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  • on reading:
  • バイ
  • kun reading:
  • る   れる
  • meaning(s):
  • sell
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いたくはんばい consignment sale
いってはんばい sole agency
いんばい prostitution
おしうり high-pressure salesmanship
おろしうり wholesale
ひまなしょうばい dull business
かっぷはんばい selling in installments
かんばい sold out
きゃくしょうばい hotel; service (restaurant, entertainment) business
きょうばい auction
けいばい auction
げっぷはんばい selling on the installment plan
かたいしょうばい sound business
こべつはんばい door-to-door selling
こうばい public sale; public auction
じゅたくはんばい consignment sale
しょうばい trade; business; commerce; transaction; occupation
こうり retail
しゅうまい steamed meat dumpling (Chinese style)
しんようはんばい sales on credit
しんはつばい new product or model
にんきしょうばい occupations dependent on public favor
みずしょうばい "the water trade"; night life; entertainment business (clubs, bars, etc.)
んな さかんなしょうばい thriving business
せんばい monopoly
まえうり advance sale; booking
そくばい sale on the spot
たばい selling in quantity
ちょくばい selling directly
つうしんはんばい mail order
てんとうはんばい over-the-counter sales
てんばい resale
とくばい special sale
よみうり Yomiuri (newspaper)
うり sale; selling
りオペ うりオペ selling operation
りオペレーション うりオペレーション selling operation
うりいえ house for sale
うりや house for sale
うりかけ credit sales
うりかけきん accounts receivable
うりいそぐ to sell in haste
うりぎょく short interest; short account
うりだて (in the stock market) short commitment
うりことば inflammatory words
げる うりひろげる to find a market for; to extend the sale of
める うりひろめる to expand a market; to find a new market
うりこみ sales promotion
うりこむ to build a market for; to become well known; to sell
り捌き うりさばき selling
り捌く うりさばく to sell out
うりこ salesboy; salesgirl
うりこ sales clerk; shopgirl
うりぬし seller; vendor
うりて seller; vendor
うりてしじょう seller's market
うりしぶる to be reluctant to sell
うりだし (bargain) sale
うりだす to put on sale; to market; to become popular
うりあげ amount sold; proceeds
うりば place where things are sold; salesfloor; counter (in shop)
うりぐい living by selling off one's possessions
うりごえ hawker's or vendor's cry
しむ うりおしむ to hold back on or restrict sales of; to be reluctant to sell
うりきる to sell out; to sell off
うりきれ sold-out
れる うりきれる to be sold out
り叩く うりたたく to beat down prices
うりね selling price
うりわたし sale and delivery
うりわたす to sell over to
ばす うりとばす to dispose of; to sell off
ける うりつける to palm off; to force a sale
うりはらう to dispose of
うりもの article for sale; For Sale
うりあるく to peddle
うりかた seller; selling side; art of selling
うりたて auctioning or selling off
うる to sell
れっ うれっこ favorite; popular person
れっ うれっこかしゅ popular singer
れる うれる to be sold
うれくち outlet; market
うれゆき sales
うれだか sales
うれのこり backlog
うれあし sales; demand
ばいいん prostitution
ばいか selling price
うりかけかんじょう credit account; charge account
うりかけきん accounts receivable
ばいきゃく sale; disposal by sale
ばいきゃくえき profit on sales
うれゆき sales
うれゆき sales
ばいこく selling out (betrayal) of one's own country
ばいこくど traitor (to one's country)
うりこ salesboy; salesgirl
うりて seller; vendor
うりだし (bargain) sale
ばいしゅん prostitution
宿 ばいしゅんやど brothel
ばいしゅんふ prostitute
ばいしゅんぷ prostitute
ばいしゅんぼうしほう (Japan's) Anti-Prostitution Law (of 1956)
ばいた bitch
ばいしょうふ prostitute
うりあげ amount sold; proceeds
うりあげきん proceeds
うりあげだか sales; amount sold; proceeds
うりあげぴょう sales slip; sales receipt
うりば place where things are sold; salesfloor; counter (in shop)
ばいにん trader; smuggler
ばいてん shop; stand
うりわたししょう bill of sale
ばいばい trade; buying and selling
ばいばいけいやく contract for (of) sale
ばいばいだか sales amount; sales volume
ばいひん articles for sale
ばいぶん hack writer
ばいぼく fortunetelling (as an occupation)
ばいめい self-advertisement
ばいやく sales contract
ばいやくすみ Sold
ばいやく patent medicine
はくりたばい small profits and quick returns
はつばい sale
はんばい sale; selling; marketing
ふとうれんばい dumping
ぶんばい selling separately
べつばい selling separately; not included in the price
ほうもんはんばい door-to-door selling
みつばい smuggling; bootlegging; illicit trade
らんばい underselling; panic selling
れんばい bargain sale