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いはん violation (of law); transgression; infringement; breach
いったん one-tenth hectare
いちりつげんたん reduction in area of rice under cultivation
きそくいはん breach of the rules
けんぽういはん unconstitutionality
げんたん reduction (of crop size)
こうつういはん traffic violation
しゅひぎむいはん abuse of confidentiality
せいとはん thesis and antithesis
せんきょいはん electoral irregularities
あいはん disagreement; contrary
そうはん disagreement; contrary
ぞうはん rebellion
そくどいはん speeding
ちゅうしゃいはん parking violation
にりつはいはん antinomy; self-contradiction
はいはん revolting; rebellion; going against; contradiction; antinomy
たん roll of cloth (c. 10 yds.); .245 acres; 300 tsubo
はん anti-; opposite; antithesis; antagonism
かえす to change; to turn over; to turn upside down
する はんする to be inconsistent with; to oppose; to contradict; to transgress; to rebel
った そったいた warped board
らす そらす to bend; to warp; to curve
らせる そらせる to bend; to warp
そり warp; curvature; curve; arch
りがわない そりがあわない unable to cooperate
そりはし arched bridge
そりばし arched bridge
そりかた warped shape
そりみ strutting; sticking out the chest
そりかえる to warp; to bend backwards; to throw the head (or shoulders) back; to throw out the chest
かえる to change; to turn over; to turn upside down
そる to warp; to be warped; to curve; to be curved; to be arched; to bend (backward)
はんいご antonym
はんえい reflection; influence
はんえい reflection; influence
はんえい anti-British
はんえいゆう antihero
はねつ anti-Vietnam
はんのう reaction; response
はんのうせい (chemical) reactivity
はんのうそくど reaction velocity
はんか tanka appendage to a long poem
はんかく anti-nuclear
はんかくうんどう anti-nuclear movement
はんかくめい counterrevolution
はんかん antipathy; revolt; animosity
はんかん counterintelligence
はんき standard of revolt
はんきをひるがえす to raise in revolt; to raise the standard of revolt
はんぎゃく treason; treachery; mutiny; rebellion; insurrection
はんぎゃくざい (the crime of) treason
はんぎゃくじ rebellious individual
はんぎゃくしゃ rebel; traitor
はんぎゃくにん rebel; traitor
はんきょう anticommunist
はんきょう echo; reverberation; repercussion; reaction; influence
はんぐん antimilitary
はんぐんてき antimilitary
はんげき counterattack; counteroffensive; counterblow
ほぐ wastepaper; scrap paper
ほご wastepaper; scrap paper
ほぐかご wastebasket
ほぐ wastepaper; scrap paper
ほご wastepaper; scrap paper
にする ほごにする to throw something into the wastebasket
はんご irony; rhetorical question; antonym; word in reverse
はんこう opposition; resistance; insubordination; defiance; hostility; rebellion
はんこうき rebellious age
はんこうてき rebelliousness; defiance
はんこう counteroffensive
はんこつ rebellious spirit
はんこつのせいしん backbone; spirit of defiance
はんこつせいしん rebellious spirit
はんさよう reaction
そっぱ projecting teeth
はんしゃ reflection; reverberation
テープ はんしゃテープ reflective (safety) tape
はんしゃうんどう reflex action
はんしゃかく angle of reflection
はんしゃきょう reflector
はんしゃけいすう reflection coefficient
はんしゃけいすうせんず reflection coefficient chart
はんしゃげんすいりょう return loss
はんしゃごさ reflection error
はんしゃこう reflected light
はんしゃさよう reflex action
はんしゃしんけい reflexes
はんしゃてき reflective; reflecting; reflexive
はんしゃてきに reminiscingly
はんしゃてきはんじゅんじょ reflexive partial ordering
はんしゃぼうえんきょう reflecting telescope
はんしゃりつ reflectance
はんしゃろ reverberatory furnace
はんしゃかいてき antisocial
たんしゅう production per tan
はんしゅうきょうかいかく Counter-Reformation
はんしょう reflection; influence
はんせい reflection; reconsideration; introspection; meditation; contemplation
はんせいかい meeting for reviewing (e.g. past activities of the club)
はんしょう proof to the contrary; disproof; counter-evidence
はんしょうかのうせい falsifiability
はんしょくみんしゅぎ anticolonialism
はんしん bending backward; strutting
はんすう reciprocal number
はんせいふ antigovernment
はんせいふせいりょく antigovernment force(s)
はんせいふとう opposition party
はんせん anti-war
はんせんうんどう anti-war movement
はんせんしゅぎ pacifism
はんせんしゅぎしゃ pacifist
はんそ counteraction; counterclaim
はんそく turning over in bed
はんそく foul play (sport); transgression; default; balk; irregularity
はんそくきん fine
はんぞく resistance to convention
はんぞく rebel
はんたいせい anti-establishment
はんたいせいは people who are against the Establishment; anti-Establishment groups
はんたい opposition; resistance; antagonism; hostility; contrast; objection; dissension; reverse; opposite; vice versa
はんたいにまわる to go into opposition
はんたいいけん dissenting opinion
はんたいうんどう opposition movement
はんたいきゅうふ performance in return; quid pro quo
はんたいご antonym
はんたいしゃ foe; opponent; adversary; dissenter
はんたいしょうてき antisymmetric
はんたいしょく clashing colors
はんたいじんもん cross-examination
はんたいじんもん cross-examination
はんたいがわ opposite side
はんたいとう opposition party
はんたいは opposition faction
はんたいひょう opposing voice
貿 はんたいぼうえきふう antitrade winds
はんたいろん opposing argument
はんちょう (physical) recoil
はんてい anti-imperialism
はんていこくしゅぎ anti-imperialism
はんていこくしゅぎしゃ anti-imperialist
はんてん turning around; rolling over; turning from side to side; inversion
はんてんぶんぷけいすう population inversion factor
へど spew; vomiting
はんと rebels; insurgents
はんとう reactionary price rise
はんどう reaction; recoil; kick
はんどうか a reactionary
はんどうかくめい counterrevolution
はんどうしそう reactionary ideas
はんどうしゅぎ reactionism
はんどうしゅぎしゃ a reactionary
はんどうてき reactionary
はんどうは the reactionaries
はんどく anti-German
はんにち anti-Japanese
はんばく refutation; rebuttal
はんぱく refutation; rebuttal
はんぱつ repelling; rebound; recover; oppose
はんぱつりょく repellent force; resiliency; elasticity
はんぴ inverse ratio
はんぴれい inverse proportion
はんぷく repetition; reverse
はんぷくきごう repeat sign; repetition mark
はんぷくせつ (Hegelian) theory of recapitulation
はんぷく repetition; reverse
たんもの 1. fabric; cloth; textiles; drapery; dry goods; piece goods; 2. measure of kimono material
たんものや dry-goods store
はんぶっしつ antimatter (physics)
はんべい anti-American
たんべつ 1. acreage; land area; 2. marking off fields in units of tan
はんぺん contravariant (math)
たんぶ unit of land area (approx. one-tenth hectare)
はんめん on the other hand
はんめんに on the other hand
はんめんきょうし a bad example from which one can learn
はんもう reclaimed wool
はんもく enmity; antagonism; hostility
はんもん cross-examination; retort; asking in return
かいさま upside down; inside out
はんようし antiproton (physics)
はんらく reaction
はんらん insurrection; mutiny; rebellion; revolt; uprising
める はんらんをしずめる to quell a rebellion
える はんらんをおさえる to stifle a rebellion
はんらんぐん rebel army
はんらんしゃ rebel; insurgent
はんりゅうし antiparticle
はんれい counterexample
はんろん objection; refutation; rebuttal
はんぽ caring for one's parents in return
はんぜい turning against one's master; returning evil for good
はんぱつ repelling; repulsion; opposition; rally (of the market)
はんすう chewing the cud; rumination
はんすうるい ruminant
ほうりついはん violation of the law
むほん rebellion
りはん estrangement; alienation; disaffection