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  • kun reading:
  • くらべる
  • meaning(s):
  • compare, race, ratio, Phillipines
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あび red-throated loon
かあつみつひ overconsolidation ratio
かんげきひ void ratio
ぎゃくひ inverse ratio
しっぴ lining up; packing tightly
こうせいひ component (distribution) ratio
さんかくひ trigonometric ratio
せいすうひ the ratios of whole numbers
せいひ direct ratio
せいあつひ static pressure ratio
せんぶんひ rate per thousand
たいひ contrast; comparison
たんぴ simple ratio
てんかむひ peerless; unequaled
とうひ equal ratio
はんぴ inverse ratio
ratio; proportion
する ひする to compare
くらべ contest; comparison; competition
べる くらべる to compare
くらべもの worthy of comparison
にならない くらべものにならない cannot be compared with; be no match for
める ひをもとめる to obtain the ratio
ない ひをみない be unique (unrivaled)
ひえいざん Mt. Hiei (in Kyoto)
ひか parity
ひかく comparison
ひかくきゅう comparative degree
ひかくげんごがく comparative linguistics
ひかくたいしょう comparison and contrast
ひかくてき comparatively; relatively
ひかくてきしょう relatively small
ひかくぶんがく comparative literature
びく Buddhist priest
びくに female Buddhist disciple; priestess
ひきょう comparison; similitude
ひけん rank equal with; compare favourably with
ひじゅう specific gravity
ひじゅうけい densimeter; hydrometer
ひでんか specific charge
ひとう the Philippines
ひにち the Philippines and Japan
ひねつ specific heat
ひゆ allegory; parable
ひよく wings abreast; single garment made to look double
ひよくのとり happily married couple
ひよくづか double grave of lovers who died together
ひよくれんり marital vows
ひりつ ratio; proportion; percentage
ひりん peer; match; equal
ひりん nearby; vicinty
ひるい parallel; equal; match
のない ひるいのない peerless
ひれい proportion
ひれいしき proportional expression
ひれいだいひょうせい proportional representation
ひれいはいぶん proportional distribution
ひゆ simile; metaphor
ひゆてき figurative
ひゃくぶんひ percentage
むひ peerless; unparalleled
ようせきひ volume ratio
ようこうひ lift-drag ratio
るいひ analogy