage
ふじゅうぶん insufficient; inadequate; imperfect; shortage
ふじゅうじゅん disobedience
ふしゅうぎ unhappiness; sorrow; misfortune; disaster; accident; death
ぶしゅうぎ unhappiness; sorrow; misfortune; disaster; accident; death
ふじゅくれん unskillfulness
ふでき bad job; poor workmanship; bungle
ふじゅん impurity; adulteration; dishonesty; irregularity
ふじゅんいせいこうゆう illicit sexual relationship
ふじゅんぶつ foreign matter; impurities
ふじゅん irregularity; unseasonableness
ふしょぞん imprudence; indiscretion
ふしょぞんもの thoughtless person
ふかって inconvenience; hard living
ふしょう dissent; disagreement; disapproval; objection; refusal
ふしょうだく dissent; disagreement; disapproval; objection; refusal
ふしょうち dissent; disagreement; disapproval; objection; refusal
ふしょうにん disapproval; dissent; veto
ふしょうぶしょう reluctantly; grudgingly; unwilling
ふしょうか indigestion
ふしょうかぶつ indigestible materials
ふしょう disgraceful; inauspicious; ill-omened; ominous; scandalous
ふしょうじ scandal; deplorable event
ふしょう my humble self; my unworthy self; incompetent; your humble servant
ふしょうわたくし my unworthy self
ふしょう unknown; unidentified
ふじょうり absurdity; irrationality; inconsistency
ふじょう uncleanliness; dirtiness; impurity; filthiness; defilement; menses; toilet; latrine
ふじょうば unclean place
ふしん unfaithfulness; insincerity; perfidy; mistrust; distrust; discredit
ふしんぎ faithlessness; insincerity
ふしんこう lack of faith; unbelief; impiety; infidelity
ふしんじつ insincerity; unfaithfulness
ふしんじゃ unbeliever
ふしんじん impiety; unbelief; infidelity
ふしんにん nonconfidence
ふしんにんあん no-confidence motion
ふしんにんとうひょう nonconfidence vote
ふしんよう distrust; discredit
ふしんりゃく nonaggression
ねずのばん sleepless vigil
ねずばん sleepless vigil; night watch; vigilance
ふしんばん sleepless vigil; night watch; vigilance
ふしん incomplete understanding; doubt; question; distrust; suspicion; strangeness; infidelity
ふしんび fire under suspicious circumstances; arson
ふしんじんもん questioning (by the police)
ふしんじんもん questioning (by the police)
ふこころえ indiscretion; imprudence
める ふこころえをいましめる to caution a person against misconduct
ふこころえもの imprudent (misguided) fellow
ふしん dullness; depression; slump; stagnation
ふまじめ unsteadiness; lack of sincerity
ふしん disloyalty; unfaithfulness
ふしんせつ unkindness; unfriendliness
ふみもち misconduct; profligacy; licentiousness
ふにんき unpopularity
ふにんじょう unkindness; inhumanity; heartlessness
ふじん heartlessness; inhumanity
ふじん Very sincerely yours
ふと suddenly; casually; accidentally; incidentally; unexpectedly; unintentionally
ぶすい no sense of refinement; inelegant; lacking in polish; unromantic; boorish
ふずい paralysis; palsy
ふずいい involuntary
ふずいいうんどう involuntary movement
ふずいいきん involuntary muscles
ふせいしゅつ rare; extraordinary; unparalleled
ぶぜい few; numerical inferiority
ふせいこう failure; abortive (attempt, action)
ふせいせき poor result; bad record; failure
ふせいりつ failure; rejection; rupture
ふせい irregular
ふせいごう non-conformance; non-alignment; non-correspondence; free-thinking
ふせいごうじん nonconformist; free-thinker
ふせいみゃく irregular pulse; arrhythmia
ふせい injustice; unfairness; iniquity; impropriety; irregularity; dishonesty; illegality
ふせいのにおい smack of evil
める ふせいをためる to redress injustice
ふせいかく uncertainty; inaccuracy
ふせいき irregularity
ふせいきぐん irregular forces; guerrillas
ふせいきせん unconventional warfare
ふせいこうい unfair practices; wrongdoing; malpractice; cheating; foul play
ふせいし consider wrong or unjust
ふせいじけん scandal; bribery case; graft case
ふせいじょうしゃ stealing a ride
ふしょうじき dishonest
ふせいゆうし fraudulent loans
ふせいこうごう malocclusion
ふせいさんてき unproductive; unfruitful
ぶしょう indolence; laziness; sloth
ふせいこう clumsy; bungling
ぶしょうもの slouch; lazybones
ぶしょうひげ a beard one has because they're too lazy to shave
ふしょうぶしょう grudgingly
ふせいい insincerity; dishonesty; untruthfulness; bad faith
ふせいじつ insincerity; dishonesty; untruthfulness; bad faith
ふせい irregularity; unevenness; asymmetry; lack of uniformity
タイヤ ふせいちようタイヤ off the road tire
ふせっせい neglect of health; intemperance
ふせっせい intemperance; excesses
ふせん Very sincerely yours
ふせん anti-war; war renunciation
ふせんしょう win without playing; unearned win
ふせんじょうやく anti-war treaty
ふせんめい blur
ふぜん evil; sin; vice; mischief
ふぜんをなす to commit vice; to do evil
ふぜんかん negative reaction; unsuccessful vaccination
ふぜん partial; incomplete; imperfect
ふそうおう unsuited; inappropriate; improper; undeserved
ふそくふり close relationship
ふそくふり neutral; noncommittal
ふつつか rude; inexperienced; stupid; incompetent
ふつつかもの rude, incompetent or inexperienced person; ignoramus
ふそく unexpected; unforeseen; accidental
ふそくのわざわい unexpected disaster
ふそく insufficiency; shortage; deficiency; lack; dearth
ふそくをおぎなう to replenish a shortage
ふそくがち needy circumstances
たらずまえ deficit; shortage
ふそろい unevenness; irregularity; lack of uniformity
ふぞろい unevenness; irregularity; lack of uniformity
ふそん arrogance; insolence; disrespect
ふていさい bad form or manners; indecency; impropriety
退 ふたい determination
退 ふたいてん determination; conviction
ふたつ nondelivery
ふだん constant; persistent; unremitting; continually; constantly
ふだんそう Swiss chard
ふだんぎ casual wear; ordinary clothes; everyday clothes; home wear
ふち ignorance
しらぬい phosphorescent light
しらぬひ phosphorescent light
ふちゃく nonarrival; nondelivery
ふなか discord
ふちゅう disloyalty; infidelity
ふちゅうじつ disloyalty; unfaithfulness
ふちゅうい carelessness; inattention; thoughtlessness
ふちゅういによる to be due to carelessness
調 ふちょう bad condition; not to work out (ie a deal); disagreement; break-off; disorder; slump; out of form
調 ぶちょうほう impoliteness; carelessness; misconduct; clumsiness
調 ふちょうわ discord; incongruity
ふつう suspension; interruption; stoppage; tie-up; cessation
ふつうかしょ tied-up places (spots)
ふつりあい unbalance; imbalance; asymmetry; disparity
ふつりあい unbalance; imbalance; asymmetry; disparity
ふてい unfaithfulness; infidelity; unchastity
ふてね staying in bed out of spite
ふてくされ sulkiness
れる ふてくされる to become sulky; to become irresponsible
ふじょう uncertainty; insecurity; inconstancy; indefinite; undecided
ふてい uncertainty; insecurity; inconstancy; indefinite; undecided
ふていかんし indefinite article
ふていき irregular; indeterminate; tramp (steamer)
ふていきけい an indeterminate sentence
ふていけいし free verse
ふていけいりょうくうかん indefinite metric space (math)
ふていし infinitive
ふていせきぶん indefinite integral
ふていほうていしき indeterminate equation
ふていほう infinitive mood
ふてき daring; fearless; intrepid; bold; tough
ふてき inadequacy; inappropriateness; unfitness; impropriety
ふてきかく disqualification; unfitness
ふてっかく disqualification; unfitness
ふてきせつ unsuitable; inappropriate; improper
ふてきとう inadequacy; inappropriateness; unfitness; impropriety
ふてきにん unfitness; incompetency
ふてってい inconsistent; illogical; unconvincing; not thorough; indefinite; half-way
ふわたり non-payment; dishonouring (bill); bouncing (cheque)
ふわたりてがた dishonored bill
ふわたりこぎって dishonored check
ふつごう inconvenience; inexpedience; trouble; harm; impropriety; wrongdoing
ふつごうをはたらく to work ill
おきあがりこぼし tumbler; self-righting toy
ふとう nonparticipation
ふとう ice-free
ふとうえき antifreeze
ふとうかい ice-free sea
ふとうこう ice-free port
ふとうざい antifreeze
ふとう injustice; impropriety; unreasonableness; undeservedness; unfair; invalid
たり ふあたり failure; unpopularity
ふとうひょうじ misrepresentation
ふとうりとく excessive profit
ふとうれんばい dumping
ふとうろうどうこうい unfair labor practices
ふとう disparity; inequality
ふとうごう less than sign or greater than sign (< or >); (mathematical) inequality sign
ふどうごう less than sign or greater than sign (< or >); (mathematical) inequality sign
ふとうしき (mathematical expression of) inequality
ふどうしき (mathematical expression of) inequality
ふとうへん unequal sides
ふとういつ disunity; disharmony
ふとうめい opacity
ふとうめいせい opacity
ふどう immobility; firmness; fixed; steadfastness; motionless; idle
ふどうさん real estate
ふどうさんや real estate agent; realtor
ふどうさんかんてい real estate appraisal
ふどうさんぎょうしゃ real estate agent; realtor
ふどうさんしゅとくぜい real estate acquisition tax
ふどうしん imperturbability
ふどうみょうおう Acala; Acalanatha Vidya-raja; The Immovable, a manifestation of Mahavairocana (Buddhist deity)
ふどう difference; diversity; irregularity; disorder
ふどうい disagreement; objection
ふどうか nonassimilation
ふどうせい nonconductibility
ふどうたい nonconductor
ふどうとく immorality; iniquity; impropriety
ふどうり unreasonableness; absurdity; irrationality
ふとくい one's weak point
ふとくさく unwise plan; bad policy; inexpediency
ふえて weak point; unskillfulness
ふとくようりょう vague; ambiguous; noncommittal
ふとく lack of virtue; immorality; vice; depravity; unworthiness
ふとくかん crook; swindler
ふとくぎ immorality
ふとくてい unspecified; random; indefinite
ふとくていたすう unspecified large number (of people)
ふとどき rude; insolent; nefarious
ふなれ inexperience; unfamiliarity
馴れ ふなれ inexperienced; unfamiliar (with)
ふじ peerless; unparalleled
ひならず in a few days; at an early date
ふじつ in a few days; at an early date
ふいり small attendance; poor house
ふにょい contrary to one's wishes; short of money
ほととぎす cuckoo
ふにん infertility; sterility; barrenness
ふにんしゅじゅつ sterilization (operation)
ふにんしょう infertility; sterility; barrenness
ふにんか disapproval; rejection
ふにんしょう nonrecognition
ふねっしん indifference; lack of enthusiasm; inattentiveness
ふねん incombustibility
ふねんせい non-inflammability; incombustibility
ふねんぶつ non-inflammables
ふのう non-payment; default
ふのう incompetency; inefficiency; impossibility; weak point; imbecility
ふのうしゃ impotent (person)
ふはい invincibility
ふばい not buying
ふばいうんどう a boycott
ふばいどうめい boycott; buyer's strike
ふはつ misfire
ふはつだん dud; unexploded shell; unexploded bomb
ふばつ firm; steadfast; indomitable; unswerving; invincible
ふぼん strict observance of the Buddhist commandment that all priests should be celibate
ふび defect; deficiency; imperfection; inadequacy; Yours in haste
ふひつよう unnecessary
ふびゅうせい papal infallibility
ふひょう bad reputation; disgrace; unpopularity
ふひょうばん bad reputation; disgrace; unpopularity
ふひんこう unchastity; misconduct; dissipation; fornication
ふびん inability; dullness; unworthiness
ぶふうりゅう lack of refinement
ふふく dissatisfaction; discontent; disapproval; objection; complaint; protest; disagreement
ふふくじゅう insubordination; disobedience
ふはらい nonpayment; default
ふばらい nonpayment; default
ふぶんかつ indivisibility
ふぶんめい obscure; vague
ふぶん 1. unwritten; 2. illiterate; uneducated
ふぶんけんぽう unwritten constitution
ふぶんほう unwritten law; common law
ふぶんぽう unwritten law; common law
ふぶんめい indistinct; obscure
ふぶんりつ unwritten law; unwritten rule; common law
ふへい complaint; discontent; dissatisfaction
ふびょうどう inequality; unequal (treaties); unfair
ふびょうどうじょうやく unequal treaty
ふへいふまん discontent and grumbling
ふへん impartiality; neutrality; fairness
ふへんふとう impartiality; neutrality; independence
ふへん eternal; everlasting; unchangeable; immutable; immovable; constant; permanent; indestructible
ふへんのり eternal truth
ふへんしほん constant capital
ふへんせい invariance (math)
ふへんりょう constant; invariable
便 ふびん pity; compassion
便 ふべん inconvenience; inexpediency; unhandiness
ふべんきょう idleness; lack of application; lazy study habits
かかわらず in spite of; regardless of
ふほう lawlessness; injustice; illegality; unlawfulness
ふほういみん illegal immigration
ふほうかんきん false imprisonment
ふほうこうい tort
ふほうしゅうかい unlawful assembly
ふほうしんにゅう trespassing; intrusion
ふほうしんにゅうしゃ trespasser
ふほうせんゆう unlawful detention (of shipping); unlawful occupation (of a house or land)
ふほうとうき unlawful dumping (e.g. of garbage)
ふほうにゅうこく illegal entry; illegal immigration
ふほうにゅうごく illegal entry; illegal immigration
ふほうにゅうこくしゃ illegal immigrant
ふほうわ unsaturated
ふほんい reluctance; unwilling
ふぼん uncommon; outstanding
ふま permanence; immortality
ふまん dissatisfaction; displeasure; discontent; complaints; unhappiness
ふまんぞく dissatisfaction; displeasure; discontent
ふみ distaste; unsavoriness
まずい unappetising; unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation); ugly; unskilful; awkward; bungling; unwise; untimely
ふみん sleeplessness; insomnia; wakefulness
からこる ふみんからおこるひろう fatigue resulting from insomnia
ふみんしょう sleeplessness; insomnia; wakefulness
ふみんふきゅう without sleep or rest; day and night
ふめいすう abstract number
ふめいよ dishonor; disgrace; shame
ふめい unknown; obscure; indistinct; uncertain; ambiguous; ignorant; lack of wisdom; anonymous; unidentified
ふめいかく indecisive
ふめいりょう dimness; obscurity; indistinctness
ふめいろう unclear
ふめつ immortal; undying; indestructible
ふめんぼく shame; disgrace
ふめんもく shame; disgrace
ふもう sterile; barren; unproductive; sour
ふもうのち deserted and desolate land
ふもん ignorance
ふもんにふす to ignore; to disregard; to overlook; to connive at
ふやじょう nightless gay quarters; nightless city
ふゆかい discomfort; unpleasantness; disagreeableness; unhappiness
ふよ indisposition; emperor's illness; unhappiness
ぶざま unshapely; unsightly; clumsy; unpresentable; uncouth
ふようせい insolubility
ふよう non-business; of no use; waste (products); unnecessary
ふようい unpreparedness; carelessness
ふようじん insecurity; carelessness
ぶようじん insecurity; carelessness
ふようひん disused article
ふよう non-business; of no use; waste (products); unnecessary
ふようじょう neglect of health; intemperance
ふらん space without columns
ふり disadvantage; handicap; unfavorable; drawback
ふりえき disadvantage; handicap; drawback; inadvisability; inexpediency
ふりこう default; nonperformance
ふり unreasonable; irrational
ふり inseparability
ふりゅうつう nonnegotiable
ふりょ unforeseen; accidental
ふりょうけん bad idea; thoughtlessness
ふりょう poor catch
ふりょう badness; delinquent; inferiority; failure
ふりょうか degradation; downfall
ふりょうさいけん bad debt
ふりょうしょうじょ bad girl; juvenile delinquent
ふりょうしょうねん juvenile delinquent
ふりょうしんだん trouble-shooting; fault analysis
ふりょうかしつけ bad debts
ふりょうどうたい insulator; nonconductor; poor conductor
ふりょうひん inferior goods; defective product
ふりょうけん indiscretion
ふりん adultery; immorality; impropriety
ふりんざい (crime of) adultery
ふれい indisposition; sickness
ふれんぞく discontinuity
ふれんぞくせん (weather-related) line of discontinuity
ふろう unearned
ふろうしょとく unearned income
ふろう perennial youth
ふろうせん fountain of youth
ふろうふし perpetual youth and longevity
ふわ friction; discord; trouble; dissension; disagreement
ふわく past forty; following right course
ぶたしなみ poor preparation
ふらち insolence; misconduct; rudeness; breach of etiquette
ふにん infertility; sterility; barrenness
ふびん pity; compassion
ふびん pity; compassion
ふとう unbending; inflexible; tenacity; indomitableness
ふとうふくつ inflexibility; tenacity; indomitableness
縹緻 ふきりょう homeliness; plainness
縹緻 ぶきりょう homeliness; plainness
ふき freedom; liberty; independence
ふきほんぽう free-spirited and uninhibited
ふき freedom; liberty; independence
ぶしつけ ill-breeding; impoliteness; bad manners
ぶしつけもの rude person
ふてい insubordination; outlawry
ふしゅうこう stainless steel