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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • ぎる   ごす   あやまつ   あやま
  • meaning(s):
  • overdo, exceed, go beyond, error
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いっか passing away
すぎ past; after
ぎた すぎたこと bygones; the past; past event
ぎる すぎる to pass; to go beyond; to elapse; to exceed
った すぎさったかのうせい might-have-been
すぎさる to pass
すぎいく to pass; to go pass
すぎゆく to pass; to go pass
ごす すごす to pass; to spend; to go through; to tide over
あやまち fault; error; indiscretion
ちをめる あやまちをあらためる to correct a fault
って あやまって in error; by mistake; by accident
あやまつ to err
かあつみつひ overconsolidation ratio
かかく traveller (passing through)
かこ the past; bygone days; the previous
かこかんりょう past perfect tense
かこけい past tense
かこちょう death register
かこぶんし past participle
かきん overwork
かげき extreme; radical
かげきは radical party; extremists
かげんみ present and future; three temporal states of existence
かごん exaggeration; saying too much
かご mistake; fault
かこく rigour; severity; cruelty; harsh
かさんかすいそ H2O2; hydrogen peroxide
かさんかぶつ peroxide
かしつ error; blunder; accident
かしつをゆるす to forgive (a person) for his (her) fault
かしつしょうがい accidental infliction of injury
かしつしょうがいざい accidental infliction of injury
かしつちし involuntary manslaughter; accidental homicide
かしつちしざい involuntary manslaughter; accidental homicide
かしつはん careless offense
かじゅう overweight
かしょう too small
かしょうひょうか underestimation; undervaluation
かしょう too few
かしょう undeserved praise
かしょう undeserved praise
かじょう excess; over-
かじょうじんこう surplus population
かじょうとうし overinvestment
かじょうとうよ overdosage
かじょうぼうえい excessive or unjustifiable self-defense
かじょうりえき excess profit
かしょく overeating
かしょくしょう bulimarexia
かしん trusting too much; overestimating ability
かぶり overdraft
かそ depopulation
かた excess; superabundance
かたい negligence; carelessness; mistake
かだい excessive; too much; unreasonable
かだいし overestimation
かだいひょうか overestimation; overvaluing
かてい process
かと crossing; ferry; changing old to new
かとき transition period
かとてき transitional
かど excess; immoderation
かどのべんかい profuse apology
かとう excessive; exorbitant
かとうきょうそう excessive competition
かじつ recently; the other day
かねつ superheating; overheating
かねんど past financial year
かはん the greater part
かはんすう majority
かはん some time ago; recently
かはんらい for some time
かびん nervousness; oversensitivity
かびんしょう hypersensitivity
かふきゅう excess or deficiency
かふそく excess or deficiency
かぶん excessive; unmerited; generous
かほご excessive care
かほう overpraise
かほうわ supersaturation
かみつ crowded
かりゅうさん persulfuric acid
かりょう correctional fine
かりょう overdose; overdosage
かろう overwork; strain
かろうし death from overwork
かんか connivance; shutting one's eyes to
けいか passage; expiration; progress
こうか merits and demerits
ざいか offence; fault
しょうか slight mistake
たいか serious error; gross mistake
ちょうか excess; being more than
つうか passage through; passing
とうか next word; transmission
どっか finish reading; skim (over)
みけいか unexpired
もっか tacit approval
ゆしゅつちょうか excess of exports
ゆにゅうちょうか excess of imports
ろか filtration; filtering; percolation