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  • on reading:
  • ハン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • carrier, carry, all
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いっぱん general; liberal; universal; ordinary; average
かはん some time ago; recently
かくはん all; every; various
こんぱん now; recently; this time
しょはん circumstances
おんないっぱん women in general
じょせいいっぱん women in general
せんぱん some time ago; the other day
せんぱん variety
ぜんぱん (the) whole; universal; wholly; general
はんにゃ wisdom; Prajnaparamita; Perfection of Wisdom (Buddhist goddess)
ひゃっぱん all; every; all kinds of
ばんぱん all things