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  • on reading:
  • ハイ
  • kun reading:
  • せ   せい   そむく   そむける
  • meaning(s):
  • stature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いはい violation; transgression
きはい giving up and turning back
こうはい halo
こうはい one's attitude; state of affairs
やまのせ ridge (of a mountain)
やませ cold wind descending from the mountains; (in the Tohoku region in summer) a cold Pacific wind
しはい reverse side of a paper; (read) between the lines
うわぜい stature; height
そくはい flank
ちゅうにくちゅうぜい medium build
ちゅうぜい average height
とうはい back of a sword
みね back of a sword
ねこぜ a bent back; stoop
せい height; stature
せがまるい round-backed
せがたかい tall (person)
せがひくい short (person)
そむく to run counter to; to go against; to disobey; to infringe
ける そむける to turn one's face away; to avert one's eyes
せのじゅん order of height
いた せのあいたふく garment open at the back
ける せをむける to pretend not to see; to turn one's back on
はいあつ back pressure
はいえい backstroke
せおよぎ backstroke (swim.)
せびらき slicing a fish down its back
せかっこう one's height or stature; one's physique
せがわ leatherbound
せわり slicing a fish down its back; a slit in the back of a garment
はいきょう apostasy
はいきょうしゃ apostate; renegade
せすじ 1. the muscles along the spine; dorsal muscles; 2. spinal column; 3. seam in the back; back seam
はいきん 1. the muscles along the spine; dorsal muscles; 2. spinal column; 3. seam in the back; back seam
くなる せすじがさむくなる a chill runs down one's spine
はいきんりょく strength of one's back
はいけい background; scenery; setting; circumstance
せど back door or entrance
はいご back; rear
はいごかんけい background (of an episode)
せびろ business suit
せいたか tall
せぼね spine; backbone
せたけ stature; height
せのび standing on tiptoe; stretch oneself; overreach oneself
はいしん betrayal; infidelity
はいしんしゃ traitor
はいそう running backwards
はいち inconsistency; contradiction; disobedience
せなか back (of body)
せなかのいたみ backache
せなかをだす to bare one's back
せなかをながす to rinse one's back
わせ せなかあわせ back to back; discord; feud
はいとく corruption; immorality; fall from virtue
はいじつせい negative heliotropism
はいにん breach of trust (law)
はいにんざい breach of trust
はいのう knapsack
せぬき unlined in the back
はいはん revolting; rebellion; going against; contradiction; antinomy
せばんごう number on player's back
せいくらべ comparing heights; comparison of statures
せくらべ comparing heights; comparison of statures
せみくじら a right whale
せびれ dorsal fin
しょいなげ back or shoulder throw; betrayal
せおいなげ back or shoulder throw; betrayal
しょう to be burdened with; to carry on back or shoulder
せおう to be burdened with; to carry on back or shoulder
はいぶ back
せもじ lettering on the spine of a book
せぬい back seam
はいめん rear; back; reverse
はいめんとび Fosbury-back flop; backward jump
はいめんひこう inverted flight
はいれい disobeying; infringing; running counter to
はいやく a broken promise; breaking one's word
はいり absurdity; irrationality
はいり estranged; alienated
ふくはい back and front; opposition in the heart
めんこうふはい flawless
めんじゅうふくはい pretending to obey but secretly betraying (someone)