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  • on reading:
  • ヒン   ホン
  • kun reading:
  • しな
  • meaning(s):
  • goods, refinement, dignity, article, counter for meal courses
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インスタント インスタントしょくひん instant foods
コンシューマ コンシューマむけせいひん consumer products
コンシューマ コンシューマせいひん consumer goods; consumer products
スキー スキーようひん ski outfit
レトルト レトルトしょくひん packed and sterilised food; retort pack
わない あつかわないしな goods not in one's line
いもんひん comfort article
いそんひん fragile article
いしつひん lost article
いひん articles of the deceased
いりゅうひん lost articles
いやくひん medical supplies
いりょうひん medical supplies
いっきゅうひん first-class goods
いちじさんぴん primary products
いっぴん an item; article; dish; course
いっぴん article of rare beauty; gem
えんぞうしょくひん salted food
かひん inferior article
げひん vulgarity; meanness; indecency; coarseness
かがくせいひん chemical
かがくひん chemicals
けしょうひん cosmetics; toilet articles
かひん choice article
かこうひん processed goods; finished goods
かていようひん household articles
かいりょうひん improved product
かわせいひん leather goods (products)
がっこうようひん school requisites (supplies)
がくようひん school supplies
かんせいひん finished product
かんきゅうひん fluorescent light bulb
かんきゅうひん government-issued goods
かんれんしょうひん related product
きぞうひん gift
きせいひん ready-made goods
きひん aroma
きかくひん standardized article or goods
きねんひん souvenir; memento
きちょうひん valuables; treasures
ぎぞうひん fake or forgery
きょうかしょくひん fortified foods
きの きわめつきのしな article of certified genuineness
きんせいひん contraband (goods); prohibited goods
きんゆひん contraband (goods)
きんぴん money and goods
ぐんじゅひん munitions; military stores
ぐんようひん military stores; munitions of war
けいたいひん personal effects; hand baggage
けいひん gift; premium
げいじゅつさくひん work of art; artwork; object d'art
げいじゅつひん work (object) of art
けっかんしょうひん defective merchandise
けっぴん stockout; out of stock
けんこうしょくひん health foods
けんぴん inspection
けんのうひん donation; contribution; an offering
みきりひん bargain or clearance goods
みまいひん goods offered to a person in distress
みかえりひん collateral security
げんぴん the original article
げんぴん the actual article
こうはつひん generic (drug); me-too (drug)
こうかんひん thing bartered; trade-in
こうぎょうせいひん industrial goods
こうげいひん handicraft; industrial art object
こうさくひん manufactured article
こうせいひん recycled goods
こうきゅうひん high-class item
こくさんひん domestic goods
こっとうひん curio
こんせいひん composite goods
さしおさえひん seized property
さいせいひん reclaimed goods
さいせいひん reprocessed goods
さいこうきゅうひん top quality products
ざいこひん inventory; goods on hand
さくひん work; opus; performance; production
ざっぴん sundries; odds and ends
さんこうひん reference materials
さんぴん products
さんせいしょくひん acid(ic) foods
ざんぴん remaining stock
しはんひん goods on the market
かみせいひん paper products
しきょうひん specimen; sample
しさくひん trial product
じむようひん office supplies; stationery
じしゃせいひん in-house manufactured goods
しぜんしょくひん natural foods
じつようひん daily or domestic articles
くるまようひん car parts
すずせいひん tinware
しゅせいひん main products
てまわりひん personal effects or belongings
しゅげいひん handicrafts; hand-crafted goods
てもちひん goods in stock or on hand or in one's possession
てじな sleight of hand; conjuring trick; magic; juggling
じゅひん supplies; quartermaster (mil)
しゅつどひん artifacts
しゅっぴん exhibit; display
じゅんりょうひん genuine article
しょじひん things at hand
しょうひん commodity; article of commerce; goods; stock; merchandise
しょうひん something very small; essay; literary sketch
しょうもうひん consumable goods
しょうひん prize; trophy
じょうとうひん first-class article
じょうひん elegant; refined; polished
じょうぼん Buddhism's highest paradise
しょくひん commodity; foodstuff
しょくりょうひん foodstuff; groceries
しんそうひん bed and bedding
しんせいひん new product
しんぴん (brand-)new article
しんぴん an inspired work
じんぴん personal appearance; character; personality
すいさんかこうひん processed marine products
せいかつひつじゅひん daily (living) necessities; necessities; essentials for life
せいせんしょくりょうひん perishable food(s); perishables
せいせんりょうひん perishable foods
せいせいひん refined or finished goods
せいぞうひん manufactured goods
せいひん manufactured goods; finished goods
を偲ばせる むかしをしのばせるしな things reminiscent of bygone days
ぜっぴん unique or superb article
せんばいひん monopoly goods
せんりひん spoils of war; booty
ぜんせいひん manufactured article
ぜんぴん all goods
そあくひん inferior goods
そせいひん inferior goods
そしな little gift; low-grade goods
そひん little gift; low-grade goods
そうしょくひん ornament; decoration
ぞうていひん present; gift
ぞうとうひん gift; present
退 たいぞうひん hoarded goods
だいがえひん substitute article; back-up
だいがえひん substitute article; back-up
だいたいひん substitute article; back-up
だいひん substitute article
だいようひん substitute
だいどころようひん kitchenware
ちゅうきゅうひん fair average quality
ちゅうこひん secondhand goods
ちゅうもんひん ordered goods
ちょぞうひん supplies; stock; stored goods
ちんぴん curio; rare article
てんかいっぴん best article under heaven; peerless
てんじひん exhibit; exhibition
でんかせいひん electric(al) appliances
でんきせいひん electronic goods
なげうりひん distressed goods
とうひん stolen goods; loot; spoils
とうせいひん controlled or regulated item
とくようひん economical product; economy-sized goods
とっかひん bargain item
とっきゅうひん special grade article
とくさんひん special product
とくせいひん specially made article
とくせんひん choice goods
とくちゅうひん article specially made to order; made-to-measure (custom-made) article
とくばいひん bargain goods
にちようひん daily necessities
にゅうせいひん dairy products
いれかえぶひん replacement parts
のうひん delivery of goods
はいひん waste; garbage
かいどくひん good bargain
ばいひん articles for sale
はくらいひん imported article; imported goods
はつめいひん invention
はんかこうひん semiprocessed goods
はんせいひん semiprocessed goods
ひばいひん article not for sale; Not for sale
びひん fixtures; furnishings; equipment
びじゅつひん work of art
ひつじゅひん necessities; necessary article; requisite; essential
ひつようひん necessities
しな thing; article; goods; dignity; article (goods); counter for meal courses
ひん thing; article; goods; dignity; article (goods); counter for meal courses
しなじな various articles
しながいい be of good quality
ひんのよいひと person of refined manners
プリ しなプリ Shinagawa Prince Hotel
ひんい grace; dignity; grade; nobility; quality
ひんかく dignity
しなかたち quality and shape; birth or appearance
ひんこう (moral) conduct; behaviour; deportment
ひんこうほうせい irreproachable conduct
ひんこうほうせいなひと person of good conduct
ひんし part of speech
ひんしつ quality
とす ひんしつをおとす to lower the quality
ひんしつかんり quality control
ひんしつほじきげん freshness assured through this date
ひんしつほしょう quality assurance; QA
ひんしゅ brand; kind; description
ひんしゅかいりょう selective breeding
しながき catalog; inventory; menu
しなかず number of articles
ひんせい character
しなぎれ out of stock
しなぞろえ complete set; all items
しなさだめ evaluate
ひんとう grade; quality
しなうす shortage of stock; scarcity of goods
ひんばん item's stock number
ひんぴょう estimation; criticism; comment
ひんぴょうかい competitive show; (a) fair
しなじな various articles
しなもの goods; article; thing
まった しなものがおさまった commodities have been delivered
める しなものをおさめる to deliver goods
べる しなものをならべる to arrange goods
しなわけ assortment
しながら quality
ひんめい name of product
ひんもく list of articles
ふようひん disused article
ふりょうひん inferior goods; defective product
ふぞくひん accessory; fittings; appurtenances
ぶひん parts; accessories
ぶぶんひん part(s)
ふくそうひん burial accessories
ふくしょくひん accessories
ふくせいひん copy; reproduction; replica; facsimile
はらいさげひん articles disposed of or sold off by the government
ぶっぴん goods; articles
ぶんどりひん loot; booty; plunder
ぶんがくさくひん literary work
ぶんげいさくひん literary work
なみせいひん article of average quality; common article
べっぴん beautiful woman; beauty; pretty girl
へんぴん returned goods
ほうしひん bargain goods; sale items
貿 ぼうえきひん articles of commerce
みせいひん unfinished goods
みせいひん unfinished article
みつばいひん smuggled goods; contraband
みつゆひん smuggled goods
みんげいひん (article of) folk craft
みんじゅひん consumer goods
むぜいひん duty-free goods
めいひん fine product; masterpiece
めんぜいひん duty-free articles
綿 めんせいひん made of cotton; cotton goods
もぞうひん fake goods; imitations
もうせいひん woollen goods
もくせいひん wooden products
めだましょうひん loss leader
やくひん medicine(s); chemical(s)
ゆしゅつひん exported goods
ゆにゅうひん imported goods
ゆうしゅうひん high-grade merchandise
ゆうりょうひん superior articles
ゆうがいしょくひん harmful food
ゆうぜいひん taxable goods
よびひん spares; reserve supply
よびぶひん spare parts
ようひん Western-style apparel and accessories; haberdashery
ようひん articles; supplies; parts
らくせいひん dairy product
らくのうせいひん dairy produce
りょうひん superior article
るいじひん imitation; similar article; similar goods
れいとうしょくひん frozen food
れんかひん low-priced goods
ねりせいひん boiled fish-paste products
しこうひん luxury articles
ぜいたくひん luxury item