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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • そなえる   そなわる   つぶさ
  • meaning(s):
  • equip, provision, preparation
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スプリンクラー スプリンクラーせつび sprinkler system
えいせいせつび sanitary facilities
したじゅんび preliminary arrangements; spade work
かんび perfection; completion
きぎょうせいび curtailment of business operations
きかいけいび card-key system
きんかじゅんび gold reserve
ぐび endowment; possession; qualification; equipment
調 くうちょうせつび air conditioner
ぐんび armaments; military preparations
けいび defense; guard; policing; security
けんび being proficient in both; combine both
こうび rear guard; second reserve
こうほうちいきけいび rear area security
さいぐんび rearmament
さいしょくけんび (a woman) being gifted with both intelligence and beauty
しゅび defense
しゅうようせつび accommodations
じゅうび completion; perfection
宿 しゅくはくせつび accommodation(s)
じゅんび preparation; arrangements; provision; reserve
じょうび standing; reserve
せいび adjustment; completion; consolidation
せいび complete equipment; consolidation
せつび equipment; device; facilities; installation
せんび preparations for war
せんきょじゅんび election preparations
ぜんび completeness; perfection; consummation
そうび equipment
はいび deploy; deployment
そなえ preparation; provision; guarding
える そなえる to furnish; to provide for; to equip; to install; to have ready; to prepare for; to possess; to have; to be endowed with; to be armed with
そなえつけ equipment; provision
ける そなえつける to provide; to furnish; to equip; to install
つぶさに in detail; with great care; completely; again and again
わる そなわる to be furnished with; to be endowed with; to possess; to be among; to be one of; to be possessed of
びんごおもて a quality; tatami covering
びこう note; remarks; N.B.
びこうらん notes; remarks (reference) column
びこう provision for famine
びこうしょく emergency food
びこうちょちく famine-relief fund
びちく emergency stores; stored; reserved
びちくまい reserved rice
びひん fixtures; furnishings; equipment
そなえつけ equipment; provision
びほう armament
びぼう reminder
びぼうろく notebook; memorandum
ふび defect; deficiency; imperfection; inadequacy; Yours in haste
ぶび military preparation; armaments; defenses
へいび war preparations
ほあんせつび safety devices
ぼうび defense; defensive preparations
むぼうび defenseless
よび preparation; preliminaries; reserve; spare
れいぼうかんび air-conditioned