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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • いやしい   いやしむ   いやしめる
  • meaning(s):
  • lowly, base, vile, vulgar
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げび vulgar; coarse
かんそんみんぴ respecting the authorities and denigrating ordinary citizens
じょそんだんぴ placing women above men
そんぴ high and low; aristocrat and plebeian
だんそんじょひ male domination of women; subjection of women
しい いやしい greedy; vulgar; shabby; humble; base; mean; vile
しい いやしいこんじょう mean spirit
しい いやしいわらい mean smirk
しい いやしいみなり shabby appearance
しいまれ いやしいうまれ lowborn
しからぬ いやしからぬ respectable; decent
しみ いやしみ contempt
しむ いやしむ to despise; to disdain; to scorn
しむべき いやしむべき despicable
しめる いやしめる to despise; to abase (oneself)
しん いやしんぼう greedy person
ひげ self-abasement; humility; self-depreciation
ひきょう cowardice; meanness; unfairness
ひきょうもの coward
ひきん common; simple
ひきんぞく base metals
ひくつ menial; meanness; servility; abject
ひけん my humble opinion
ひげん slang expression
ひご slang; vulgar expression; vulgarism
湿 ひしつ low and damp (land)
ひしょう petty; trifling
ひしょう this wretch (oneself); you wretch
ひせん low class
ひぞく vulgarity; vulgarism; vulgar; coarse
ひぞく lineal descendants (beyond grandchildren)
ひれつ mean; foul play; cowardly; base
ひれつかん mean bastard; sneak; heel; despicable person
ひぞく lineal descendants (beyond grandchildren)
ひわい obscene
ひせん humble (condition); lowly (position)
ひろう low rank; wickedness; vulgarity
やひ vulgarity; meanness