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  • on reading:
  • ハツ
  • kun reading:
  • かみ
  • meaning(s):
  • hair of the head
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ベン ベンぱつ Chinese male pigtail
あまいろのかみ flaxen hair
いはつ hair of the deceased
いっぱつ a hair; a hair's breadth
ひとふさのかみ a tuft of hair
さげがみ pigtail; ponytail; hair (hanging down the back)
おご ogo (seaweed)
かんいっぱつ hair's breadth
ききいっぱつ by a hair's breath; in the nick of time; be touch and go; be a close call; critical moment
ともしらが growing old together (a couple)
えりがみ scruff of neck
きんぱつ blond hair
ぎんぱつ silver hair; gray hair
けっぱつ hairdressing; hairdo
うしろがみ hair in back
くろかみ black hair
こくはつ black hair
さんぱつ hair-cutting; hair-dressing
わかしらが prematurely gray hair
ねみだれがみ hair messed up in sleep
ふりわけがみ hair parted in the middle
たれがみ hair tied behind and hanging down; long flowing hair
すべらかし hair tied behind and hanging down; long flowing hair
たれがみ hair tied behind and hanging down; long flowing hair
せいはつ hairdressing
きりがみ bobbed hair
あらいがみ freshly washed hair
せんぱつ shampoo
せんぱつ hair dyeing
まえがみ forelock
そうはつ wearing one's hair knotted in the back
そくはつ Western hairdo
たんぱつ short hair
だんぱつ bobbed hair
じがみ natural hair
ちゃぱつ hair dyed brown
調 ちょうはつ haircut; barbering
ちょうはつ long hair
ていはつ tonsure; cutting off the hair
とうはつ hair (of head)
にほんがみ Japanese coiffure
濡れ ぬれがみ newly washed hair
なみうつかみ wavy hair
しらが white or grey hair; trendy hair bleaching
はくはつ white or grey hair; trendy hair bleaching
じりの しらがまじりのかみ grizzly hair
かみ hair
かみがうすい have thin hair
かみのけ hair (head)
げる かみをあげる to put up one's hair
らす かみをたらす to let one's hair hang down
える かみをととのえる to arrange (tidy up) one's hair
を梳かす かみをとかす to comb (one's hair)
かみがた hairdo
かみゆい hairdresser; hairdressing
かみゆいどこ barbershop
かみづな rope made of hair
かみどこ barber; barbershop
かみかざり hair ornaments
かみきりむし long-horned beetle
かみおき ceremony for child growing hair long
かみあぶら hair oil; hair cream
びはつ beautiful hair
つけがみ false hair
べんぱつ pigtail; queue
もうはつ hair
うはつ untonsured (monk or priest or nun)
ようはつ Western hairdressing
らくはつ cutting one's hair before entering a monastery; tonsure
みだれがみ unravelled hair
らんぱつ unkempt hair
りはつ haircut
みどりのくろかみ glossy black hair (young woman); raven black hair
べんぱつ pigtail